Nautilus Elliptical Reviews and Comparisons

nautilus ellipticals

Nautilus ellipticals are a great option if you’re looking to add an elliptical to your home gym. These machines are well-made and reviews speak highly of what Nautilus has to offer. Nautilus exercise equipment is varied and high-quality, so it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Nautilus Fitness ellipticals can be a great addition to your home gym equipment and they will help you reach your fitness goals effectively. Plus, they offer enough different models that you’ll be able to find the right one for you among the Nautilus elliptical machines.

What’s more, Nautilus cross trainers are also worth a look if you want to grow your home gym beyond an elliptical. Nautilus cross trainer reviews are very positive and users are really loving them. Overall, Nautilus Fitness is an amazing brand that provides great products so you can exercise right at home, without a care in the world.

Nautilus Fitness Background

Nautilus Fitness has become the gold standard when it comes to modern commercial gyms and they’re even considered to be the founders of it. It all started in 1970, when Nautilus incorporated their cam design across a wide range of exercise equipment. They revolutionized the industry of fitness, and today they continue carrying on the tradition of providing cardio and strength equipment solutions for users at home.

Nautilus exercise equipment is focused on performance and they offer a great variety of machines for running, biking, and even cross-training. If you want to improve your fitness level and achieve your fitness goals, Nautilus is the way to go. Their machines challenge you and they allow you to achieve your personal goals and become the best version of yourself.

When it comes to Nautilus ellipticals, you won’t have to train alone! You will be virtually connected to a coach who will be by your side and you’ll be able to track your fitness journey as you go. Nautilus Fitness ellipticals will help you reach your goals but also push your limits and go further into your fitness journey than ever before. Want to know more? Continue reading.

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Comparison Table of Nautilus Ellipticals

Nautilus Ellipticals Comparison Table
Nautilus E618Nautilus E618 ReviewYesCheck on Amazon350 LBSBlue backlit LCD22'' Fixed29 Programs25 Levels15° PoweredAdvanced with controls30-Lb5-Year Parts | 2-Year Labor
Nautilus E616Nautilus E616 ReviewYesCheck on Amazon300 LBSBlue backlit LCD20'' Fixed29 Programs25 Levels10° PoweredBasic without controls16-Lb3-Year Parts | 1-Year Labor
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 ReviewNoCheck on Amazon300 LBSNo backlit LCD20'' Fixed22 Programs20 Levels6° ManualBasic without controls13-Lb2-Year Parts | 90-Day Labor

Overview of Nautilus’s Elliptical Series

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Nautilus Fitness ellipticals are amazing machines that provide everything you need to improve your fitness level and achieve your goals right at home. Even though they only have one elliptical series, the Endurance Elliptical Series, the three options they provide are great and you will be able to choose the one that tailors to your needs the best.

We will take a look at each of the Nautilus ellipticals and provide all the information you need so you can make the right choice for you. Any of these elliptical options will be a welcome addition to your home gym, so let’s get into it!

Endurance Series

Nautilus E618 Elliptical

First up is the Nautilus E618 Elliptical, a powerful machine that has been on the market since 2016. This elliptical was the first in the series and it kicked it off with the longest stride and the best resistance system Nautilus has to offer. It’s a compact machine thanks to the fact they flywheel is stored up front, and it’s built to tailor people of all levels of fitness and ability.

The workout menu on the E618 provides over 24 preset programs you can choose from, and you’ll also have access to custom options. This means you will have control of your exercise and will be able to make the absolute most of it.

The moving handlebars are great for your upper body and the premium grips will allow you to be more comfortable, not to mention you’ll be able to work your body in many different ways. The 22-inch stride for the lower body can be diversified in different ways, there are three footplate angles you can try, and many power-incline levels to try out. This means different people can take advantage of this Nautilus elliptical and have fun working towards their goals.

The E618 allows for 4 user profiles and the built-in app on the console will allow you to track everything. Bluetooth connection is also available so you can sync your elliptical data with the fitness app you’re using to track your fitness journey. 

This Nautilus elliptical features a 30-pound flywheel, cushioned pedals for low-impact striding, 25 resistance levels so you can customize your workout, a power incline of 15% so you can challenge yourself with cardio, burn more calories, and target lower body muscles. You have 29 exercise programs to choose from, wireless heart rate monitor and an included chest strap, a media shelf, a cooling fan, a water bottle, and more.

This elliptical offers incredible value and it’s one of the best ellipticals you can find under $1,500. It features a heavy drive which provides a smooth experience and it’s perfect for users of different abilities and fitness levels. It includes warranty, many incredible features, and it will encourage you to reach your goals. Overall, it’s a great option to consider, especially if you won’t be the only person using this machine because it’s highly adaptable. High-quality, versatile, and sturdy; a great deal.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical

Next on the series is the Nautilus E616 Elliptical, which offers an innovative design. This elliptical features many different workout programs and multiple levels of resistance, which means you can create endless training options for yourself. You have access to 19 workout programs, including 12 profile, 9 heart rate control, 4 custom, 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test, and 1 quick start, so you have a lot to choose from.

This machine also allows you to keep track of time, distance, and calories, and it also offers Bluetooth connection so you can connect to your favorite fitness apps. The 20-inch dual stride rails offer stability, balance, and a super smooth ride. You will be able to sync with the Explore the World app so you can enjoy different locations and routes with other people around the world in real time. This is great because you’ll be more immersed in the workout.

The 25 levels of resistance the E616 has to offer will allow you to enjoy many different ranges of intensity during your workouts. The high speed, high inertia drive system with weighted flywheel provides smooth and consistent workouts you can enjoy. You also have a media shelf so you can use your tablet or smartphone for entertainment during your workouts, an LCD display to keep track of data, in-console speakers, an adjustable fan, and USB media charging as well.

Thanks to all these features, you will be able to multitask and make the most of your workout by doing other things. You can read, watch movies or TV shows, listen to music, and more. This is truly a great machine that combines fitness features and technology to provide a complete experience.

The E616 offers a 10-year warranty for frame, 2-year warranty for parts, 1-year warranty for electronics, and 90-day warranty for labor, which is below market standards, but it’s not too bad. Another thing to keep in mind is that it can be a pain to assemble this elliptical. There are around 25 separate parts you need to work with, so you’ll definitely need someone’s help. Or you can hire a professional to do this for you, but it will cost you extra.

Overall, the Nautilus E616 Elliptical is full of workout programs, has a great variety of resistance levels, and it provides many amazing features that makes it a truly valuable machine at this price range. It doesn’t have a great warranty, but Nautilus is a trustworthy brand and they assist their clients. Not to mention you’re getting more than your money’s worth already!

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

Last but not least, we have the Nautilus E614 Elliptical, a great choice for couples because it features two user profiles, 22 different workout programs to choose from, a 20-inch stride length, and more. It offers many features you’ll enjoy, such as acoustic chambered speakers that produce a clean and intense sound. However, it’s important to understand that the E614 is a rather simple elliptical, so if you’re looking for customizable options and a full-color console, this will not be the right choice for you.

The E614 is a reliable and durable Nautilus elliptical option, and you won’t have a problem understand it right out of the box. It features a DualTrack LCD window system that allows you to keep track of your progress. You can also use your tablet or even rear a magazine or a book, which will keep you inspired and entertained while you’re exercising. Nautilus Connect is also available, which allows you to track your goals and export data as well. There’s also a charging station!

This Nautilus Fitness elliptical provides 22 different workout programs that focus on many different fitness aspects, which mean they will help you reach specific fitness goals you may have. The footplates are large and made with quality cushioning and there are 20 different levels of resistance. Overall, it offers decent features that will allow you to make the most of this machine even though it’s not the top option in the series. It’s still great, and it’s perfect for people who are looking for an easy, simple machine.

It’s important to note that the six-position ramp adjustment is not powered, it’s manual. Also, the set stride length of 20 inches will be ideal for most body types, but not for all, so keep that in mind. Assembly can be a bit of a hassle because there are many parts to deal with, so you may need someone’s help. You can also hire professional help, but it will cost you extra money.

Overall, the Nautilus E614 is a machine many people love and it has become common in many home gyms. If you’re looking for an elliptical machine that’s not too expensive and that doesn’t feature complicated, confusing features, this is the one for you. It has transport wheels, so it will be easy to find a good spot for it at home. Even though it’s a compact machine, it’s large and sturdy enough. The handlebars are also movable, so you can engage your upper body as well as your lower body. There are also cooling fans on this machine, which are great when the workout gets particularly sweaty.

The E614 comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame, a 2-year warranty for mechanical, though the electrical warranty is only one year and there’s a 90-day limit on labor, which is not great. Overall, the warranty is decent and you’re purchasing from a trusted brand. If you’re looking for quality and endurance at an affordable price, this is a great option to consider. This Nautilus elliptical is reliable, sturdy, long-lasting, and it provides everything you need.

Advantages of Elliptical Series

The Endurance Elliptical Series offer a ton of value to many different users who are looking for the perfect elliptical machine for their home gym. This series is all about quality, durability, and efficiency, which is why every available model is packed with great features tailored to users of all levels of ability and expertise. The one you choose will depend entirely on your goals, your budget, and how extensive you want the features to be. Just know that whatever machine you decide to go for, you’ll be getting a ton of value for your money.

Every elliptical on this series provides many workout program options and different resistance levels you can play with to make sure you’re challenging yourself. It’s features like these that will allow you to reach your goals more effectively because the machine makes it easier for you.

The Endurance Nautilus ellipticals also make it possible for multiple people to take advantage of the same machine. Only the E614 offers 2 user profiles, but even then, it’s perfect for couples who are working on their fitness together under the same roof. These ellipticals have a great design, they’re compact, portable, and they will last you for a long time. Not to mention you’re purchasing from a trusted brand that many people love. In other words, the Nautilus Endurance ellipticals are a great deal and you will get more than your money’s worth.

Another great thing about this elliptical series is that it has a machine for everyone. Even though there are only three options, you get enough variety to make the right choice for your purposes. The E618 is expensive, packed with many wonderful features, super customizable, and adjustable for all levels of fitness and ability.

The E616 is more middle-level, still packed with features, customizable so you can tailor your workouts to your goals, and it’s also great for people on different fitness levels. The E614 is a lot more basic by comparison, but it still offers great value. It’s packed with less features, making it more accessible for entry-level users, it’s affordable, sturdy, and you won’t be missing anything.

Disadvantages of Elliptical Series

Of course, nothing’s perfect and the Nautilus Endurance Elliptical Series is no exception so there are a couple of drawbacks to mention. First of all, the warranty on these machines is pretty decent, but below the average standard. However, keep in mind you’re purchasing from a trusted brand and they’re available to help you with any issues you may have.

Second, assembly is quite cumbersome for all these machines. They come with a lot of parts to assemble. You will definitely need someone’s help putting it together and even then it can be quite process. You can hire professional services so someone else can do all the work for you, but it will cost you extra.

These drawbacks aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, especially not when you consider all the value the Nautilus ellipticals have to offer on their own. However, you still need to be aware so you can make a well-informed decision.

Advantages of Nautilus

Nautilus is a great brand for many reasons. They’ve innovated from the start and they provide products that are reliable, long-lasting, effective, and trustworthy. They make high-quality home exercising machines made with commercial-grade frames. They also make sure their ellipticals allow for different degrees of multi-tasking thanks to the addition of dual monitors in some cases, media trays, speakers, Bluetooth, and more.

Nautilus ellipticals and overall products are also known for how customizable they can be. Their ellipticals allow you to have your own user profile so you can store your data and they offer many options to customize your workouts, whether thanks to the different resistance levels or the many workout programs they provide.

Another great thing about Nautilus products and ellipticals is they have a great design. In regards to style, Nautilus keeps things very simple, sleek, and elegant. Their elliptical series offers attractive machines that will look well in your home. Just remember you’re paying for durability and usability more than you’re paying for aesthetics. Their ellipticals are nice and simple in design, but super powerful and effective.

Nautilus has been providing high-quality equipment to fitness enthusiasts for over 40 years. They don’t only focus on manufacturing a commercial-quality product for home gyms, they also make sure you have everything you need. Including safety! Nautilus has a clean safety record and their machines are secure as long as you use them properly.

Another thing that stands out about Nautilus ellipticals ergonomics. They provide users with moving handlebars and rotating pedals so they can engage their upper and lower body when they workout. This means Nautilus elliptical users will be able to enjoy a full-body workout thanks to these features. Not to mention they’re comfortable, smooth machines.

The variety of programs provided by Nautilus ellipticals are also worth mentioning because they do offer a wide range of programs in all their ellipticals. Even the most basic one provides over 20 workout programs you can choose from, which is fantastic. Such a great variety will not only help you reach your goals, it will also help you maintain motivation and challenge yourself in many different ways.

Nautilus ellipticals are also quiet, which is very important when you’re purchasing exercise machines you’ll be using at home. And, last but not least, one of the best things about Nautilus Fitness ellipticals is the fact that their machines are so affordable! Sure, some are more expensive, but that’s because they provide even greater value than what you’d expect. There’s definitely a lot to be said about Nautilus ellipticals, but we hope what we’ve discussed so far paints a complete picture of what they have to offer and what you have to gain.

Disadvantages of Nautilus

Nautilus Fitness is not a perfect brand. In fact, it’s one of the few elliptical brands on the market that don’t offer lifetime warranty on elliptical frame, which is the standard. Instead, they offer a 10-year warranty, which is well below what’s expected. Assembly is another drawback worth noting. These machines are difficult to assemble because they have multiple parts and the instructions can be tricky to follow. This means you may need to hire a professional. Some of Nautilus’ top competitors are Precor, TRUE Fitness, Cybex, and Beautycounter.

Two other major disadvantages of Nautilus ellipticals are the lack of stride adjustment and high-tech touch monitors. Even their lates model doesn’t allow you to adjust the stride length which means smaller members of your family might not feel as comfortable using the cross trainer. And since there is high-tech screen, you won’t be able to stream on the web while using the machine unless you keep your own device (tablet/phone).

The Final Verdict

There’s no doubt that Nautilus is one of the best manufacturers in the fitness industry, and their ellipticals are a great example of that. They continue thriving after over 40 years in business and they’ve done a wonderful job of bringing commercial-grade machines to everyone’s homes. Any of the ellipticals we’ve discussed today can be a great choice for you!

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