NordicTrack Elite 12.7 Elliptical Review

The NordicTrack Elite 12.7 elliptical machine is truly “elite.” Considered a best buy elliptical trainer for home use, this machine checks all the boxes for ergonomics and workout programming. Ultimately, it offers functionality and practicality in no small measure. The Elite 12.7 may not be pegged a gym machine, but it sure has a club-quality feel to it. It is the “star” of the NordicTrack series of cross-trainers, consisting of the mid-level Elite 10.9 and entry-level Elite 7.5 elliptical. By star of the series, we mean the most advanced elliptical in the line-up.

The NordicTrack Elite ellipticals are an exceptional series of feature-loaded, front-drive elliptical machines. The series debuted with the 7.5 elliptical trainer, which soon became a budget-friendly crowd pleaser. The 10.9 elliptical succeeded the 7.5 with a couple of upgraded features, and the 12.7 stole the spotlight with even more advanced features and functions, making it an all-time people’s favorite. In terms of specifications and performance, the 7.5 can barely compete with the 12.7. However, the 10.9 elliptical trainer is only one step closer to the top-of-the-line 12.7 elliptical. Still and all, the Elite ellipticals are tough commercial-like machines that are built to please and to inspire fitness devotees, each offering a range of features that gets better with the next.

Just like the vast majority of commercial cum home use elliptical machines, the E 12.7 is suitable for people of all competency levels. Stride and incline settings are far-reaching. The elliptical’s stride extends to 20 inches, and users get up to a 20-degrees incline range. Workouts are even more unique than ever, with 35 goal-rich, expertly designed workout programs. These are augmented and optimized by the integrated iFit coach technology. And you can access these juicy programs via the cutting –edge, high-definition, 7-inch touchscreen console. 26 automated resistance levels and a 32-pound flywheel offers a smooth-sailing ride with enough intensity to work up a pool of sweat. These are some of the perks that come with the E 12.7 elliptical trainer. This NordicTrack Elite 12.7 elliptical review is your trusted guide to buying the first-rate elliptical machine!!



The Elite 12.7 elliptical is designed to withstand heavy-duty use for an extended period. As such, it is built like a rock. The sleek-looking machine is mostly steel and lots of substance. It is so rugged as to withstand a staggering 375-pounds maximum weight capacity. For such a delicate-looking, streamlined machine, this is a tad surprising. Also, the E 12.7 is not your typical front-drive elliptical machine. While conventional front-drive elliptical machines integrate a single rail construction, the E 12.9 features a dual-rail construction to reinforce balance and stability. Hence, the probability of sliding off the rails is narrowed down to a tee.

A heavy flywheel often translates to a smoother and jerk-free ride, and the E 12.7’s 32-pound effective inertial flywheel is on par with industrial flywheel specifications. Combined with the double-rail configuration, you get nothing but a hitch-free ride devoid of annoying stops and side-to-side movements ─ which is characteristic of low-cost elliptical machines. The E 12.7 appears to nail every specification except for size. Without mincing words, the 12.7 elliptical trainer is anything but space-friendly. It stands at 80.25 inches long, 25.7 inches wide, and 64.43 inches high. This space-consuming dimension would have been excused if the machine had a foldable frame or design, but unfortunately, this is not the case. We still have to cut it some slack, though, as its footprint is a lot more compact than other traditional front-drive elliptical machines.

To aid relocation, the E 12.7 elliptical is furnished with front-mounted transport wheels. Using the wheels eliminates about a quarter of the weight burden, so this is a thoughtful addition. The power requirement for the E 12.7 elliptical is a nominal 120-volt grounded outlet that connects to the included power chord (which is also grounded). NordicTrack emphasizes a grounded outlet for the safety of the machine and the user. According to the manufacturers, grounding minimizes the risk of electric shock as it encourages minimal electric resistance when the machine malfunctions or breaks down. And lest we forget, the E 12.7 has a considerably high step-up height, so housing the elliptical in a room with a low ceiling is out of the question.


It is all fun and games with the E 12.7’s 7-inch, high-definition touchscreen. The elliptical boasts a monitor that is as elite as its name, one of the best on the market. The monitor has a crisp and clear, full-color resolution that will give you a run for your money. You can stream and watch workout programs in high-definition without squinting or straining your eyes. The only downside to this monitor is the size, which may be too small for a minute metric display. The E 12.7 gives detailed feedback on workout statistics, including time taken, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, cadence, to mention but a few. The monitor also integrates a web browser, so users can connect their homes’ wireless network and surf the internet, read emails, or catch up with online social activities.

The console is programmed with 35 workout programs to bring your fitness “vision board” to life. Each of the programs was developed by a professional personal trainer; hence the program-quality is nothing but the best. The programs automatically sync to pedal resistance and incline so you can seamlessly switch from one workout mode to another without the need for adjustments. The E 12.7 also incorporates quick-start routines, including speed, incline, calorie, and heart rate control. The heart rate control maps out a standard and constant heart rate interval in sync with your targeted exercise.

The NordicTrack E 12.7 elliptical also offers an iFit coach along with expert-designed workout programs. The iFit app takes your workout sessions to a whole “other” level with a tempting variety of workout programs, world tours, and costume nutrition and lifestyle guide. All you need is a stable and robust Wi-Fi connection, and your workouts will take a turn for the best. With iFit, you have the liberty to train with some of the world’s best fitness trainers, whose tutelage will motivate, inspire, and help you reach your desired fitness peak. You can also perform non-elliptical workout exercises like yoga from the comfort of your home. The app also includes features that address calorie management, meal and sleep planning, daily step counting, and personal training aspects. And you can visit all the places you’ve always wanted to go and exercise while at it ─ with the Google maps street view feature. iFit is everything you’ve always wanted (fitness-wise )in one app. However, a subscription fee is required after the free 1-year validity period.


The E 12.7’s elliptical footpath is a comfortable and natural-feeling 18-20 inches. Exercisers of just about any height and foot length can comfortably run on this machine. However, shorter and petite trainees might find the stride length too long for comfort. Nonetheless, the elliptical path is efficient and comfy. Although NordicTrack refers to the E 12.7’s stride as “auto-adjustable,” this isn’t the reality. In truth, the path changes with the incline. This is to say that the stride does not automatically vary but takes its cue from automated changes to the incline.

The E 12.7 has up to 20-degrees power incline settings. The target toning power ramp alters the elliptical path’s slope so that you can zero in on different muscle groups for a more engaging workout. You can adjust the ramp’s elevation from 0-20 degrees, depending on your exercise of interest. As aforementioned, the incline also changes the stride length; the steeper the slope, the shorter the stride length. The personal trainers from iFit coach can also regulate incline and resistance levels in real-time.

The 26 digital resistance levels combined with the 20-degree power incline should suffice for individuals who favor intense and challenging workout sessions. The elliptical also works with a Silent Magnetic Resistance System (SRM), which delivers a quiet and distraction-free ride. Thus, the E 12.7 is more than ideal for residential settings.


The E 12.7’s moving handlebars are geared for calorie burn and muscle toning. The upper body grips support practical upper body training and condition the muscles that dominate the upper body. These arms are cushioned for comfort and are multi-gripped as well. You can switch between hand positions for better hand adherence, comfort, and functionality.

CardioGrip sensors are built into the handlebars, so you can monitor your heart rate and make the most out of your cardio exercises. Monitoring your heart rate ensures you keep to the right training zone to meet your exercise goals. This translates to an efficient workout with more calories and fat burn with improved cardiovascular health.

The E 12.7’s pedals are ergonomically structured for comfort and functionality. The pedals are large and cushioned with adjustability settings. There are three different toe-to-heel angle settings to choose from. Hence, you can easily find the most comfortable foot placement for your shoes and feet.


It is no surprise that the Elite 12.7 elliptical machine is packed with several useful accessories. An angle-adjustable tablet holder is made available for the safety and operation of your mobile device. This accessory ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite shows or online activities while exercising, and the fact that you can tilt it to any viewing angle of your choice is remarkable. Vigorous workout sessions tend to open up your sweat pores, leaving you hot and sticky at the end. Thankfully, NordicTrack provides the perfect remedy for this “sweaty situation” by an integrated workout fan.

The beauty of the AutoBreeze fan is that it works in tandem with your pace, emitting a sufficient amount of air to keep you cool and refreshed. You can also control its air output by clicking on the multi-speed buttons. There is also a fantastic audio system on this model, compatible with iPod and various Mp3 players. By connecting your iPod or Mp3 device to the control panel’s audio port, you can move to your favorite music or listen to a podcast. Of course, workout hydration is of the utmost importance; hence a water bottle holder is easily reached. A wireless chest strap device is also included with the package. When you strap the device to your chest, it continuously transmits your heart rate data to the screen display, so you don’t have to make contact with the sensors on the handlebars.

The E 12.7’s assembly is what NordicTrack calls “snap assembly.” This translates to an easier-than- most set up procedure. Although the assembly requires two persons, it isn’t burdensome. All parts to be assembled are clearly labeled for easy identification, and a well-written instruction manual is also provided to simplify the process further. Putting together the machine entails fixing the front and rear stabilizers to the frame, attaching the uprights and the upper body legs and arms, installing the pedal arms, and fixing the associated parts’ covers. While most of the assembly tools are included, you will need to source a Phillips screwdriver and a rubber mallet. A set of wrenches comes in highly recommended too.


A standard warranty backs all NordicTrack ellipticals, and the E 12.7 is no different. The E 12.7 has a 10-year warranty covering its frame, and its parts get 2-year coverage, and labor is accorded a year. The warranty is upheld by ICON Health and Fitness (NordicTrack’s holding company), and it extends only to the customer and is not transferable. ICON’s responsibility under this warranty is limited to repair and replacement. The product can undergo the said repair and replacement through authorized ICON service providers. That said, ICON must pre-authorize all product repair and replacement that fall under the warranty terms.

In the event that replacement parts are shipped under the warranty’s umbrella, the customer will be required to pay a minimal handling charge. In-home services may also attract a minimal trip charge. Also, note that the warranty will not cover freight damages to the product. As part of the requirements, the warranty must be registered within 28 days of purchase. A warranty registration card comes with the product box for this purpose. Optionally, customers can visit the company’s website at to register their product’s warranty. For more details and inquiries, contact the NordicTrack customer support service on the phone at 1 -800-862-3348, or via this email,

On the NordicTrack website, the E 12.7 elliptical sells for $2,999, which is by no means a low sticker price. But this price tag is expected, considering the machine’s quality and the value it has to offer. The cost of the E 12.7 may differ with each vendor, but it is advisable to buy directly from NordicTrack or from reputable commerce sites such as Amazon. If you buy from the company, the E 12.7 can be shipped to your front door or directly into your home. However, the latter option is temporarily on hold because of COVID-19 Government related restrictions. Shipping is not a one-day affair and may take anything between 15 to 20 days. Threshold delivery may come free of charge, while in-home delivery and assembly is done for a quote.


  • The 7-inch Touchscreen console is as smart and as interactive as they come
  • Its console is web and internet-enabled for broad entertainment and streaming options
  • Offers a performance-oriented array of workout programs
  • iFit coach makes workouts less rigid and monotonous and more exciting and productive
  • Provides ample stride length for taller trainees
  • Resistance and incline automatically sync to workout apps and iFit coach, which eliminates the need for manual adjustments
  • With 26 resistance systems and a 32-pound flywheel, it is suitable for beginners and advanced athletes
  • The 20-degree power-incline targets the glutes and hamstrings, and other muscle groups for an effective and ‘all-inclusive” workout
  • Handlebars promote practical upper body training
  • CardioGrip heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars to aid heart-related exercises
  • The monitor supports wireless heart rate tracking
  • Supports an impressive 375-pounds maximum user weight capacity
  • AutoBreeze fan keeps users cool and refreshed during workout sessions
  • Equipped with a fantastic sound system for high-quality audio entertainment
  • The rear of the machine integrates transport wheels for easy relocation and mobility
  • A water bottle holder is made available to promote workout hydration
  • Includes a wireless chest strap device for accurate heart rate data


  • The machine tends to consume space and requires a bit of ceiling clearance.
  • Its elliptical path’s length may not be ideal for short and petite exercisers.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology with incredible attention to customer requirements, NordicTrack did an excellent job with the Elite 12.7 elliptical trainer. They have successfully manufactured a home elliptical machine with commercial traits suited to a diverse range of exercisers. Ample resistance and incline levels are provided to suit the needs of beginners and advanced trainees. Beginners are given enough room to grow while professional athletes get a sufficient amount of challenge. The industrial-quality construction leaves no stone unturned. Thus, the machine can stand the rigors of high-intensity exercises over a long period. This also means that it can conveniently support a heavyweight load of up to 375-pounds. Unfortunately, the stride length, though impressive, may not meet the stride requirements of shorter trainees. The space-consuming size of the machine may also be a dealbreaker. Otherwise, E 12.7 is just perfect! If you are shorter than average, the NordicTrack FreeStriders will be a better choice. And if you are short on space, consider the NordicTrack SpaceSaver ellipticals.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
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