NordicTrack FS10i Elliptical Review

NordicTrack FS10i Overview

The NordicTrack’s FreeStrider series is something out of a fairytale; they are a thrilling fusion of an elliptical, treadmill and a stepper ─the stellar combo that guarantees optimum workout satisfaction and fulfilment. These magical exercise machines are none other than the FS7i, FS10i and FS14i FreeStriders. Taking centre stage in this FreeStrider review is the striking FS10i elliptical trainer who was launched to outperform the previous and now obsolete FS9i model. You wouldn’t expect anything less than quality delivery from an ungraded exercise machine of this calibre. Hence, it is no surprise that the FS10i has captivated and stolen the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts.

The upscale elliptical trainer has a ton of features to offer. Its key selling point is its adjustable stride length, which extends from 0-32 inches and the floating motion that accompanies its use. With cushioned pedals that are mounted on belts rather than rails, using the FS10i or any of the FreeStriders is akin to floating in the air, which is a fantastic feeling. Thanks to the adjustable stride and power incline (up to 10⸰), the stride can replicate the motion of an elliptical, a treadmill and a stepper. Not to mention the low-impact design that is gentle on the joints and the knees. Its centre-drive engineering is another big plus, giving you enough room to spare and reliable postural support.

Compared to the previous FS9i elliptical trainer, the FS10i has an insane sound system whose mission is to kick your workout into overdrive. Feature-wise it isn’t any different from the FS7i trainer save for its more significant 10″ HD screen. However, the FS14i elliptical is a different ball game with more top-of-the-range features. The FS10i trainer offers a plethora of workouts and interactive training that is anchored by its 35 onboard workout programs and NordicTrack’s iFit coach. Fitted with 24 magnetic resistance levels and a 20 pounds flywheel, it is an excellent machine that targets a ton of fitness exercises; strength, endurance, cardio and many more. Comfort features are also plentiful; it has a water bottle holder, a device shelf, cooling fan, two digital speakers and lots more. Here is a detailed rundown of what to and what not to expect from the FS10i elliptical trainer.

NordicTrack FS10i Elliptical Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse & Wireless HRMPower Source:Plugin
USB Charging Port:
CenterFlywheel Weight:20 Pounds
2-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:280 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:58"L X 29"W X 74"HSpeaker:Yes
Max user weight:375 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 24-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:10° Power AdjustableBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:32" Automatically AdjustableHandlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 35Better Alternative:NordicTrack FS14i


A 375Ibs maximum weight capacity signifies a well-constructed, solid-as-steel exercise machine! ─ The FS10i keeps dishing out features that are hard to resist. A quality elliptical trainer should be able to uphold a heavy maximum weight limit for days and hours on end, without compromising stability and balance. And this is precisely what the FS10i elliptical trainer represents. The frame is significantly composed of steel and has stabilizers that banish jerky and unsteady movements. The 20 pounds inertia enhanced flywheel is adequately protected by plastic overlays that protect against dust and sweat, delivering a smooth and noiseless motion that is least expected from a light flywheel.

With the FS10i elliptical machine, space is a foregone problem; its centre-drive configuration takes all the credit. At 58.5 inches long, 29.5 inches high and 74 inches long, the FS10i trainer is a lot more compact than the traditional front and rear-drive elliptical machines. As a centre drive machine, the footprint is more of a square than a rectangle (which tends to consume more space). Also, it doesn’t have extensive, space-consuming tracks or wheels. But beware of the extended pedals which aren’t wall or door friendly, as they protrude from the rear and front. You should also do well to caution people against walking behind or in front of you when the machine is in use ─ so the pedals won’t connect with their skin!

Power requirement for the FS10i elliptical trainer is a nominal 120-volt circuit that is well-grounded. When it comes to connecting the power chord of the FS10i to a power source, a grounded outlet is highly recommended. This is chiefly because “grounding” reduces the risk of electric shock when the product breaks down or malfunctions. In the absence of a grounded 120-volt outlet, you can substitute with a temporary adapter that connects to a 2-pole receptacle. As a precautionary measure, contact a qualified electrician to ascertain if the 2-pole receptacle outlet box is grounded. Moving the FS10i elliptical trainer from one location to another is not a man-one job. Despite the integrated transport wheels, you will need help transporting the bulky exercise machine. It is recommended not to move the machine often, except when necessary. And oh, the step-up height, though not specified, is a bit higher up the ground, so make sure to have enough ceiling clearance. It is also worth noting that stepping on and off the machine requires handlebar /uprights support.


The FS10i’s touchscreen beats that of the FS7is’ with an extra three inches. Its touchscreen is as intuitive and as smart as it gets. Mounted in the centre of the console, you can read and navigate the screen with ease. The console design is also convenient; the majority of the control buttons are integrated into the touchscreen, so the console has fewer buttons and less clutter. Speaking of the quality itself, the FS10i touchscreen is not only large but bright and crisp as well. It is a full-colour screen with high readability, which means users can see even the smallest display metrics. You can also tilt or maneuver the screen to the viewing angle that suits your eye comfort.

A display bar showcases essential workout metrics, including calories, strokes, time, and distance. This promotes performance data through seamless data tracking. Workout programs are an essential pre-requisite for excellent performance metrics and results, and the FS10i trainer has this in spades. It has 35 in-built workout programs that motivate and challenge you to your fullest performance potential. Top fitness experts curated these programs, so you know you are getting nothing but the best. Throw in NordicTrack’s iFit coach, and you can’t help but love this brilliant exercise machine.

iFit is an interactive technology that is enabled on most NordicTrack training machines. It is specially designed to supply a limitless flow of fitness and health guidance. It is synonymous to having your own personal trainer without the exorbitant fee. This multi-functional app gives you access to a variety of online workout classes within studio settings. You can travel to exotic fitness-inclined destinations without leaving the comfort of your home, which is facilitated by Google Maps street view and renowned fitness trainers. It is packed with an extensive workout library, personalized nutrition, sleep analysis, data tracking, and so much more! What more, you get a free one-year subscription with the purchase!


The FS10i trainer is called a FreeStrider for a reason; unlike the fixed elliptical path of average elliptical trainers, the FS10i stride automatically adjusts to fit the length of your legs and motion. It gives you free rein over your pace and stride as there is no flywheel obstructing the flow of movement. The stride adjusts from 0-32 inches and is beneficial for multiple users such as different family members or commercial gyms with a varied clientele. Using the machine in any stride position, whether as a stepper, treadmill or an elliptical, exerts a meagre impact on the knees and ankles. This concept is especially beneficial for users who are prone to workout-induced injuries and post-exercise soreness.

Another feature that puts the FS10i elliptical trainer ahead of its competitors is the incline range. You can work your way to a 10⸰ maximum incline. This will have your heart pumping and your muscles throbbing with a satisfactory challenge. Fun fact; use the pedals in an up and down stepping motion to make the “glute-kicking” most out of your workout. The beauty of the FS10i incline is the automated connection to iFit and onboard programs. You can carry out different workout programs, and the incline will automatically adjust to suit the different exercise characteristics. The class instructor even has the liberty to adjust your incline and resistance in real-time automatically. Also, the incline capability equates to more muscles being targeted and adequately worked, and more calories being burned.

Twenty-four resistance levels combined with a 10⸰ maximum incline is the ultimate recipe for diverse and challenging workouts. The FS10i FreeStrider works with no-contact magnets to deliver the smoothest resistance there is. The magnets which are adjacent to the flywheel form a barrier against the wheel’s rotation to create resistance. This produces a friction-free impact that eliminates noise and wear and tear of the flywheel. Like the incline, the 24 resistance levels are pre-programmed and can sync to both iFit and the in-built workout programs. You can choose to adjust the resistance or take the automatic route manually. The incline and resistance can be controlled from the console and the in-built controls on the handlebars.


When the handlebars and pedals of an exercise machine are interlocked or fused, it only means one thing; you are getting a full-body workout. The handlebars are well-positioned and easy to grip. They are connected to the pedal beams to achieve a uniform motion between the hands and feet. Essentially, the handles move in tandem with the pedals, simultaneously working the upper and lower body.

The FS10i handlebars engage all the muscles of the upper arm virtually. Vertically positioned to align the shoulders, wrists and elbows, they provide a decent degree of comfort. The beam bars are shrouded in a spongy material to provide a cushioned and comfortable surface. But despite this seemingly comfortable arrangement, there are a few customer complaints concerning the design, which negatively influences its comfort value.

The FS10i pedals are wide and extended and provide ample foot support. Large steel horizontal beams from below support them. Because they provide an extensive range, your stride is more defined and productive. You can also move the pedals forward and backward to divert attention from your joints to your muscles. And don’t worry about your shoes slipping off ─ the ledge around the sides of the foot platform makes sure they don’t. Plus, the surface is texturized for a firm and comfortable foot-hold.


In addition to the 10″ touch screen, there is also a pivoting tablet holder affixed to the console for your entertainment pleasure. With your mobile device in the secure tablet holder, you can have unobstructed control of the handlebars while you stream and watch videos or surf the web. And embrace the convenience of in-workout hydration by taking advantage of the easy-to-reach water bottle holder on the FS10i. This means you can quench your thirst on the fly.

Few exercise machines like the FS10i offer a super cool fan. Working out in the face of sweltering temperature is anything but comfortable, so the AutoBreeze cooling fan comes in super handy. Equipped with multi-speed options, you can regulate airflow to match the weather. Say no to boring workout sessions and yes to the FS10i’s terrific sound system. The included music port is an invitation to workout uplifting audio entertainment. The digitally connected speakers amplify tunes or music to the furthest pitch. As long as you don’t mind some music now and then or live with disturbance-prone residents, the sound system is an appealing addition.

With two or more persons, assembling the FS10i elliptical trainer is a piece of cake. NordicTrack favours “snap assembly” which is the other word for easy assembly. For the sake of simplicity, a detailed instruction manual and video (on the NordicTrack website) is provided. Assembly involves attaching the uprights to the frame, front and left shield covers to the uprights, the axle to the pedal leg, and the pedal arm to the pedal leg, handlebar covers, accessory tray and console bracket to the uprights, and the console to the console bracket. Ensure that all parts are correctly tightened before using the FS10i elliptical machine. The necessary tools needed for the FS10i assembly includes a Phillips screwdriver, an adjustable wrench and a rubber mallet. Lastly, the whole process takes about 60-90 minutes.


Icon Health and Fitness (NordicTrack’s parent company) warrants the FS10i as follows; 10-year coverage for the frame, 2-years for the parts and a year for labour. The manufacturers declare the FS10i free of defects in craftsmanship and materials under regular use and service conditions. The warranty is solely applicable to the original buyer and cannot be transferred to another individual or fitness body. Without mincing words, this warranty is not competitive for the price. While the frame coverage is generous, the parts and labour coverage gets the short end of the stick.

On getting your FS10i elliptical trainer, do yourself a world of good and get the product and warranty registered within 28 days of purchase. This gives you free access to important updates, service information and useful hints. Plus, an extended warranty offer may also be in the bag. To register your product warranty, fill the included registration card and return to Icon Health and Fitness. If you prefer to register online, by all means, visit and your product warranty is as good as registered! Have more questions? Contact NordicTrack’s customer support team on 1-800-862-3348, or send them a mail at

At $2999, the FS10i costs a pretty penny. But if you consider all its bells and whistles and its three-in-one capability, the steep price tag is reasonably justified. You also get to enjoy a free iFit subscription for a year which is a bonus. Though you have to pay a monthly token for the service when the free validity period is up, it is still worth the value you are getting. Upon order completion, NordicTrack typically ships the FS10i within 1-3 business days, except stated otherwise on the product page. You should receive your product within 10-14 business days post-shipping. As at the time of this FS10i review, curbside and threshold delivery are the only delivery options. In-home delivery is temporarily on hold, due to COVID-19 restrictions.


  • Due to its low-impact design, it is convenient for injury-prone individuals.
  • The unique centre drive design plays a crucial role in space conservation and ergonomic balance.
  • Numerous workout options invalidate exercise monotony and improve overall performance.
  • Compared to a regular elliptical, the distinct upper and lower body motions targets specific and hard-to-reach muscle groups.
  • Stride length is extensive, auto-adjustable and varied; can adapt to different user heights.
  • Merges three functions in one; can be used as an elliptical, a stepper and a treadmill.
  • The distinct magnetic resistance system with 24 settings, translates to a smooth and noise-free operation.
  • It is compatible with iFit which offers a top-notch interactive fitness platform.
  • Its 10-degree auto-adjustable power incline is as challenging as it is enjoyable.
  • Handlebars and pedals facilitate full-body engagement.
  • The 10” full-colour touch screen comes complete with a crisp and bright resolution for easy readability and view.
  • Features several comforts features such as a media shelf, a water bottle holder, and a workout cooling fan to maximize workout experience.
  • Has an advanced Bluetooth audio capability for audio and heart rate devices


  • Switching strides during workouts may present a bit of a learning curve.
  • Several customer complaints citing the discomfort of the handlebars
  • Though a multi-functional luxury exercise machine, it is quite expensive and out-of-reach for budget shoppers.


From features and capabilities reviewed, it is clear that the NordicTrack FS10i FreeStrider is all about user satisfaction and workout maximization. It is a well-engineered exercise machine that prioritizes fitness goal actualization for users of all skill levels; whether you are the new kid on the block, the intermediate who is closer to becoming the expert or the advanced user who loves a challenge, the FS10i is all yours for the experience. Though the tension settings may be child’s play for a professional athlete, it gives a muscle’s worth of results. Built out of steel and reinforced with stabilizers, this concrete machine is suitable for heavy and lightweight users’ alike. The FS10i elliptical is a smart machine that is wired to interact with your moves and strides. The console, resistance and incline respond to you as an actual “human” would. It is a digitally and technologically adept machine, which is why the hefty sticker price cannot be counteracted. But if your budget cannot stretch to accommodate the luxuries of the FS10i elliptical trainer, the NordicTrack FS7i elliptical trainer is just as good. Aside from the notable difference in price tag, and its smaller 7-inch touchscreen, the FS7i might be a better purchase at $1999. And if you want an elliptical with a declining capability in addition to the incline, take a look at the upmarket NordicTrack FS14i elliptical trainer, which is naturally more expensive than the FS10i. Conclusively, the FS10i elliptical machine is a premium yet practical purchase that promises optimum fitness results.

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