NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews and Comparisons

Nordictrack elliptical reviews

If you’re looking for the right elliptical for your home gym, you’ll be happy to learn about NordicTrack Fitness Ellipticals. This company has been around for a long time and they’ve earned the trust of their clients. How? By manufacturing innovative, long-lasting, and effective NordicTrack exercise equipment so everyone can take care of their physical health and reach their fitness goals right at home.

NordicTrack cross trainers are also worth looking into, but today’s stars are NordicTrack ellipticals and we’ll be focusing on them. This company doesn’t only make ellipticals and cross trainers, they also make treadmills, exercise bikes, strength training equipment, accessories, and more. Whatever you’re looking for your home gym, it’s likely NordicTrack has it. 

Today we will review all the NordicTrack elliptical machines available so you can determine which one is the best elliptical for you. When you’re choosing your elliptical, it’s important you keep in mind not only your fitness goals, but also the features you’ll need to reach those goals and your budget. But first, let’s learn a bit about NordicTrack’s background and history.

NordicTrack Background

NordicTrack has been around since 1975, when it was founded by Edward and Florence Pauls. It all began with a ski machine that Edward invented in his own garage, which is quite incredible. In the beginning, their machines were meant for college ski racers, but they soon began to grow because they were making incredible machines. Back then, it wasn’t easy to sell exercise equipment because exercising was not as mainstream as it is today. But they started running ads and soon their sales started to grow, so they started adopting more automated procedures for manufacturing.

In 1986, Edward and Florence decide it was time to move on; they were getting older and it takes a lot to manage a start up. So, they sold NordicTrack to CML Corporation. After that, they opened retail stores around the nation, they came out with infomercials, and began manufacturing other exercise equipment. However, the market became over-saturated and they couldn’t sustain the debt from their marketing operations and retail division. So, they closed over 300 retail stores and filed for bankruptcy in 1998.

Then, the company was acquired by Icon Health & Fitness in the same year, and it has been thriving ever since. They’ve continued manufacturing the classic skier, Edward’s creation, but this is not a highly popular model today. NordicTrack treadmills, on the other hand, are top-selling, as well as NordicTrack ellipticals and exercise bikes. Their products are well-known in the industry, and today we will be learning more about their ellipticals.

Editor's Choice From NordicTrack!

NordicTrack Commercial 12.9

Comparison NordicTrack Ellipticals

NordicTrack Ellipticals

NordicTrack FS14iNordicTrack FS14i Elliptical Review58"L X 29"W X 74"H Check on Amazon375 LBS14'' HD touchscreen32'' Auto-Adjustable35 Programs26 levels 10° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
NordicTrack FS10iNordicTrack FS10i Elliptical Review58"L X 29"W X 74"H Check on Amazon375 LBS10'' HD touchscreen32'' Auto-Adjustable35 Programs24 levels 10° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
NordicTrack FS7iNordicTrack FS7i Elliptical Review58"L X 29"W X 74"H Check on Amazon357 LBS7'' HD touchscreen32'' Auto-Adjustable35 Programs24 levels 10° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
NordicTrack 14.9NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Review67"L X 29"W X 69"H Check on Amazon350 LBS14'' HD touchscreen17.5" 18.7 Power35 Programs26 levels 20° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
NordicTrack 12.9NordicTrack Commercial 12.9 Elliptical Review80"L X 26"W X 64"H Check on Amazon357 LBS10'' HD touchscreen17.5" 18.7 Power32 Programs24 levels 20° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
NordicTrack 9.9NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical Review68"L X 28"W X 68"H Check on Amazon350 LBS9.9'' HD touchscreen17.5" 18.7 Power30 Programs22 levels 20° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
SpaceSaver SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Review80"L X 32"W X 67"H Check on Amazon325 LBS5'' LED Backlit18'' Fixed24 Programs22 levels 10° PoweredOnly on Monitor
SpaceSaver SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review78"L X 31"W X 66"H Check on Amazon325 LBS7'' HD touchscreen18'' Fixed30 Programs24 levels10° PoweredHandlebars & Monitor
NordicTrack Ellipticals Comparison Table

Overview of NordicTrack Elliptical Series

Table of Contents

When it comes to NordicTrack ellipticals, there are many options for you to choose from. They have three ellipticals series, the FreeStride Series, Commercial Series, and SpaceSaver Series, all offering great machines that will help you reach your fitness goals. So, let’s take a look at each series and what their ellipticals have to offer so you can make the right decision.

FreeStride Series

NordicTrack FS7i Elliptical

The FS7i elliptical is a great option for you if you want to burn calories and tone your muscles. The 10% incline, along with a variety of stride lengths and slopes make this machine very versatile because it works as an elliptical, a stepper, and even a treadmill. Essentially, you’re getting three NordicTrack exercise equipment in one, which is a great deal, especially if more than one person will be using it.

This NordicTrack elliptical is perfect for low-impact exercise at any level of intensity. It offers 24 digital resistance levels, so you’ll be able to challenge yourself along the way. The moving handlebars also make it possible for you to engage your upper body as well as your lower body.

The FS7i also features wireless telemetry with an iFit Bluetooth Smart chest strap, as well as a 1-year membership to iFit, which is great. There are also built-in speakers, a tablet holder, a water bottle holder, and a cooling fan. This way, you’ll be able to remain comfortable and also entertained while you’re exercising so you can make the most of your workout.

The 7-inch smart HD touchscreen is perfect for you to enjoy your iFit workouts, there are 35 built-in workout apps, you can enjoy wireless heart monitoring, and more. The warranty is a bit below average, with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty. Another drawback would be the 20-pound flywheel, which makes this machine perfect for beginners, but not so great for more advanced users. Overall, this machine provides a ton of value!

NordicTrack FS10i Elliptical

The FS10i is on the more expensive side of the spectrum, but it has a lot to offer. This is a multi-functional machine that will act like an elliptical and a stepper, so you will be able to switch up your workouts. It’s similar to the FS7i in that it provides 24 resistance levels and a 30-pound flywheel, so it’s more aimed at beginners. More advanced users will outgrow this machine quicker.

The 10-inch HD touchscreen is great for enjoying the iFit workouts, the 32-inch adjustable stride allows you to enjoy different exercise styles, and it will accommodate people of different heights, which is useful if you’ll have more than one user under your roof.

This mid-range elliptical is loved by many users not only because it’s an elliptical, a stair-climber, and a treadmill, all in one, but also because it’s very easy for users to change their muscle emphasis during workout thanks to the stride controls in the console and handlebars. There are also transport wheels, so the machine is easy to move, and it provides a decent warranty, but it’s below average. You get a 10-year warranty for the frame, 2-year warranty for parts, and a 1-year warranty for labor.

Overall, the FS7i is one of the best NordicTrack ellipticals and it has a ton to offer. However, it’s important you consider your fitness level before you go for it. If you’re more advanced, this might not be the best option for you because you won’t get as much out of it as a beginner.

NordicTrack FS14i Elliptical

The FS14i is the most expensive one on the FreeStride Series, but it’s packed with a lot more features than the other two options. It comes with a 14-inch HD touchscreen, a 1-year iFit subscription, and a power decline you can use alongside your iFit workouts. Just like the other ellipticals in this series, this one features 32-inch adjustable strides and a 20-pound flywheel. However, this one features 26 levels of digital resistance instead of 24.

So, is it worth the price tag? Well, this machine is multi-functional, working as a stepper as well as an elliptical. It’s a low-impact machine, which is great for people who want their workouts to be easy on their joints. It offers a great variety of resistance, so it makes a good resistance trainer. It also features moving handlebars, which allows for total-body workouts. There’s also a Bluetooth wireless heart rate monitor, a bottle holder, and a workout fan.

The warranty is the same; you have a 10-year frame warranty, a 2-year parts warranty, and a 1-year labor warranty. Overall, I’m not sure this NordicTrack elliptical is worth the extra money because the other two on the series are packed with virtually the same features. Your decision will come down to what fitness goals you have, and what kind of budget you’re working with.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the FreeStride Series

As you can see so far, one of the best things about this elliptical series is that each one of the NordicTrack ellipticals offers a ton of features. They are all multi-functional, which is great if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone. They offer many levels of resistance so you can challenge yourself, many workout programs, and they handlebars are movable which means you’ll get a full-body workout. They’re well-built, sturdy, and will make it easier for you to reach your fitness goals.

On the downside, the flywheel on these ellipticals is only 20-pounds, which is not enough for users who have already advanced into their fitness journey. They will outgrow them quickly, so that’s something to keep in mind.  The warranty on these ellipticals is also below average, with a 10-year frame warranty, a 2-year parts warranty, and a 1-year labor warranty.

Commercial Series

NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical

The Commercial 9.9 provides a big bang for your buck. Complete with interactive training options, an adjustable stride length, and a great touchscreen display, this elliptical is well worth the money. The stride length can be adjusted up to 20 inches, which is the norm for commercial ellipticals, and it can be done digitally. It also can be adjusted as short as 18 inches, which means short and tall people will be able to find comfort in using this machine. Not to mention varying the stride will help you focus on different muscle groups during your workouts.

The incline goes up to 20 degrees, which doesn’t only keep you from leaning forward, it will also bring more variety and challenge to your workout. The 7-inch HD touchscreen is mostly focused on iFit, a streaming service provided by NordicTrack. Instead of working with built-in workout programs, you can get more motivated with the assistance of professional instructors who will encourage you and offer more variety. The Commercial 9.9 also features speakers or you can also connect your headphones so you can make the most of the iFit workouts. Overall, the Commercial 9.9 elliptical is a great option for a great variety of users.

NordicTrack Commercial 12.9 Elliptical

The Commercial 12.9 elliptical combines interactive workouts with high-end parts, making for an effective and sturdy exercise machine. This is a great option for people of different fitness levels so you can enjoy ideal and challenging workouts. This NordicTrack cross trainer offers a wide range of settings, not to mention you also have access to the iFit Coach if you want more customized guidance. This elliptical is one of the best front drive ellipticals. It’s packed with features, it’s compact, and it even has a web browser so you can stream the music you like most.

The iFit Coach is actually an important feature on this elliptical since the purchase includes a 1-year subscription. You will enjoy personalized training in the comfort of your own home and every day you will enjoy new suggestions and fitness tips to help you reach your goals a lore more effectively. The more data you share with your iFit Coach about meals and fitness activity, the more customized the suggestions will be. The Commercial 12.9 is perfect if there are multiple users under one roof, it’s durable, and many settings to help you enjoy a customized experience. Complete with a tablet holder, a 32-pound drive for a challenging and smooth experience, and more. Overall, this is a bargain and it provides a ton of value.

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical

Last but not least on the series is the Commercial 14.9 elliptical. This is built with commercial-grade parts and it provides many of the advanced options of gym exercise equipment, but in the comfort of your own home. This elliptical is affordable, has a 32-pound flywheel, one of the heaviest on the market, and a Silent Magnetic Resistance, making it challenging and very smooth.

You have access to 24 digital resistance levels, a 20-inch power adjustable stride, and a power adjustable incline range of up to 20 degrees. The adjustable stride length, height, and intensity, there are many ways you can take advantage of this amazing elliptical. This machine is super versatile and comfortable at the same time. You can target specific muscle groups and work on your cardiovascular endurance.

The console on this elliptical is modern and reliable so you can keep track of your stats and also enjoy your entertainment while you’re working out. This display is also iFit enabled and you have access to a wireless heart monitor. There are also 35 workout apps to choose from, all designed by personal trainers. It’s also compatible with iPod and it has two speakers, a water bottle holder, an auto adjustable fan, and stationary handlebars. The warranty is also great, with a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 6-year warranty for parts, and 3-year warranty for labor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Commercial Series

The Commercial Series has many good things to offer. All three ellipticals are packed with great features and a good variety of them. They offer many resistance levels to make workouts more challenging as your fitness level improves. They have heavy flywheels which makes the machines much more long-lasting, not to mention sturdy and smooth.

These ellipticals engage the entire body and they allow you to target different muscle groups so you can reach all your fitness goals effectively. They’re also highly customizable, so you can have fun with your workouts and they are great for multiple users under the same roof. As for drawbacks, we can’t mention any that would be a deal-breaker. These ellipticals offer better warranty than the series we discussed before, and they’re a lot more versatile.

SpaceSaver Series

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical

The SpaceSaver SE7i is the simplest model on this series and it’s a foldable machine that will allow you to save a ton of space. It features an 18-pound drive, an 18-inch stride, and moving handlebars. Because it’s a simple model, the electronics are simple as well, with a 7-inch LCD display, and grip pulse sensors. You have a media shelf to make up for the lack of a web-enabled touchscreen so you can use your tablet. This way, you can entertain yourself while you’re working out and make use of the iFit app or other workout apps. The power incline can be set up to 8 degrees, you have access to 24 workout apps, a water bottle holder, and a workout fan. It also has a 2-year warranty on parts and electronics.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical

Last but not least, the SpaceSaver SE9i is another great option. It’s a little more advanced than the SE7i, which better electronics and a much better warranty. The 7-inch HD touchscreen is great and it will allow you to browse the web while you’re working out. There’s also a media tray for your tablet, it features a set of console speakers that are compatible with iPod, and a wireless heart rate monitor. The 18-inch stride, 18-pound flywheel, and a power incline of up to 10 degrees make it a decent rear drive elliptical. It’s a bit large in size, which can be a drawback, but it’s still space-conscious and it’s foldable for easy storage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rear Drive Series

The SpaceSaver series does exactly that; the ellipticals available on this series are space-conscious yet they provide everything you need to reach your fitness goals. They’re simple, yet affordable, and with enough features to help you get started on your fitness journey. The flywheels on these SpaceSaver are a little too light for more advanced users, and the warranty is a little below average.

NordicTrack Advantages

NordicTrack products are amazing and they take advantage of commercial-grade parts to create sturdy and durable products across the board. The consoles on the ellipticals are great and they offer many possibilities for their users. They’re iFit enabled, which is great, and most ellipticals we’ve discussed offer a 1-year iFit subscription you can take advantage of. The iFit on its own is a great NordicTrack advantage because they connect you to professional trainers who provide effective and tailored workouts. Plus, they allow you to maintain your motivation and they’re also challenging.

If you want a coach, the NordiTrack’s iFit is a great alternative to a gym membership. Not to mention is right at home! The incline system on the ellipticals are also great and they will allow you to enjoy a lot more versatility in your workouts. In general, NordicTrack ellipticals are complete machines and most of them are affordable and provide a ton of value for users of different fitness levels.

NordicTrack Disadvantages

NordicTrack ellipticals have a few disadvantages though. For one, customer support and warranty for most of them is below average. Assembly can also be a bit of a hassle, but that’s common for most elliptical brands. You will definitely need help putting the machine together, or you can hire professionals to do this for you.

NordicTrack competitors include American Home Fitness, Life Fitness, and Body Solid. If you want to learn more about Body Solid, don’t hesitate to check out our review on their ellipticals. We’ve provided all the details you need to know about them so you can consider them as well if you want more options.

The Final Verdict

There are a few models such as the 12.9 model from this brand that actually passed of time and has great consumer reviews but the majority of NordicTrack ellipticals have received heavy criticism from consumers across the web, especially when it comes to the customer support. Other than that, the NordicTrack cross trainers are worth looking into and some of them really provide a ton of value for your money, so don’t hesitate to consider their ellipticals.

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