Nautilus Elliptical Machines Comparisons

Few fitness brands make low-cost yet high-quality elliptical machines like Nautilus. The company typically sells elliptical machines that are both affordable and functional. The company’s lineup of inexpensive elliptical machines is the E614, E616, and E618 models. These machines present quality features and capabilities for a reasonable price. The series launched with the E614, which was followed closely by the E616 model and was updated to include the E618 elliptical machine. The Nautilus ellipticals are equipped with a front-drive, perimeter-weighted flywheel, data-oriented consoles, and several other performance-optimizing features.

The E614 comes in as the series’ entry-level model with a 20-inches stride, an 18Ibs flywheel, about 22 workout programs, 300Ibs maximum weight limit, a manual incline and a bunch of other features. The updated E 616 represents the mid-level model with a few improved features including 29 workout programs, a heavier 22Ibs flywheel, 25 resistance levels and a power incline. While the E618 is the top-end model that portrays the series’ best features, including a 30Ibs flywheel, a longer 22-inches stride, and a better maximum weight capacity of 350Ibs. In terms of performance and serviceability, the Nautilus Ellipticals are alike yet different.

Because the Nautilus ellipticals share similar characteristics and subtle differences, it may be challenging to choose a suitable choice. Buying an elliptical machine from a series like this goes beyond a cursory look at the performance sheet. You are bound to miss some minute but important details if you compare the machines from the surface. So, you need to do your homework by thoroughly comparing features and specifications. The good thing is, we have carried out “due diligence” on your behalf, so choosing the right Nautilus elliptical is as easy as reading our Nautilus ellipticals review and comparisons!

Nautilus Ellipticals Comparison Table
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 ReviewYesCheck on Amazon350 LBSBlue backlit LCD22'' Fixed29 Programs25 Levels15° PoweredAdvanced with controls30-Lb5-Year Parts | 2-Year Labor
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 ReviewYesCheck on Amazon300 LBSBlue backlit LCD20'' Fixed29 Programs25 Levels10° PoweredBasic without controls16-Lb3-Year Parts | 1-Year Labor
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 ReviewNoCheck on Amazon300 LBSNo backlit LCD20'' Fixed22 Programs20 Levels6° ManualBasic without controls13-Lb2-Year Parts | 90-Day Labor



Nautilus Elliptical Specs Comparison
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 Review210 Lbs67.0” H x 27.0” W x 73.0” L350 Lbs30 Lbs25
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 Review173 Lbs67.0” H x 27.0” W x 73.0” L300 Lbs22 Lbs25
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 Review167 Lbs63.2” H x 26.7” W x 71.5” L300 Lbs18 Lbs20

The Nautilus ellipticals aren’t exactly portable, but their footprint size is the least bad option than some front-drive elliptical machines on the market. This means, if you don’t have sufficient space to spare, the Nautilus models are not your choice elliptical. But if you have enough room to house a sizeable elliptical machine, they are an excellent pick. A look at their dimensions will give you a good idea of what we are on about. When fully assembled, the E614 and E616 have the same footprint at 71.5 inches in length, 26.7 inches in width, and 63.2 inches high. The E618, on the other hand, has a slightly larger footprint at 73 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 67 inches tall. No doubt, these dimensions are far from a compact!

Construction-wise, the Nautilus ellipticals have plus points. Most of the machines’ parts incorporate steel tubing including the frame, rail, bases, legs and arms. While their flywheel and pulley casing integrate industrial plastic elements. The machines’ finishing is top-notch as well; the steel parts are double-coated with anti-rust and anti-scratch paint. With heavy-duty construction comes practical maximum weight support, and as such, the E614 and E616 models can handle an impressive maximum weight capacity of 300Ibs. The E618, per its advanced title, supports a higher weight limit of 350Ibs. Good quality construction tells on a machine’s durability and functionality, and we are glad to see a rock-solid fabrication on the Nautilus ellipticals. In other emerging news, the E618 appears to have sturdier construction.

Without sugar coating words, the Nautilus trainers are pretty heavy. The E614 weighs about 167Ibs. The E616 weighs approximately 173.3Ibs while the E618 weighs 210Ibs. On the upside, the weight lends the machines considerable stability. Plus, you have no cause to worry about mobility ease as all three machines incorporate porting wheels that minimize weight burden. The Nautilus ellipticals feature a belt drive system with perimeter-weighted flywheels and multi-resistance settings ─ for a smooth, consistent, and robust momentum. They also spot some minor differences here; the E618 has a heavier flywheel than the other two ellipticals. While it has a 30Ibs flywheel, the E616 has a 22Ibs flywheel, and the E614 has an 18Ibs flywheel. The E618 and the E616 have 25 resistance levels, while the E614 comes in short with 20 resistance levels.


Nautilus Elliptical Monitors Comparison
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 ReviewBlue Backlit LCDBluetoothUSB charging and audio jack39Nautilus app, MyFitnessPalFan and Speakers
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 ReviewBlue Backlit LCDBluetoothUSB charging and audio jack29Nautilus app, MyFitnessPalFan and Speakers
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 ReviewNon-Backlit LCDNoneUSB charging and audio jack22NoneFan and Speakers

Like most elliptical machines, the Nautilus ellipticals are furnished with performance-tracking monitors. While the consoles are not the best of the bunch, they address the user’s essential needs. All three models come with a dual-track display, featuring high-resolution LCD monitors. The console features are more advanced on the superior models than on the entry-level E614 model. In addition to the display, the Nautilus monitors have a blue backlit light for easy readability. The top display showcases workout intensity, resistance level, heart rate zone, and current program data on each model.

While the advanced models are telemetry enabled for heart rate tracking, the E614 elliptical is not. So, if you must monitor your heart rate through a chest strap device, you might have to erase the E614 model from your list. You can keep an eye on specific performance statistics and customize certain goal programs on all three models. The workout metrics provided include; time, distance, calories, pulse, RPM, resistance level, etc. With the Nautilus consoles, you can create personalized performance goals and custom workouts. You can also use any of the onboard workout programs with automated resistance for a customized workout experience.

The Nautilus Ellipticals consoles are also replete with varying workout programs. The E614 offers 22 workout programs with two user profiles. The E616 and E618 models take it a step further with 29 workout programs and four user profiles. Four user profiles mean four people can customize goal and program features on the monitor, while two user profiles are limited to just two people. That said, the E614 may not be suitable for multi-user conditions. Each user profile records and stores data that can be reviewed at a later time. You can store data such as age, height, weight, gender, name, and choice workout priorities. All three consoles are also equipped with USB and Bluetooth connectivity to access the Nautilus app and MyFitnessPal. The USB port also doubles as a charging medium for your mobile device.


Nautilus Ellipticals Stride and Incline Comparison
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 Review22-Inch Fixed15° Power AdjustableWith transport handleNo
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 Review22-Inch Fixed10° Power AdjustableWithout transport handleNo
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 Review20-Inch Fixed6° Manually AdjustableWithout transport handleNo

The Nautilus ellipticals include an incline system and measured elliptical paths for varied workout options. The E614 and E616 elliptical machines offer a fixed stride length of 20-inches, while the E618 provides a 22-inches stride ─ which is quite average. A motorized elliptical path would have been nice too, but this in no way reduces workout quality.

While the incline systems on the advanced ellipticals are motorized, the E614 model uses a manual mechanism with 6 incline levels. This means that you can’t adjust the incline while working out on the elliptical. If you want to make changes to the incline, you have to step down and adjust the incline lever located by the flywheel enclosure’s rear end. Manual adjustments can be annoying and inconvenient, so this might be a deal-breaker for prospective shoppers.

Conversely, the automatic incline system on the senior models can be controlled from the machines’ console unit or onboard workout programs (automated). As such, you don’t need to pause mid-workout to make adjustments to the incline. The E616 and E618 offer up to 10-degrees of incline, which is super cool. With this incline range, you can perform various targeted muscle exercises. However, the incline at its maximum isn’t extreme ─ which is just right for beginners and intermediates. But if you have a penchant for intense, out-of-the-normal exercises, the Nautilus models may not meet your incline needs.


Nautilus Ellipticals Handlebars and Pedals Comparison
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 ReviewWith built-in controls on handlebarsMulti-grip moving handlebarsLarge cushioned non-slipMoving and Stationary1 Foot step-on heightHighest pedal height 28"
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 ReviewWithout built-in controls on handlebarsSingle-grip moving handlebarsStandard non-slipMoving and Stationary1 Foot step-on heightHighest pedal height 25"
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 ReviewWithout built-in controls on handlebarsSingle-grip moving handlebarsStandard non-slipMoving and Stationary1 Foot step-on heightHighest pedal height 20"

Typical features of most elliptical machines are fixed, and mobile handlebars and the Nautilus ellipticals are no different. On each model, the mobile handgrips are longer than the fixed arms and are slightly angled towards the frame ─ this articulation ensures a natural and comfortable grip. However, the E618 model is ahead of the pack as it features resistance and incline controls on its mobile arms. The right grips feature incline controls, while the left grip offers resistance controls.

The smaller fixed handlebars are fitted with pulse sensors to facilitate pulse measurements. This addition is particularly beneficial for users who must incorporate pulse data in their workout routine. And if you happen to buy the E614 model, this is also the only medium for tracking heart rate data. The fixed and mobile handles are coated with a rubber foam material for extra comfort.

The Pedal configuration on the Nautilus ellipticals takes nearly the same pattern (the Performance Cushion System). All three ellipticals have slip-resistant, well-cushioned, and multi-sized footplates. Additionally, the footrests are designed to absorb impact from the ankles, knees, and lower back.


Nautilus Ellipticals Accessories and Assemblies Comparison
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 ReviewLarge accessory holderTablet shelf includedAssembly tools includedModerat
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 ReviewStandard accessory holderTablet shelf includedAssembly tools includedModerat
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 ReviewStandard accessory holderTablet shelf includedAssembly tools includedModerat

Accessories are an essential feature of an elliptical, and Nautilus knows this too well. They come loaded with extras that optimize workout comfort and performance. Their consoles integrate a large portion of these accessories. There is a three-speed cooling fan that provides optimum cooling comfort so that you can work out comfortably without heat and sweat. A media tray is located under the LCD monitor.

The ellipticals are also equipped with dual quality speakers ─ the speakers are located on each side of the fan and are compatible with most MP3 players and smartphones. A tablet holder is also included to help secure your mobile devices. Although the tablet holder tends to overlap the monitor when in use, it does not affect the lower part of the monitor, which displays essential workout metrics like time, distance, calories, and the like.

Setting up the Nautilus Ellipticals for use is quite tasking. For one, the machines are bulky and heavy and will require at least two people to set up. While the drive, resistance, and pulley system come pre-assembled, there are many parts to be attached, including the rear, bases, pedals, arms, and the console mast. A user’s manual is provided to simplify the process. Assembly tools are also included in the product box. A silicone lubricant is also included, so you can grease the joints of the machine before attaching. Considering all the parts that need to be assembled and the machine’s weight (s), the assembly may take up to two hours.


Nautilus Ellipticals Prices and Warranties Comparison
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 Review15-year frame, 5-year parts, 2-year labor$3,99951L x 34H x 22W inchesBox weight is 230 lbsIncluded
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 Review10-year frame, 3-year parts, 1-year labor$2,99951L x 34H x 22W inchesBox weight is 210 lbsIncluded
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 Review10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year electronics, 90-day labor$1,99950L x 21W x 34HBox weight is 187 lbsIncluded

Expectedly, the Nautilus ellipticals are backed by a company warranty. The E614’s frame is covered for 10 years, parts are covered for 2 years, electronics are covered for a year, and labor gets 90 days coverage. The E616’s frame is covered for 10 years. Parts get three-year coverage, electronics are also covered for 3 years, while labor gets a year.

The E618 comes with an extended warranty than its counterparts; its frame is covered for 15 years, its parts for 5 years, electronics for 5 years, and labor gets a 2-year coverage. You will agree that the E618’s warranty is almost too good to be true! If you need more information about the Nautilus warranty, visit the company website at Nautilus inc.

Nautilus does not ship its products directly from their website; instead, they sell through affiliate websites like Amazon. Hence, shipping rates and policies differ across vendors. The E618 Sells for, under 800$, the E616 is sold for around $999, while the E618 retails for about $1200. Prices also differ across vendors and fitness outlets.


Finding an elliptical machine with practical features at a good bargain is like stumbling upon gold (that’s how scarce they are). This is why the Nautilus ellipticals are an excellent buy. You get to spare some cash while enjoying the full benefits of a remarkable elliptical machine.

The Nautilus ellipticals offer all the perks of a good elliptical machine. From performance tracking features to comfort amenities, they provide them all. The strides, while fixed, are comfortable and as natural as can be. They also come with weighted perimeter flywheels that give a smooth and consistent motion. The E618 even has a flywheel weight of 30Ibs which is beyond industry standards.

On top of all these, they are super easy to maintain, thanks to their magnetic drive system. Imagine buying a low-cost elliptical machine with zero to no maintenance? Amazing! Not to mention the great warranty that comes with their purchase. In all honesty, the Nautilus ellipticals are a worthwhile investment.

8.6Expert Score
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If you are on a budget but want an elliptical machine that delivers, the Nautilus ellipticals are a fitting choice. They present a wide array of features and amenities that are guaranteed to help you reach your workout goals. While they may not be as “deluxe” as higher-end elliptical machines, they meet every exerciser’s basic fitness needs. They are all well-constructed and can accommodate users with considerable weight. Their incline and resistance range is also sufficient for beginners and intermediates alike. Of course, they aren’t flawless, but their imperfections can be overlooked. And when it comes to value for money, we say; they are hard to beat!!!


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