NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review

NordicTrack SE9i Overview

Having your own elliptical machine at home is convenient and practical in so many ways. But sometimes, these elliptical machines aren’t exactly built to fit in your space. The thought of lugging a mammoth, space-consuming exercise machine is all the more undesirable. You may have stumbled upon a few that are compact and foldable, but the price point or mediocre spec-sheet makes going to the gym “the lesser of two evils. But don’t give up yet, because the NordicTrack SE9i SpaceSaver is here to grant your longstanding wish and satisfy your yearning for a practical and space-efficient elliptical trainer. As the “SpaceSaver” name suggests, the SE9i elliptical trainer is a compact home exercise machine, designed for limited or small spaces. It is the “sweet-spot” elliptical in the NordicTrack SpaceSaver series, preceded only by the SE7i SpaceSaver.

Borne out of a need to meet limited space demands while addressing various exercise needs, the SE9i elliptical machine is a problem- solving and functional training equipment. While the trainer shares many performance characteristics with its sister-model, it is more advanced. Where the SE7i’S console is a standard 5-inch backlit display monitor, the SE9i shines with a 7-inch high-definition, web-enabled touchscreen. The SE9i is also upgraded with a wireless heart rate monitor and an included smart chest strap. Also, users get more workout programs and resistance with the SE9i compared to the SE7i elliptical trainer. Differences aside, the SpaceSavers are incredible, portable elliptical machines.

The SE9i trainer offers a delightful cocktail of performance-optimizing features. It pairs seamlessly with iFit, which delivers an infinite library of online workouts and fitness guide in addition to the machine’s 30 onboard workout programs. It combines a 10-degree power incline with 24 resistance levels for a dose of workout challenge. An 18-pound flywheel and a silent magnetic resistance system offer a smooth and uninterrupted activity. And the ergonomically designed 18-inch stride, soft-touch upper body grips with dual cardio grips and oversized cushioned pedals ─ will meet the motion needs of shorter individuals. The SE9i is an elliptical trainer waiting to be tried. If you would love to know the ins and outs of the SE9i, take some time out and read this detailed and well-researched NordicTrack SE9i elliptical review.

NordicTrack SE9i Elliptical Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Wireless HRMPower Source:Plugin
USB Charging Port:
RearFlywheel Weight:18 Pounds
2-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:218 LbsFolding:Yes
Dimensions:78"L X 31"W X 66"HSpeaker:Yes
Max user weight:325 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 24-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:10° Power AdjustableBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:18" FixedHandlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 30Cheaper Alternative:NordicTrack SE7i


It is true what they say about rear-drive ellipticals; they have a naturally comfortable stride and provide the perfect body harmonization/balance. The size, on the other hand, is often a snag. The NordicTrack SE9i trainer is everything a rear-drive elliptical trainer should be and more. It compensates for its reasonably large footprint (78.7″ L × 31.9″ W × 66.4″ H) with a compact foldable frame. The trainer tends to consume some floor space when fully assembled, but the fact that you can fold it into half its size and stow away for storage makes it a space-friendly machine. It is also effortless to fold; all that is required is to fold the console over the pedals and store in a vertical position (little wonder, it is called a vertical SpaceSaver design).NordicTrack also recommends a minimum of two feet clearance around the machine for safety reasons.

Construction-wise, the SE9i doesn’t do badly. It sports a relatively sturdy construction that can support a 325-pound maximum weight capacity. The frame is draped in heavy-duty steel with welded joints. It is fitted with steel bars that are coated in corrosion and scratch-resistant paint which adds to its durability. The colour scheme is a basic grey and black, which while not aesthetically pleasing can complement the interior of just about any home. Essentially, the SE9i is well-built, but the construction does not hold a candle to a club-quality elliptical model. The same can be said for its maximum weight specification. The SE9i has an 18-pound flywheel, which may be considered average. Nonetheless, the flywheel delivers a considerably smooth and unobstructed motion.

A large footprint often translates to substantial weight, and this is the case with the SE9i elliptical machine. It is a pretty heavy machine at 218Ibs (in-box weight). While the weight might seem like bad news, it is, in fact, an advantage; it impacts the overall sturdiness and stability of the machine. Be that as it may, the folding configuration makes the machine less stable than it should be. All the same, the machine is equipped with adjustable, oversized levellers which serve to banish wobbly and rocking movements. While the SE9i is quite heavy, you can easily lift and move the machine for storage with the aid of its front-mounted transport wheels and lifting handle. However, the company states that a user should be able to lift a 45kg (100Ibs) object, to lift the SE9i elliptical machine safely. And one more thing; the trainer’s power chord must be connected to a grounded outlet, preferably a nominal 120-volt outlet.


As mentioned earlier, the SE9i beats the SE7i elliptical trainer by way of the console. It is furnished with a 7-inch touch screen console with a full-colour resolution─ that displays high-definition videos and crystal-clear performance metrics. The monitor is internet, Bluetooth and iFit enabled. So you can easily sync your personal devices to the machine. There are 30 workout apps incorporated into the console, designed to make your workouts more enjoyable and fruitful. These programs have different functions that range from heart rate, calorie burn and muscle toning.

Also, each workout app auto-adjusts the machine’s resistance and incline. However, you can switch to the manual mode to change the resistance and incline manually with the touch of a button. You may need to make the switch because the machine’s incline system may automatically calibrate the incline when you power on the console for the first time. The console displays all the essential performance statistics, including speed, time, distance, cadence (RPM), heart rate and calorie consumption. One of the highlights of the SE9i monitor is the safety features that are programmed to deny unauthorized access to console programs. These include a child-lock password and a lock screen pattern.

The SE9i is duly equipped with NordicTrack’s signature iFit coach app. With the iFit app, you can access and download a ton of high-quality workout programs that take you a step closer to your fitness goals and boosts performance. You also benefit from the learned tutelage of professional personal trainers who will motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals. And breathtakingly customizable virtual trails are just a click away from Google Maps. Plus, you can compete with other users to spark your motivation and drive to succeed. Not to mention the customized nutrition, sleep and lifestyle guide that is specially designed to make you fit as a fiddle. While iFit is a subscription-based app, NordicTrack includes a 1-year free iFit membership with the purchase.


The SE9i elliptical machine sports an 18-inch stride that may not be for everyone. This stride length is best suited to shorter users, say between 5’3” and 5’7” tall. If you are about 6-foot and taller, the SE9i stride may not be for you. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but it will limit your range of motion as well. So if you don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste, you are better off without the SE9i elliptical machine. For individuals who meet the height requirement, the stride is just perfect—the stride auto-adjusts to simulate different motions such as running, walking and jogging and for easy customization.

The SE9i SpaceSaver is also equipped with a power incline that automatically adjusts from 0-10 degrees. With the incline, you can crank up the intensity of your workout and distribute the effects to different muscle groups. Quite frankly, the incline range doesn’t come close to the scale offered by some ellipticals within this price range. Perhaps, the foldable and rear-drive engineering limited the stride length and the incline capabilities (we never can tell). On the bright side, the presence of the incline translates to better muscle engagement. It is excellent that the SE9i elliptical machine has quick touch buttons for incline and resistance control. This allows users to make fast and instant changes to the incline and resistance settings.

Another interesting feature of note is the SE9i’s Silent Magnetic Resistance System (SRM) with 24 tension settings. The drive system is marked by magnets, an 18-pound flywheel and a heavy-duty V-belt; These work to deliver the smoothest and noiseless operation there are. And compared to a chain drive, it requires zero to no maintenance. You can choose from 24 resistance settings depending on the intensity you desire. Generally, the first three tension levels make for very light resistance, which is ideal for newcomers or individuals on recovery training. The middle settings produce moderate resistance, while the highest tension levels produce an intensity that is suited for cardio workouts and some high-intensity exercises.


There are two sets of handlebars on the NordicTrack SE9i elliptical machine. These include mobile and stationary handlebars. The moving arms are attached to the console mast and pedal bars, which promotes coordination between the hands and toes. The grip design on the handlebars is pretty simple and quite comfortable. The grips are rubberized for firm hand adherence and comfort. The handlebars support practical upper body training as they help work the muscles located in the uppermost part of the body.

In addition to the one-touch incline and resistance controls, there are also controls on the moving handlebars for on-the-fly resistance and incline regulation. The right handlebar integrates resistance controls while the left handlebar integrates incline controls. The stationary handlebars, on the other hand, support heart rate monitoring by way of EKG CardioGrip sensors. It is equipped with sensors that read and transmit pulse readings to the console. This enhances the telemetric (wireless heart rate monitoring) function of the console.

The SE9i’s pedals are large-sized and adjustable, which means they can comfortably fit different gym or athletic shoes. Their insole is cushioned and bordered, which equates to optimum foot stability, shock absorption and traction. The pedals feature a simple toe-to-heel locking mechanism with three settings; you can adjust the pedals to find the most comfortable foot placement without having to detach or attach them.


When it comes to accessories, the SE9i elliptical machine does not disappoint. The trainer has its fair share of extra components that maximize workout experience. There is an integrated tablet holder positioned at the top of the console. The holder which can support various mobile devices provides a convenient alternative for workout entertainment. You can dock your tablet or smartphone into the holder and watch your favourite shows or stream iFit workouts. The machine also features a top-quality sound system that leaves nothing to be desired. Two speakers and an audio port make up the sound system.

The speakers are compatible with the vast majority of MP3 players and smartphones, the audio port aside being compatible with iPod and Mp3 players is also fitted with volume controls to regulate sound output. The importance of workout hydration cannot be overemphasized, and we are pleased that NordicTrack holds the same opinion; a water bottle holder is appended to the machine for hydration purposes. And your workouts will no longer be the same with the AutoBreeze cooling fan. The fan provides ample ventilation, keeping you cool and refreshed from workout to workout. With several speed settings, including an auto mode, you can control airflow to suit different temperature requirements. And we can’t but mention the included smart chest strap device for measuring heart rate. This is something worth mentioning because not all elliptical machines come with a chest strap device!

The SE9i elliptical trainer has one of the most straightforward assembly processes. The almost-ready-to-be-used and straight-out-of-the-box assembly is super convenient. In fact, you don’t have to be a “handyman” to figure out the assembly, and neither do you need to pay for a hired assembly service ─ it is that simple! Simply attach the front and rear stabilizers to the frame, connect each of the upper body arms and voila…, your SE9i elliptical trainer is ready to be used. And as if the process isn’t straightforward enough, NordicTrack provides a detailed assembly video to give users a clear visual depiction of the SE9i assembly process. However, you might need the help of another person to raise the upright into a vertical position ─ to attach the handles.


One of the factors that indicate a long-lasting and good-quality exercise machine is its warranty terms. A good warranty gives users some sort of assurance that the product will leave up to its spec-sheet. In terms of the warranty, the SE9i elliptical gets a “fair pass”. NordicTrack offers 10-year coverage for the machine’s frame, 2-year coverage for the parts and 365 days for labour. We have mixed feelings about the SE9i warranty which appears to be “unbalanced” ─ the frame which is less susceptible to damages gets sufficient coverage. In contrast, the parts which are liable to damages gets a measly range. Hence, the warranty calls for a revision. The SE9i warranty is upheld by NordicTrack’s parent company, Icon Health and Fitness.

According to the company’s jurisdiction, the warranty is to be used for product repair and replacement only. On this note, all repairs related to the warranty must be pre-authorized by the company. The warranty is also subject to several terms. For instance, the manufacturers will not be held accountable for damages resulting from owners’ carelessness or damages that are uncalled for. You can refer to the product warranty on NordicTrack’s website for the full warranty terms and conditions. As always, the warranty must be registered to ensure activation and other benefits. Users can register the warranty by completing a warranty registration card. The card is typically included in the product box. Users can also register the warranty on the company’s website at For further questions or inquiries regarding the warranty, please contact NordicTrack’s customer support department on 1 -800-862-3348. Alternatively, you can send them a mail via

The SE9i elliptical sells for $1599, which is a mid-range price point. The foldable construction and electronics account for the price. If you do not need to conserve space and prefer a more powerful elliptical with stronger incline and resistance range, it might be best to overlook the SE9i elliptical. There are elliptical machines you can get within this price range or higher with stronger incline and resistance parameters. When you buy the SE9i directly from the NordicTrack website, the product is shipped and delivered to you within a specific time frame. Typically, the product may not get to you until 20-days or so later. Also, shipping charges may or may not apply depending on the promotional offer and discount on ground. NordicTrack also offers two significant types of delivery; threshold and in-home assembly. Unfortunately, only threshold delivery is currently available. In-home assembly is on hold due to the current COVID-19- related Government restrictions.


  • Incorporates a specialized vertical space-saving construction to help users maximize their space
  • The rear-drive structure is back-friendly; it is more comfortable on the back than front-drive ellipticals
  • It is extremely easy to assemble; the assembly process takes about 15 minutes on average
  • It is easy to fold, roll and store; all thanks to the front-mounted transport wheels
  • It is equipped with a 7-inch, web-enabled, high-definition touchscreen for quality workouts display and internet browsing
  • The console is programmed with 30 workout apps to enhance performance training
  • Targeted muscle toning is possible with the 0-10 degrees power-adjustable incline
  • Users can download tons of workout programs, train with elite personal trainers and gain fitness advice via iFit coach technology
  • iFit membership is free for the first 12-months after purchase
  • The oversized, angle-adjustable footplates enhance Lower-body ergonomics
  • Stationary handlebars have built-in sensors for functional heart rate tracking and transmission
  • Moving handlebars integrate instant controls for incline and resistance.
  • Users can quickly adjust resistance and incline with quick-touch controls on the console.
  • An optional smart chest strap device is included to support the monitor’s telemetric transmission.


  • The 18-inch stride length is motion-restrictive for trainees who are about 6-foot tall (and above)
  • Consumes a considerable span of floor space when in use


All specifications and features considered, the NordicTrack SE9i SpaceSaver elliptical machine is an ideal choice for fitness devotees who want to reap the benefits of an elliptical machine while maximizing their living area. Packed with performance-improving appendages and electronics, users are guaranteed a premium workout experience. The SE9i appears to be constructed for medium to lightweight users. The 325-pound maximum user weight capacity will hardly suffice heavy-weight individuals. On account of its limited 18-inch stride length, taller trainees are also advised to steer clear of the machine. Without nitpicking the brilliant training machine, the light drive is also one of its drawbacks that may dissuade athletes who are used to high-intensity training. That being said, the SE9i elliptical is the ultimate choice for petite, beginner and intermediate users. However, you may want to consider another elliptical trainer within the same price range or higher ─ if you are an advanced athlete with enough space to spare!

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