NordicTrack FS7i Elliptical Review

NordicTrack FS7i Overview

An elliptical trainer with a difference, the NordicTrack FreeStrider FS7i is an innovative exercise machine that will give you a run for your money. The FS7i is the mid-level trainer among NordicTrack’s FreeStride Trainers, including FS10i and FS14i elliptical trainers. At first glance, the FS7i FreeStider may come across as a typical elliptical trainer, but when it gets moving ─ you’d remember why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Describing the fan-freaking-tastic motion of the FS7i elliptical is next to impossible. At best, you could say it’s like gliding on air without your feet ever leaving the ground! Who knew we could “fly” on an elliptical trainer? NordicTrack raised the bar. And here comes the cherry on top; this wonderfully crafted trainer is three exercise machines rolled in one. How so? It marries the qualities of a treadmill, a stair stepper, and an elliptical in a compact frame, giving you a “buy 1 get 2 free offer”! Amazing right?

Utilizing forward-thinking technology, the NordicTrack FreeStriders wield a floating suspension mechanism, a center-drive design, and a belt-driven system to eliminate impact of any and all kinds. Needless to say, the result is an unbelievably smooth ride. The FS7i gets its “FreeStrider” name from its fluid 32 inches long stride, which naturally conforms to your body with every stride and move. In other words, it gives you a tantalizing platter of motions and strides to enjoy. You can choose to do up and down strides with a stepper, light jogging strides as with an elliptical, or make long sprints as with a treadmill. The trainer rewards you with an all-out workout and massive calorie burn. The FS7i elliptical is a step-down from the FS9i, FS10i, and FS14i ellipticals. It improves upon the older and discontinued FS5i model with an auto-adjustable 10 ⸰ incline, a larger 7″ internet-enabled screen, onboard workout apps, and additional resistance levels.

The FS10i elliptical upgrade is nothing much to be pleased about than you already are with the FS7i. The major upgrade or jump to the FS10i is a larger 10” screen. Conversely,the top-of-the-line FS14i is a total game-changer with a 14″ smart screen, decline capability, and other upgraded features. But when it comes to value for money, the FS7i remains undefeated. Perks that come with the FS7i trainer includes a 7″ smart HD color touch screen with high readability, 24 adjustable resistance levels, 35 built-in workout apps, a 10⸰ maximum power incline, and iFit technology. And there is the 32″ auto-adjustable stride and a couple of other features that this in-depth FS7i review will address. Get ready for an exciting “REVEAL.”

NordicTrack FS7i Elliptical Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse & Wireless HRMPower Source:Plugin
USB Charging Port:
FrontFlywheel Weight:20 Pounds
2-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:280 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:58"L X 29"W X 74"HSpeaker:Yes
Max user weight:375 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 24-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:10° Power AdjustableBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:32" Automatically AdjustableHandlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 35Better Alternative:NordicTrack FS10i


The FS7i FreeStrider is delightfully a center-drive machine with two small flywheels on alternate sides of the pedal as opposed to a front or rear-drive. Why a center-drive configuration lord over a front-drive design is mainly due to the portability and space efficiency. Typically, center-drive elliptical trainers ditch the track and wheel configuration that is common with front-drive elliptical trainers. Hence, the machine’s bulk stands upright rather than protrude from the front and back (which consumes space). This is a major plus point for the FS7i elliptical machine, which brings its footprint to a compact; 74″ H × 29.5″ W × 58.5″ L. Although the machine’s body is relatively compact, the pedal motion is extensive, so it is best not to position the elliptical close to a wall or door. With the center-drive, you get the added benefit of maintaining an ergonomically correct and comfortable upright posture when you use the elliptical trainer.

As far as sturdiness and stability are concerned, the FS7i excels beautifully. The frame is dipped in high-quality steel and cross beams that secure the machine in place. It is also laced with pedal stabilizers and vertical bars wrapped in steel and coated with protective powder to keep dust and sweat far away from the machine’s delicate components. And with large levelers providing additional support for the diversified motions on the FS7i, the machine can support an impressive 375 pounds maximum user weight capacity. But, getting on and off the machine is not exactly “stable” You have to grasp the upright supports and handles when stepping on the pedals, so you don’t lose your footing. The FS7i step up-height is about 17 inches, so you will have to estimate about 18 inches off the floor for ceiling clearance.

To power on the FS7i elliptical trainer, you have to connect the power cord to an appropriate outlet (a nominal 120-volt circuit is recommended) that is properly installed and grounded. A grounded outlet is a chief requirement because grounding reduces electric shock by creating a path with minimal electric resistance when the product malfunctions. If a grounded outlet is not available, you can use a temporary adapter to connect the power cord to a 2-pole receptacle. And remember to consult a professional electrician to confirm if the receptacle box cover is grounded because not all box covers are. Bottom line? An expert electrician is best suited for the “connection” job. The FS7i elliptical trainer is a pretty heavy machine, so moving it takes some work. However, the transport wheels under the frame make this task less stressful. Getting the foot pedals out of the way before moving the machine is a tip you want to adopt to make the job easier.


One of the many benefits of the FS7i elliptical trainer is its 7″ full-color touch screen that sits smartly in the center of the console. Now, this is a deliberate placement to allow users to view and navigate the console without stress. The FS7i touch screen is all about convenience and intuition; it tilts upwards and downwards to match varying eye positions, has a crisp and bright resolution with good readability, and integrates quick touch controls so you can easily navigate your options. Without an iota of doubt, the screen technology magnifies the combined functionality of the FS7i console. It eliminates the need for numerous buttons on the console, reducing clutter and creating an intuitive and easy-to-use medium for users. The metric display does okay, too; workout statistics including calorie consumption per hour, strokes per minute, the time elapsed, and distance covered are provided by a white display bar positioned at the top of the screen.

The FS7i screen is hard to fault except for the size, which may be too small for comfort. It might be challenging to view smaller metric numbers and options on the screen. So yes, the screen could use a more considerable upgrade. The FS7i console is saturated with 35 expert-approved workout programs for a fulfilling and result-driven performance. The workout programs are further enhanced by the iFit feature, which makes all the difference. While the pre-set workouts provide enough challenge and variety, the iFit coach takes your workout sessions to the next “fantastic” level. And here is the icing on the cake; iFit, a subscription-based app, is included for free for a year and can be used with five user profiles. We love how generous NordicTrack is!

iFit broadens your workout options, providing you with exercise variables, world-class trainers, and the opportunity to train with Google Maps. With the iFit coach, workouts will no longer feel like a chore. The workout programs on iFit are classified into the three; Google Maps workouts consist of scenic views and incline settings to simulate a terrain, crisp-quality video coaching with prestigious personal trainers graph-incorporated programs that optimize speed and incline. With Google Maps workout, no two routes are the same; you can set a scenic route that conforms with your fitness objectives at any given time. All things considered, you are assured of a quality workout experience.


Unlike traditional elliptical machines that limit stride, the FS7i FreeStrider offers optimum stride flexibility. With a 32 inches power-adjustable stride length, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a fixed stride of about 18-20 inches (which is the average stride length of standard elliptical trainers). This dynamic stride length extends and adapts to your physique, initiating a comfortable and posture-friendly motion. You don’t have to push buttons or pull levers, you only need to switch your position, and the stride will transit from a stepper to a treadmill or an elliptical. The extensive stride length can also accommodate short and tall users alike, which is advantageous for multiple users. Ultimately, the FS7i is a home exercise machine that can serve the whole family’s individual needs.

Adjusting your stride length how you see fit is not the only bonus you get with the FS7i elliptical trainer; you also get up to a 10⸰ incline increase, which is terrific. You can ante up your workout by focusing on different muscle groups as the incline progresses from 0-10⸰, all while floating in mid-air (literally). Although it may be disconcerting on the first try, you will feel pretty good afterward and even better as you get used to the unique motion. Want a heart-pumping and sweat-dripping workout? Combine the 32″ stride and the 10⸰ incline! You can control the incline and resistance from the quick-touch controls on the console or through the handles’ integrated controls.

The FS7i elliptical machine works with 24 pre-set magnetic resistance levels anchored by a 20 pounds flywheel and a center drive system. Typically, heavier flywheels (above 20 pounds) produce the smoothest motion, but the FS7i’s movement is just as smooth as any. It also runs quietly and won’t pose the slightest distraction or noise. The 24 resistance level is automated and can sync to iFit and the onboard programs. The resistance gives you the best of both worlds ─ you can manually adjust the resistance or move along with it automatically.


There is no better way to get a full-body workout than with the FS7i elliptical machine. By merging the pedals and handles, a fluid and seamless motion between the upper and lower body is achievable. The handles allow a complete and thorough upper body engagement. It engages the biceps, triceps, rear delta, forearms, anterior deltoids, and lats ─ in backward and forward motions.

The handlebars provide a vertical grip so the shoulders, wrists, and elbows can be in comfortable alignment. The Handles extend vertically from the base of the console to provide enough holding room when you pedal. Comfort is further enhanced by the well-padded and cushioned grips. However, the handlebars are angled awkwardly and may not be as comfortable as the handles on other elliptical machines.

The FS7i pedaling mechanism is unique in its way. It allows for bi-directional movement; forward and backward pedaling. The pedals themselves are large enough to fit and are stable as can be. They are layered with large steel horizontal beams for extra support. They also feature a textured surface that secures shoes in place. A molded ledge around the pedals’ front and sides keep your foot from slipping off the pedals.


The FS7i FreeStrider is adorned with several accessories and convenience-based features such as an AutoBreeze cooling workout fan, tablet holder, `water bottle holder, an audio port with built-in speakers, and a free wireless chest strap. The fan, which is positioned in the console, is a delightful accessory that keeps workouts cool and refreshing. With a simple click on the touchscreen or console, you can control the temperature and cool off while doing high-intensity, sweat-inducing exercises.

A tablet holder with adjustable clips for holding your tablet or mobile device in place is attached to the top of the console. You can watch movies, read a book, or catch up with your favorite entertainment channels as you workout. Music can give you the boost you need to push harder, and this is why the digital speakers and iPod compatible port is a thoughtful addition. Staying hydrated is as easy as reaching for your bottle in the water bottle holder. You also get a free wireless chest strap to augment the telemetric function of the FS7i monitor.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands, you would love the quick-fix assembly that comes with the FS7i trainer. Specifically, only the covers, straps, and pedal arms need to be assembled. Setting up the FS7i is relatively easy and takes about 70 mins on average. The assembly instruction is precise and straight to the point. However, you might want to engage an extra pair of hands to make the process even more comfortable. In addition to the included bolts and screws, you will also need a Phillips screwdriver, two adjustable wrenches, and a rubber mallet. And avoid using power tools to guard against damage.


By its warranty, you can buy the NordicTrack FS7i FreeStrider confidently. The FS7i contract provides a ten-year coverage for the frame, 2-year coverage for parts, and a year for labor. The frame is pretty well-covered, but parts and labor ─ not so much. As with most branded elliptical machines, warranty registration is a must. You can register the product by completing and returning the included warranty card to Icon Health and Fitness ─ NordicTrack’s parent company.

Alternatively, you can complete your registration online on you need further assistance with the warranty registration, contact Icon customer support at 1-800-862-3348. For $1999 or thereabout, the FS7i trainer is quite an expensive but worthy bargain. It packs a ton of valuable features and capabilities for the price. Plus, it is much more affordable than the up-level FS10i and FS14i FreeStriders. Besides, buying three machines for the price of one is a good investment.

NordicTrack offers two major types of shipping and delivery; threshold and white glove delivery and assembly. Threshold delivery means the product will be delivered to your home’s front door or on the curb. White glove delivery takes it a step further into your home and assembles the product for you (this is currently unavailable due to COVID 19 restrictions). Threshold delivery may come for free, while in-home delivery is done for a fee.


  • Provides low impact and joint-friendly workouts
  • Features a center-drive design that conserves space and ensures body balance
  • Unifies three machines in one for workout versatility and variety
  • Offers a 32-inch motion adaptable stride to support three different strides and different body heights
  • Handlebars and pedals are synchronized for total body workout.
  • Integrates a 10-degree power incline to simulate challenging terrains and for more significant calorie burn and muscle toning
  • Operates smoothly and quietly via a silent magnetic resistance system with 24 levels
  • Console and touch screen is intuitive, easy to navigate and internet-enabled
  • Provides 35 motivating workout programs
  • Offers unlimited workout downloads and data tracking via iFit coach
  • Comes with a free one-year iFit subscription
  • Includes a free chest strap for seamless heart rate tracking
  • Sports a built-in fan, speakers, MP3 audio port, tablet, and water bottle holders for convenience purposes


  • Handlebars aren’t all that comfortable and could use a locking mechanism for more safety and stability
  • The touch screen is relatively small.


NordicTrack’s FS7i elliptical is nearly uncontested in terms of workout versatility, variety, and technical interaction. It is a good exercise machine for lower and upper body workouts. Crafted with maximum attention to detail, its longevity is undisputed. Built like a rock, it can effortlessly accommodate users within a 375Ibs weight range. Beginners and intermediate users will get a kick out of this exercise machine, while elite users may find the resistance a bit lacking. On the whole, it is a brilliant exercise machine with unbeatable value for money. But if you desire more variety and features, the higher-end FreeStrider models, FS10i and FS14i, aren’t a bad idea. The FS14i is an especially good pick!

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
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