NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Detailed Comparisons

What better describes an elite elliptical than a NordicTrack elite elliptical machine! The NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals are a remarkable trio of commercial-grade elliptical machines with a slew of performance-enhancing features. From ergonomics, frameworks to programming, they cut the mustard. They embody all the traits of a typical NordicTrack elliptical such as reliability, top-performance, and quality. The company has been in the fitness equipment business for a while and is trusted and loved by fitness patrons. Given their glowing reputation, their products must be living up to expectations. And speaking of meeting expectations, the Elite Series of Ellipticals are a perfect example.

Top of the series is the brilliant Elite 12.7 model, preceded by the less powerful but equally brilliant Elite 10.9 model. Maintaining the entry-level position is the Elite 7.5 elliptical trainer. These elliptical trainers are bonded by strength, variety, and practicability, making them deserving of their “Elite” title. But what truly unites them is their club-quality construction. Their gym-quality configuration is a welcome bonus for machines designed to be used in accommodation facilities or residential centers. They are tough as nails and will give you a huge bang for your buck. They incorporate stellar features such as adjustable strides and automated incline ramps, multi-resistance levels, and a delightful assortment of workout programs, including the revered iFit coach app.

Their similarities end where their differences begin; the elite ellipticals are similar yet different in several ways. Some of these differences are conspicuous, while others are not so visible to the naked eyes. This is why potential buyers may find it hard to differentiate the ellipticals and may end up with the “seemingly” right one. Don’t get it twisted; the three Elite Ellipticals are highly-functional and efficient, but while elliptical A maybe good for others, Elliptical B may be the perfect choice for you. This is because we all have different fitness needs and goals, and each of the Elite models independently meets these needs and requirements. But not to worry, our NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals comparison and review will help you choose the elliptical that is perfectly tailored to serve your fitness needs.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Trainer
NordicTrack Elite 7.5 Elliptical Trainer
Nordic Track Elite 12.7 Elliptical Trainer
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We have already established that the Elite Ellipticals are a range of commercial-grade machines built with industrial-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. The bulk of the machines integrate steel parts, while the remaining parts are made of PVC. And we all know how durable and strong steel is. Hence, we can vouch for the machines’ reliability to a certain degree. However, the Elite Ellipticals have varying degrees of durability. The top–of–the–range E 12.7 model is the most reliable, with a 375-pound maximum weight capacity. It is duly followed by the E 10.9 model, which can support a 350-pound maximum weight capacity. Expectedly, the E 7.5 comes in last with a 300-pounds maximum weight limit. Quite frankly, the E 7.5 is not as durable as the other Elite Ellipticals, but it is light years ahead of many elliptical machines within its specification range.

When it comes to size, the Elite Ellipticals have one thing in common; they are enormous! Their front-drive engineering has a lot to do with their large footprints. All the same, we would choose a NordicTrack front-drive elliptical machine over most front-drive elliptical machines, as their size is more bearable. Again, the Elite Ellipticals have different footprints. The E 12.7 has the largest footprint at 80.25 inches long, 25.7 inches wide, and 64.43 inches high. The E 10.9 elliptical has a slightly smaller footprint at 69.5 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 71.3 inches tall. While the E 7.5 elliptical has the smallest footprint at 68.4 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 67.7 inches high. Evidently, footprint progressively decreases across the series from top to bottom. The E 10.9 and E 7.5 ellipticals appear to have the same width measurement (25-inches).

The Elite Ellipticals feature NordicTrack’s Silent Magnetic Resistance (SRM), the other word for whisper-quiet operation. Coupled with inertia-enhanced flywheels and heavy-duty belt transmissions, their momentum is also quite smooth and frictionless. However, their flywheels vary in weight, so also their resistance settings. The E 7.5 model has an average 15-pounds flywheel, which falls shorts of standard flywheel recommendations. Nonetheless, its pedaling motion is not overly shaky or jerky. It also has the least resistance settings, offering just 20 resistance levels. As such, it may not be eligible for serious and professional exercisers. The E 10.9 and E 12.7 ellipticals, on the other hand, have substantially weighted flywheels and great resistance levels. The mid-level Elite Elliptical has a 20-pound flywheel and 24 resistance levels, while the top-level Elite Elliptical has an impressive 32-pound flywheel that provides 26 resistance settings.

NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Specs Comparison
NordicTrack Elite 12.7200-lb64.43” H x 25.7” x W
80.25 ” L
NordicTrack Elite 10.9190-lb71” H x 25.7” x W
69” L
NordicTrack Elite 7.5190-lb67” H x 25.7” x W
68” L


When getting an elliptical machine, you want to buy one with a good console/monitor. The good news is, the Nordictrack Elite Ellipticals are fitted with some of the best consoles on the market. Except for the E 7.5 elliptical, they offer high-definition, 7-inch touchscreens with crystal-clear readability. The touchscreen consoles give room for multitasking; they are internet-enabled so users can browse the web, read emails, or participate in online social activities while working out. Conversely, the E 7.5 offers a 5-inch backlit monitor, which is nowhere near the Upper-end Elite models’ advanced consoles. As it may, its monitor isn’t subpar and is packed with features that cater to essential workout requirements.

To promote effective training, the Elite Ellipticals’ consoles are programmed to provide essential workout statistics. With this function, users can keep a tab on their progress, highlight their weaknesses, and work to improve on them. These statistics include but are not limited to; speed, time, calories, distance, and heart rate percentage. Workout programs also abound in the consoles. E 12.7 is loaded with 35 workout programs, and the 10.9 comes with about 32 pre-set programs, while the 7.5 has about 24 goal and calorie-based programs.

And the cherry on top? All three consoles are compatible with NordicTrack’s iFit coach app. iFit app is the salve that remedies boring and monotonous workout sessions. The app is saturated with exciting workout videos. Each day presents a new downloadable workout app that is different from the last, giving little room for boredom and whatnot. Better than this is the opportunity to train with the world’s best fitness experts in real-time. There is also Google Maps, which takes you on a scenic and refreshing worldwide tour. You also get a specially crafted nutrition and lifestyle guide to help you stay fit as a fiddle.

NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Monitors Comparison
NordicTrack Elite 12.7Yes7-inchesTouchscreenBluetooth35iFit
NordicTrack Elite 10.9Yes7-inchesTouchscreenBluetooth32iFit
NordicTrack Elite 7.5Yes5-inchesBacklit LCDBluetooth24iFit


Stride and incline settings are two of the most important features to look out for when buying an elliptical machine. The length of an elliptical footpath determines how natural and comfortable your stride will be. Thankfully, the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals have stride lengths that are above average. The 7.5 elliptical has a stride length of 17-19 inches, the 10.9 elliptical also offers a stride length of up to 19-inches, while the 12.9 elliptical extends to 20-inches.

On each of the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals, the stride and incline are interconnected. NordicTrack specifies the Elite strides as being auto-adjustable, but the truth is, they do not automatically adjust on their own. They only move when the incline adjusts. When the incline is at its steepest settings, the stride will assume a shorter length, and when the incline is at its lowest settings, the stride length will increase.

Now let’s talk about the incline. All three ellipticals are engineered with a 0-20 degrees incline ramp. This is beyond impressive because not all elliptical machines come with an incline ramp, and those that do can barely match this range. We are particularly impressed that the low-cost 7.5 model also has this incline range. With the 10.9 and 12.7 ellipticals, the incline is automated, but the 7.5’s incline ramp is not. You have to adjust the incline settings each time you exercise manually and regularly during your exercise.

NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Strides and Inclines Comparison
NordicTrack Elite 12.718-20 inches0-10 degrees
NordicTrack Elite 10.919 inches0-10 degrees
NordicTrack Elite 7.517-19 inches0-10 degrees


Exclusive upper and lower body training is one of the admirable qualities of the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals. And we have their handlebar and pedal articulation to thank for this. Their handles are padded for comfort and are firm on the hand. Using the handles targets the upper body muscles, allowing you to tone and condition them effectively.

NordicTrack understands the importance of heart rate tracking, making provision for not one but two heart rate tracking mediums. The first is the wireless telemetric monitor, and the second is CardioGrip sensors. These sensors are located on the handles for easy reach and use. When your palms touch the sensors, it reads your pulse and transmits the monitor’s data, which provides the read-out.

To facilitate lower body training is the large, textured pedals. Here is a key difference between the Elite Ellipticals; none but the E 12.7 elliptical has adjustability settings. It provides three toe-to-heel angle settings for user customization and comfort. You may want to consider adjustability settings if you want the pedals to fit your shoes like a second skin.

NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Handlebars Comparison
NordicTrack Elite 12.7With built-in controls on the handlebarsPro Multi-gripsAdjustableYesYes
NordicTrack Elite 10.9Without built-in controls on the handlebarsBasic Multi-gripsNot adjustableYesYes
NordicTrack Elite 7.5Without built-in controls on the handlebarsSingle-gripsNot adjustableNoYes


Accessories are such a useful feature to have on an elliptical machine, and seeing them on the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals pleases us to no end. From entertainment to refreshment, the Elite Ellipticals have it all. Each elliptical comes with an integrated tablet holder that can be titled to assume different viewing angles. With the holder, you don’t have to depend on the console alone for workout entertainment. Plus, you can use your mobile device while you workout; that business call or zoom meeting wouldn’t have to wait or interfere with your routine. The Elite consoles also feature a state-of-the-art sound system consisting of an audio port and dual, digitally amplified speakers. And don’t worry about device compatibility, because the port can pair with most MP3 players and iPods. The speakers are technologically advanced with quality and superb audio production.

Do you hate the sweat and stickiness that comes with vigorous training sessions? Well…don’t we all! Tell you what; the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals are sympathetic to your plight. Hence they provide a smart AutoBreeze fan with multiple control settings. You don’t have to worry about the hot weather or fix an air conditioner inside your home gym; the console fan is equal to the task. And the best part? It automatically emits air according to the pace and intensity of your exercise! Plus, you can always adjust its air volume as you see fit. You will agree that a bottle holder comes in handy on an elliptical machine, so you will be pleased to find one on each and any of the Elite Ellipticals. Additionally, all but the E 7.5 also come with an optional chest strap for wireless heart rate tracking.

Assembling the Elite Ellipticals isn’t the easiest task. However, the inclusion of detailed instruction manuals with clear illustrations makes the process easier. All parts to be assembled are also properly labeled to eliminate confusion. These machines are quite heavy, so you don’t want to assemble any of them on your own. The company recommends two people or more for their set-up. You will do well to assemble the machine(s) at their designated spot, so you don’t have to move or transport them afterward. And be prepared to spend about 1-2 hours for their assembly. People who aren’t too “handy” may find the process a bit tedious. NordicTrack includes several tools for the assembly, but some tools that are not included are crucial to the assembly. These include Phillips screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, and rubber mallets.

NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Accessories Comparison
NordicTrack Elite 12.7Tablet HolderBottle HolderIncludedModerateAutobreeze fan, Speakers, audio jack, a chest strap
NordicTrack Elite 10.9Tablet HolderBottle HolderIncludedModerateAutobreeze fan, Speakers, audio jack, a chest strap
NordicTrack Elite 7.5Tablet HolderBottle HolderIncludedModerateAuto-breeze fan, Speakers, audio


Under the auspices of Icon Health and Fitness, NordicTrack includes a standard warranty for all their products. On this note, the Elite Ellipticals have their frames covered for 10 years, their parts for 2-years, and labor, on each machine, get a year coverage. Going by several NordicTrack Reviews, customers appear to be dissatisfied with the coverage on parts and labor, which we agree is non-competitive. However, half bread is better than none. The warranty is, of course, backed by company policies. One of which is its non-transferable disposition; customers cannot transfer the warranty rights to another individual. Also, the warranty stands to be voided by certain practices that go against the company “law.” As a case in point, using the machine(s) for commercial or rental purposes will invalidate its warranty.

Customers are advised to register the warranty immediately after purchase. This is to enable activation and other benefits such as offers and updates from the company. Thankfully, the warranty registration is as easy as drinking water. All it takes is to complete and return the included warranty registration card to Icon Health and Fitness. And if this is too much trouble, you can opt to register the warranty via the company’s website, NordicTrack’s customer support department addresses all inquiries, complaints, and concerns. You can reach the unit either by phone or mail. Their contact number is 1 -800-862-3348, while their email address is as follows; “”. Due to high call volume, the response may take time. For emails, you are guaranteed a response by the next business day.

In terms of price, the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals range from pricey to affordable. The top of the line E 12.7 elliptical is the most expensive. It retails for about $2,999 on the company’s website. The E 10.7 elliptical is mid-priced at $1, 2999 while the E 7.5 elliptical is super affordable at about $699. Apparently, with more features comes at a higher price. NordicTrack offers shipping services for their products. More times than not, the products are shipped to your threshold or curbside for free. They also provide in-home assembly at a cost. However, this service is on hold due to the recent COVID-I9 developments. The company also has a return policy. You can return the product within 30 days if it does not meet your satisfaction. However, returns attract a $250 shipping fee and a 10% restocking fee.

NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals Prices and Warranties Comparison
NordicTrack Elite 12.710-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor$2,999L x W x H 66 x 31 x 18 inches230 lbs
NordicTrack Elite 10.910-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor$1,299L x W x H 66 x 31 x 18 inches230 lbs
NordicTrack Elite 7.510-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor$799L x W x H 66 x 31 x 18 inches210 lbs


You want to buy an elliptical machine from a brand you trust, and NordicTrack is that trusted and reliable brand with a ton of experience under their belt. You can rest assured that you are buying an elliptical machine from a brand that delivers on their word. The NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals are exactly as advertised, except for the auto-adjustable stride, of course. They are built to be your long-term and reliable fitness companions, helping you realize your fitness goals with little to no issues. The generous 10-year warranty on their frames says a lot about the machines’ build quality.

The company committed its finest efforts towards the design, configuration, and construction of these machines. Advancements in fitness gear technology are showcased on the Elite models. These include SmartScreen with internet and Bluetooth connectivity, wireless heart rate tracking, audio system, workout fan, automated incline and resistance, iFit technology, etc. All these features combine to deliver an unforgettable user experience. So why settle for less when you can have more!

They also have a flexible pricing system. Prospective buyers can choose the elliptical that best suits their budget. Besides, they are all reasonably priced. Some premium elliptical brands with nearly the same specifications as the Elite Ellipticals are more exorbitantly priced. With the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals, it is a matter of buying the elliptical you can afford. And no matter the elliptical you choose; you will get your money’s worth! And are they so easy to maintain! Their silent magnetic and belt transmission system equals a quiet machine with little to no maintenance required. Plus, if the elliptical(s) isn’t to your liking, you can return it within 30 days upon receipt. This is a pretty good bargain, you will agree!

NordicTrack Ellipticals

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NordicTrack Ellipticals Comparison Table
9.1Expert Score
Good Elliptical Machines

Over the years, home gyms and workouts have garnered immense popularity. This birthed the high demand for home use elliptical machines. And because the fitness market is brimming with hundreds of elliptical machines from different brands, it may be hard to choose, and it is also easy to make the wrong choice. But with our NordicTrack Comparisons and reviews, you are just one step away from buying the elliptical machine of your dreams. No doubt, there are better elliptical machines than the NordicTrack Elite Ellipticals, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try if they tick all your boxes. Whether it’s the top-level E 12.7 elliptical or the mid-tier E 10.9 elliptical, or the entry-level E 7.5 elliptical ─ your workouts will be all the better!


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