NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Review

Want a mid-range, efficient and commercially built elliptical machine for your home or home gym? Look no further than the NordicTrack Elite 10.9 elliptical machine. The E 10.9 is a beautiful exercise machine that is all about satisfying user demands. If you are not so keen about going to the gym regularly but want a gym-like machine right under your nose, the E 10.9 will grant your wish. Its inner workings and outer components are reminiscent of commercial gym machines; thus, it will cater to your fitness needs for a long time to come. Occupying the mid-position in NordicTrack’s Elite series of ellipticals, the E 10.9 brings many benefits to the table.

To start with, the E 10.9 rewards users with dozens of pre-programmed workout programs, including calorie goal, intervals, hills, and targeted heart rate zones. Plus, NordicTrack’s trademark iFit coach app bolsters the machine’s workout programming to an even higher number. One of its key features is a modernized touchscreen display featured on its higher-end and higher-priced models. The 10.9 just like its successor, the upper-level E 12.7, sports a 7-inch, high-definition, touchscreen console with full-colour. Its console is one of the features that give it an edge over its preceding sister-model, the E 7.5 elliptical.

Further to this, the E 10.9 elliptical is many shades of adjustable. It has an adjustable stride of up to 19-inches, a power-adjustable incline of up to 20-degrees and an automated 24 resistance levels. Not to mention the adjustable tablet holder too. Truth be told, it isn’t much different from the top-tier 12.7 model ─ which has a slightly longer 18-20 inches stride length, and 26 resistance levels. On top of all these features, the E 10.9 also has extra accessories and amenities to offer, including a water bottle holder, an audio port with digitally amplified speakers and EKG pulse grip sensors. The E 10.9 is a brilliant fitness machine waiting to be unravelled, and our NordicTrack Elite 10.7 review will uncover this machine from top to bottom!



Because it is built like a commercial-gym machine, the E 10.9 is quite sturdier than NordicTrack’s lower-end models. It weighs about 230Ibs and can accommodate a 350-pound maximum weight limit. It has a remarkable commercial-grade quality, making it ideal for high-intensity workout sessions. It is also plenty stable, so it barely jerks or vibrates when in motion. Be that as it may, its build quality and durability cannot compare to some premium and high-end elliptical machines. However, its-mid price point is impressive for its commercial steel construction.

Like most front-drive elliptical machines, the E 10.9 elliptical trainer is easy on the back with a quick mount and dismount structure. As opposed to standing ramrod straight (which is the “official” posture on rear-drive ellipticals), you lean forward when using the trainer. The leaning position helps lift pressure off the hip joints to exercise pain-free and effectively, thereby maximizing your performance output. But here is the thing, the front-drive design while being friendly on the back, is not so friendly with space; the E 10.9 trainer is space-loving, so make sure you have enough room to spare in your home before buying this elliptical. The E 10.9’s footprint measures 69.5 inches in length, 25 inches by width, and 71.3 inches in height to put it in perspective. And oh, it is not foldable, and neither does it incorporate a vertical storage design.

At about 230Ibs, the E 10.9 elliptical screams “heavy”. Naturally, a bulky machine is a pain to lift and move. However, NordicTrack smartly addresses this problem by adding porting wheels to the rear base of the machine. This way, users can move the machine by tilting and rolling, which transfers some of the handling weight to the front-mounted wheels. The E 10.9’s 20Ibs flywheel might seem average ─ based on the “heavier flywheel equals a better and smoother motion” consensus. But surprisingly enough, the E 10.9’s flywheel produces a smooth and consistent motion without bumpy and side-to-side rotations. Getting the machine started requires connecting its grounded power chord to a grounded 120-volt nominal outlet. A grounded outlet is crucial to the machine’s technical performance.


The NordicTrack Elite 10.9 elliptical trainer is outfitted with a smart console that is nothing short of practical and contemporary. The monitor has an advanced 7-inch touchscreen with integrated buttons for easy navigation. It is engineered to display workout videos and metrics in full colour with a resolution that is as clear as water. It provides essential workout information such as calories, speed, time, resistance, distance and heart rate percentage. The monitor is also internet-enabled, so you can watch workout videos, surf the net, and sync to fitness apps by connecting the monitor to your home’s Wifi.

Specially designed to ease and fast track your fitness journey, the E 10.9’s console offers about 32 pre-set results-driven and goal-oriented workout programs. Proficient fitness trainers expressly developed these programs, so you shouldn’t expect anything but quality and high productivity. They span across goal and calorie based programs, so there is something for every exercise and goal requirements. Its array of workout options is robust and well-defined that it is hard not to find a program that meets your preference.

And if the on-board workout programs are not sufficient, you can easily fall back on the integrated iFit coach app, which has a more expansive library of guided and on-demand workout programs. NordicTrack’s subscription-based app, iFit coach, is the ultimate definition of interactive and efficient personal training. With iFit app, your hitherto boring and tedious workout sessions will witness a refreshing and intriguing transformation. Elite trainers will modify your resistance and incline levels while dishing out loads of motivation and progressive workout routines. From the Hawaiin beach’s shores to the Arabian deserts, Google Maps will take you through the scenery and trails on its radar, per request. All thanks to virtual technology. Plus, you will sleep, exercise and eat better with the customized nutrition and lifestyle guide. You will agree that iFit coach is worth the subscription!


There are many upsides to the E 10.9 elliptical, and the customizable stride, incline and resistance are three out of the many. The new-age elliptical trainer has a 19-inches stride length to meet different trainees’ body and height specifications. However, this model is partial to taller trainees, so shorter individuals might have to consider other elliptical trainers better suited to their gait. And you should know that the E 10.9’s stride is only as adjustable as the incline. This means that the stride only changes when the incline does.

Power incline settings on the E 10.9 elliptical are a maximum of 20 degrees. The elliptical slope can be adjusted between 0-20 degrees to target muscle groups that often go unnoticed during exercise sessions. You can modify the incline by clicking the incline button on the machine’s control panel. With an extensive and adjustable power ramp, you can better work diverse muscle groups in your body.

The E 10.9 trainer uses Silent Magnetic Resistance (SRM) braking. This type of resistance system delivers a smooth, quiet and frictionless resistance. It also gives users the leeway to adjust the machine’s resistance as they deem fit. That being said, there are 24, power-intensity, resistance levels to select from. This is two levels short of what you get with the upper-level E 12. 7 elliptical, but it sure does the job.


The E 10.9 is fitted with soft upper body grips for all-around effective upper body training. The grips are soft and comfortable to the touch, making it easy for users to grasp the handles firmly without grappling for stability. With the grips, you can comfortably tone and condition your upper body muscles.

Notably, the E 10.9’S handlebars integrate pulse grip sensors for heart rate tracking. You can track your heart rate by gripping the handles, such that your palm is in direct contact with the sensors. Keeping tabs on your heart rate is a surefire way to get the most out of your training sessions and achieve good results.

Unlike the E 12.7, the 10.9’s pedals are not angle-adjustable. Given that adjustability makes it easy to achieve a comfortable and custom foot adherence, this is a tad disappointing. Nonetheless, the 10.9’s pedals have their perks, one of which is its large size and cushioned surface. They feel comfortable on the foot and are less prone to slippage and whatnot. With the pedals and the handlebars, you are sure to get a decent total-body exercise.


These key features aside, the NordicTrack E 10.9 elliptical is also furnished with several extras. These fixtures enhance the comfort and convenience factor of the machine. First on the list is an integrated pivoting tablet holder. This makes it possible to simultaneously exercise and stream movies, shows, or browse the web. You can also manoeuvre the holder in different viewing positions for eye-level comfort. Another critical accessory is the multi-power AutoBreeze fan with multiple speed settings to combat heat and sweat. The fan emits air according to your exercise’s pace and intensity, so you don’t have to adjust the speed frequently.

But if the automated airflow isn’t to your liking, you can make changes with a click of a button. And we can’t but mention the auxiliary audio port with dual amplified speakers. This can prove useful when you need to spice up your workout sessions with some audio entertainment. You can listen to an audiobook, music or whatever it is that stimulates your auditory system. A bottle holder is also provided for workout hydration. It is worth noting that the E 10.9 does not include a chest strap, which means you have to buy one if you desire telemetric heart rate monitoring.

At least two persons are recommended to assemble the E 10.9 elliptical as it may be tedious for one person. Typically, the 10.9’s assembly isn’t all that difficult. The ease of its assembly depends on how handy you are with tools and how easily you can assimilate and follow instructions. Some tools are included, and a detailed assembly manual with step-by-step illustrations is also provided. Parts to be assembled include; the rear and front stabilizers with covers, uprights and shield covers, right upper saddle bracket and the right and left upper body arms. Ensure that all parts are correctly tightened and in place before using the elliptical. In addition to the provided tools, you will also need a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. The process is made more comfortable with a set of wrenches.


A product warranty is synonymous to product quality and durability. A good warranty tells us the manufacturers are confident in the serviceability and longevity of their product. Given this, the NordicTrack E 10.9 elliptical is reasonably warranted to withstand the passage of time. Its frame is warranted for 10 years, its parts get fair 2-year coverage, while labour gets year coverage. The company assures customers that the product is free from defects in workmanship and material under everyday use and service conditions. Expectedly, the warranty is guided by several company policies. For instance, only the customer has rights to the warranty. This means you cannot transfer this warranty to another person after purchase.

Additionally, the warranty is rendered invalid under certain conditions such as; purchasing and transporting the product outside of the USA, failure to follow instructions and warnings as specified by the product manual, using the product on commercial and rental basis, careless and destructive use of the product and converting the product to a store display model. Customers are also required to register the product warranty immediately after purchase. You can get the warranty registered on the NordicTrack website, or fill the warranty registration card and return to the company’s address. All questions, complaints and inquiries should be forwarded to NordicTrack’s customer support unit. You can send a message to the team via email at “” or on the phone at 1 -800-862-3348. Response to calls may take longer than usual because of high call volume, so you may have to exercise patience.

The E 10.9 elliptical machine is quite affordable at $1,299. For a machine that has lots of advanced features and capabilities to offer, its mid-range price point is quite a steal. However, the price may differ if you are not buying from the NordicTrack website. To be on the safe side, you should buy directly from the manufacturers. With NordicTrack, threshold shipping and delivery is often comes free of charge while white glove delivery and assembly come at a cost. All things being equal, you should receive your product within 10-14 business days. However, estimated shipping and delivery times are subject to change.


  • It has excellent commercial build quality. Thus its quality and durability is spoken for
  • Can support a 350-pound maximum weight capacity without damaging consequences to its parts and the user
  • It comes with a modern, 7-inch, SmartScreen console with a friendly user interface and integrated buttons.
  • Workout options and apps are plentiful and are customized to satisfy different fitness needs.
  • It’s relatively heavy 20Ibs flywheel produces a smooth and consistent pedalling momentum with 24 resistance settings.
  • It is compatible with NordicTrack’s patented iFit app, offering a limitless array of workout programs and fitness guide.
  • Its stride and incline ramp are synchronized for more significant muscle toning and conditioning.
  • Exercisers can work different muscle groups at a time with the power-adjustable 0-20 degrees incline ramp.
  • Offers Mp3 and iPod connectivity and dual speakers for audio entertainment
  • Handlebars integrate EKG pulse grip sensors for heart rate data.
  • The console integrates an AutoBreeze workout fan to keep users cool and refreshed during intense workout sessions.
  • Pedals are large and cushioned for foot comfort.
  • Includes a water bottle holder to promote adequate hydration
  • It integrates front-mounted transport wheels for ease of mobility and relocation.


  • The machine is quite heavy and space-consuming
  • Warranty coverage for parts and labor leaves a lot to be desired.
  • No adjustability settings for the pedals.
  • Display only works with iFit unless hacked.
  • Not as stable as rear drive elliptical machines.
  • No resistance or incline adjustment controls on the handlebars.


When it comes to comparing elliptical machines, two notable alternatives to the Nordictrack Elite 10.9 are the Nordictrack Elite 12.7 and the Sole Fitness E35. Both of these options offer unique features that cater to specific needs or circumstances.

The Nordictrack Elite 12.7 presents itself as an appealing choice for individuals seeking a more robust experience. It boasts a heavier flywheel weighing 32 pounds, which can contribute to smoother and more stable operation. Additionally, this model offers two extra resistance levels (26 in total) and three additional workout programs (35 in total) compared to the Nordictrack Elite 10.9. These features provide users with a wider range of intensity options and exercise routines to choose from. Furthermore, the Elite 12.7 comes equipped with built-in resistance and incline controls on the handlebars, allowing for convenient adjustments during workouts so you don’t need to let go of the handlebars every time you want to change settings. Another advantage is the adjustable pedals, which can accommodate different foot sizes and enhance overall comfort. Lastly, the Elite 12.7’s adjustable stride length, ranging from 18 to 20 inches, surpasses the fixed 19-inch stride of the Nordictrack 10.9, providing users of different height with added flexibility.

On the other hand, the Sole Fitness E35 offers a distinct set of features that might be preferable for those prioritizing quality and extra incline adjustments. While its screen lacks HD touch capability like the Nordictrack Elite 10.9, it compensates with a clear and easy-to-read blue backlit display that facilitates smooth navigation through workout programs. The E35 excels in incline adjustments, offering a range of 0 to 30 degrees, surpassing the 0 to 20 degrees offered by the Nordictrack 10.9. This broader incline range allows users to simulate uphill training and target different muscle groups effectively. Additionally, the Sole Fitness E35 possesses a heavier flywheel, contributing to a potentially smoother and more stable workout experience. The handlebars of the E35 also provide more gripping options, along with integrated resistance and incline controls, giving users more control and versatility during their workouts. Furthermore, the E35 features Bluetooth FTMS for app connectivity, which surpasses the Nordictrack’s locked/coded system, allowing for better connectivity and data tracking options.

In summary, the Nordictrack Elite 12.7 stands out for individuals desiring a heavier flywheel, more resistance levels and workout programs, built-in controls on the handlebars, adjustable pedals, and an adjustable stride length. On the other hand, the Sole Fitness E35 appeals to those who value quality, a wider incline range, better handlebar options with integrated controls, and enhanced connectivity options. Each elliptical has its own strengths and features, so choosing the best one ultimately depends on personal preferences, specific fitness goals, and desired functionalities. I have also already written a more in depth comparison of Nordictrack Elite elliptical series which should further help you understand which machines is best for your needs.

-27% SOLE Fitness E35 Indoor Elliptical
$1,499.99 $2,079.99
Nordic Track Elite 12.7 Elliptical
NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical
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Worth investment

Based on our review, the NordicTrack Elite 10.9 elliptical is a worthy investment guaranteed to yield excellent fitness results. From specifications to performance, this powerful elliptical trainer delivers. We are particularly impressed by its commercial steel integrated construction which speaks volumes about its longevity and quality. It is little wonder it can accommodate a 350-pound weight limit; which is no easy feat for a home elliptical. The 10.9 elliptical will more than meet amateur and intermediate trainees’ demands and somewhat satisfy elite athletes. We have to admit that the E 10.9 provides fantastic value for its mid-range price tag. You will be hard-pressed to find an elliptical machine of this capacity for under $2000. However, it has a few flaws such as its lack of adjustable pedals, its bulky size (which leaves little allowance for space) and the absence of a chest strap device. But you can easily get around these drawbacks, and if you can’t, the E 12.7 elliptical is a great alternative. If you have space, don’t mind the non-adjustable pedals and the minimal warranty on labour and parts, by all means, you should consider the NordicTrack Elite 10.9 elliptical machine!


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