10 Best Indoor Cycling Shorts For Men Reviews

We were recently asked what are the best men’s spinning shorts and the best men’s padded cycling shorts. And the questions led us to write an extensive review of the best cycling shorts for men.

So, if you are looking for the best-padded cycling shorts, this review should help you to find your favorite spinning and cycling shorts made by the best cycling clothing brands.

Using these chamois shorts will help you have a more comfortable and better spinning exercise and outdoor biking experience. Therefore, you will stay longer on the bike and burn more calories. But if you don’t have the right men’s cycling shorts, it won’t be long before the saddle pain make you stop working out at home and pedaling outdoor.

Here is the deal! There are tens, if not hundreds of cycling clothing brands that manufacture cycling shorts for men. So, it’s time-consuming for you to find the top men’s biking shorts. Especially if you are a novice because you also need to spend hours learning about men’s cycling clothing to be able to compare the products to pick the best road cycling shorts.

So, you can see why it might be difficult to find the best spinning padded shorts for men. Although, you don’t need to worry, because we made it easier for you and did the research to pick the top 10 shorts from the best cycling clothing for men.

This men’s cycling shorts review includes multiple best-seller Lycra men cycling shorts. They are all lightweight and breathable which makes them perfect for indoor cycling as well as outdoor biking in spring and summer. Before buying your padded men’s cycling shorts, find out which men’s biking shorts are our favorite.

Editor’s Top Men indoor Cycling Short Pick!

Here is what you need to know about the Editor’s Choice! In order to make sure our readers get the best quality and the best value spinning shorts from the top cycling clothing brands, we search the market on a weekly basis. And if we find reasonable better cycling shorts deals, we will add them here. For this month our top men’s gel cycling short is the Pearl iZUMI Men’s Pro Escape Shorts.

Our Top 10 Best Cycling Short Picks

1 Eco-Daily Mens Bike Shorts

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With 80% nylon, 20% spandex/lycra materials, the Eco-Daily compression cycling short is part of the best indoor cycling clothing for men. These men’s cycling shorts are designed to fit the rider tight on the skin and allow unrestricted freedom of movement. Pro cyclists and most spinning class instructors prefer these skin-tight spinning short because they eliminate the extra cloth getting in the way during exercise.

Eco-Daily men’s biker clothing is lightweight and breathable which is why you won’t feel overheated during indoor cycling or long rides. These cycling clothing by Eco-Daily feature 6 layer padding that offers a very comfortable cycling experience during long rides. The multi-level padding is thick and soft similar to a seat gel. Therefore, your bottom stays as comfortable as possible.

This cycling short with gel chamois stretches in 4-ways to properly fit the user and also has the non-slip design with soft grips to hold the shorts in place. Overall it’s one of the best men cycling shorts for long and short rides. It’s also highly breathable which keeps you cool and protects your lower-body against the Sun rays for outside bike rides.

For extra safety and to make sure you are seen by drivers on the road in low-light, the reflective elements are added to this male cycling clothing. We highly recommend these sun protection cycling clothing for all user levels.

2. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts Padded

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The Sponeed cycling clothes for men are some of the best sellers on the market in 2022. The Sponeed men spinning short features flat seams for top comfort and leg grippers to keep the cycling short in place during long rides. The materials include 20% spandex and 80% polyester to provide maximum comfort, support, and breathability.

What makes this cycling short one of the most comfortable men spinning short is the padding. It has the thick and soft 3D gel padding that will prevent the saddle sore regardless of how long you exercise. The anatomical 6-Panel design and the fabric offers superior comfort, fit, great moisture transfer and breathability which makes it one of the top summer and spring cycling clothing for men.

This men cycling short is four-way performance stretchable and suitable for all cyclists level, which includes indoor spinning, road biking or mountain biker. It also has a quick-dry feature which makes you feel more comfortable.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 1000 top consumer ratings, the Sponeed is one of the best yet cheap cycling clothing. Compare to those top brand bike shorts padded it’s also very much affordable.

3. Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts 4D Padded

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With Anti-Slip Design, Breathable and Absorbent materials, the Sportneer men spinning short are one of top-rated cycling clothing. Multiple panel design helps to fit all users perfectly. The combination of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex materials provide optimum moister transfer that keeps the seat and rider dry and also chaff-free.

The saddle support and comfort is unique with this men’s cycling outfit. There are 3 levels of high-performance sponge cushioning that offer maximum comfort during long workouts. The silicone leg grippers keep the cycling short in place during the ride.

There is also the reflective logo built into the short to keep the safety of cycling clothing in mind. The triple-layer seat padding includes the breathable foam, high-density permeable foam, and the anti-bacterial compound.

The padding combined with moisture-wicking, breathable fabric and grid ventilation on both sides of the thigh, offer top of the line comfort for outdoor and indoor cycling. Overall it’s a good spinning short made by one of the best quality cycling clothing brands for men.

4. Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Bike Shorts & MTB Liner

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One of the cheapest cycling short for men is the 3D padded bike short by Baleaf. While some cycling shorts are long and reach to the knees, the Baleaf men spin bike short are available with short length design. They are sold in multiple colors and available in many sizes.

These men cycling short feature elastic fibers, 90% polyester, and 10% Spandex. They are capable of absorbing the moisture and dry quickly. The moisture-wicking and breathability feature allows having a fresh and cool cycling exercise in summer and spring. The 3D cushion Coolmax padding helps to eliminate the saddle sore for medium to long-distance ridings.

The 2.5-centimeter padding and breathable fabric provide a comfortable indoor and outdoor cycling. The 4-needles flat seams and leg grippers help to minimize chafing and keep the short in place during the ride. If you are looking to buy cycling clothing that isn’t too expensive, we highly recommend these budget cycling clothing.

They are cheap and really comfortable. However, they are a smaller fit, so make sure to pick a size bigger than what you usually wear. You can use this one as underwear or independently as cycling short. It is highly recommended to be used alone for those who are heat intolerant, especially for indoor cycling.

5. Przewalski Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Underwear

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Mainly used in spin classes and indoor cycling exercise, Przewalski men’s cycling shorts feature thick and soft 3D paddings. They are made of 85% polyamide and 15% Spandex specifically designed for men, and feature 4-way stretchability to fit the rider. The mesh fabric used in these best men’s padded cycling shorts are extremely breathable, cool and wicks away the moisture.

Przewalski padded men’s cycling shorts fabrics are soft and lightweight that keeps the rider dry during the short, medium and also long rides. The Coolmax padding used in the Przewalski men’s road cycling shorts are filled with a 1.5-cm thick high-density sponge to offer good riding support and prevent the saddle sore.

The anti-slip silicone leg grips keep these good cycling shorts tightly in place and prevent chafing during the workout. The wide elastic waistband eliminates the unnecessary pressure on your waist. Overall it’s one of the best cycling shorts for men that can be used also underpants.

6. NOOYME Men’s Cycling Shorts 3D Gel Padded

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Sold in many colors the Nooyme cycling shorts are some of the best men’s cycling shorts. They are made of Polyamide and spandex fabric that enhances moisture wicking and body heat thermoregulation. Nooyme men’s cycling shorts padded are breathable and very comfortable.

The smooth flat seams and non-slip silicone leg gripper keep these chamois cycling shorts in place and prevent friction and skin irritation. There are also multiple reflective marks to make sure you are noticed by drivers and other cyclists in low-light conditions.

Nooymen skins cycling shorts are suitable for all users from M to XXXL sizes. If you feel comfortable using skin-tight cycling shorts, these high-quality foam and gel padded shorts are perfect for long rides in total comfort. They are ideal for indoor cycling as well as outdoor cycling.

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7. Baleaf Men’s 3D Gel Padded Cycling Bike Shorts

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Made by one of the very popular budget men cycling brands, this 3D men’s lycra cycling shorts offer optimum support for your bottom. The combination of three layers including the anti-shock silica gel provides a soft yet breathable and pads. What makes this one of the best budget cycling shorts is Materials that include multi-level intensity foam, 80 percent nylon, and 20 spandex.

It also has 50+ UPF sun protective feature which is useful for road biking. The waistbands and silicone leg grippers bring just about the right pressure to keep short in place while preventing skin irritation.

Overall this men’s cycling short is truly one of the most comfortable cycling shorts for under $20. You get a breathable and quick-drying fabric that wicks moisture away, flat seems to reduce the irritation and chafing, and silicone dots leg grippers to prevent the shorts from riding up. We highly recommend these men’s padded cycling shorts.

8. Santics 4D Padded Breathable Quick Dry Bicycle Shorts

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Available in 5 colors and designs, the Santic cycling shorts are some of the best value cycling shorts in 2022. Looking at the consumer reviews, you can see they love using these men cycling shorts for spinning as well as on the road. They are lightweight, feature-specific paddings for men anatomy and breathable fabric.

Like the majority of our best cycling shorts in this review, the Santic shorts are made of 80% polyamide and 20% Lycra. This combination of materials allows 4-way stretching to fit the rider comfortably and also add moisture wicking feature. The flat seam is smooth and doesn’t have stitching or ridges to avoid chaffing and friction.

The silicone leg grippers are also soft and don’t bring excess pressure, yet they keep these men’s cycling shorts from bunching or riding. The last but not least great feature of these best men’s biking shorts is the soft paddings.

It has high-density, soft and thick pads with tens of ventilation holes to keep you fresh throughout the spinning workout and road biking. Overall they are some of the best-padded cycling shorts for spinning class as well as outdoor cycling.

9. Beroy Men’s Comfortable 3D Padded Bike Shorts

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With 3D breathable silicone gel pads, these skin-tight cycling shorts boast 140+ reviews and high ratings. These budget men’s gel cycling shorts are perfect for spinning class as well as outdoor cycling. The fabric is breathable and absorbs sweat which keeps you cool and comfortable during long rides and hot days.

The 3D gel padding foam with dense would make any spinning bike seat feel comfortable to sit on. Both for short and long trips they will protect your bottom from chaffing and sores. Being one of the best-padded cycling shorts, they are made of 80%Nylon and20% spandex with an elastic feature.

The silicone leg grippers used in these elastic men’s shorts are imported from Italy. The legs opening bring about the right amount of pressure on your thighs to stop the short from going up. Bottom line is that with 100% customer satisfaction the company stands with its products and makes sure you get your exact size.

10 MY KILOMETRE 3D Gel Padding Mens Cycling Shorts

One of my favorite and best road cycling shorts is My Kilometer. Featuring multiple panels, good design and comfortable fitting this men cycling short is available in two colors and multiple user sizes. Designed based on men’s anatomy, the 3D paddings feature multiple layers that are highly breathable, soft and anti-shock.

It has an embedded gel with holes that provide good protection against the impact between the ischiatic bones and the saddle. The ergonomic support covers the ischial and perineal area to provide better protection to the pelvic bone for up to 3 hours f non-stop rides.

What we like the most about these road cycling shorts are the wide leg grippers and the flat soft seams that keep the short in place preventing chaffing and skin irritation without squeezing the leg and the waist excessively.

There is also reflective logos on the left thigh and back to make sure drivers notice you on the road in low-light conditions. These shorts are new and there aren’t many reviews available but with no doubt, they are some of the most comfortable cycling shorts on the market.

Men’s Cycling Shorts Comparison

Comparison Table for Best Men's Cycling Shorts
Name & RankGrippersPaddingPanelsUPF
Eco-Daily Mens Bike Shorts Silicon6 Layer Foam PaddingMultipleN/A
Sponeed Men's Cycling ShortsSilicon3D Gel Padding650+
Sportneer Padded Men's Bike ShortsSilicon4D Gel PaddingN/AN/A
Baleaf Men's 3D Padded Bike ShortsElastic3D Dense FoamN/AN/A
Przewalski Men’s 3D Padded Cycling UnderwearSilicon3D PadsN/AN/A
NOOYME Men's Cycling Shorts 3D Gel PaddedSilicon3D Gel PaddingN/AN/A
Baleaf Men's 3D Gel Padded Cycling Bike ShortsSilicon3D Gel Padding650+
NUMMY Men's 3D Padded Breathable Road Bicycle ShortsSilicon3D Gel PaddingN/AN/A
Beroy Men's Comfortable Bicycle Cycling Pants, 3D Padded Bike ShortsSilicon3D Gel PaddingN/AN/A
MY KILOMETRE 3D Gel Padding Mens Cycling ShortsElastic3D Gel PaddingN/AN/A

Men’s Cycling Short Benefits

Adds Comfort

Cycling shorts are designed with padding to support your set bone body when you are cycling. Featuring 6 to 14 panels provide extra curvature and fitting. Unlike your gular short, the men’s padded cycling shorts have flat seams that don’t press into your skin so you would feel more comfortable.

Prevents Chaffing

The majority of padded cycling shorts for men have wide waistband and grippers at the bottom of each leg to keep the short from riding upward. This feature combined stretchy fabric and tight-fitting, prevent the painful chaffing.

The stretchable fabric on men cycling shorts not only provide better fitting but also supports your muscles and stimulates blood circulation. But that’s not all, best cycling shorts for men wick away moisture and allow your skin to breathe.

Chamois Protects

The padded liner in the used in the best cycling shorts for men is the chamois that protects your groin area from friction and chafing. Setting on a Bike saddle means taking your body weight from the feet and putting it on your Hip bones.

This position adds pressure on perineum which has major nerves and arteries. The padded chamois used on cycling shorts for men also protects against bacteria growth.

How To Pick The Best Cycling Shorts For Men:

While we agree that outdoor and indoor cycling bike seat can be uncomfortable, there are ways that can improve your saddle comfort. There are three main factors that can create an uncomfortable spinning workout.

The wrong seat adjustment, bad seat quality, and the lack of proper cycling clothing kits. For the seat adjustment and the best spin bike seats you can read the best bike seat review but for the men’s cycling clothing keep reading this article.

Best men’s compression shorts vary in price from $10 to $200+. Therefore, the quality and design can be quite different when buying best-padded cycling shorts for men. Here are the characteristics of the best cycling padded shorts that you can look for.


Regardless you are doing indoor cycling or road biking, if your cycling short is cheap and doesn’t let the airflow, you will sweat, get overheated, and feel stressed. It wouldn’t be hygienic and can also make your skin irritated. Not to mention it will take longer to dry. So, mesh cycling shorts are what you need to look for.

Leg Grippers:

There are at least 3 major leg grippers, silicon, elastic and wide powerband. The best of all is the wide powerband leg gripper because it brings no excessive pressure and yet keeps the short tight in place. There are also the silicon and elastic, they are not bad but for sure not as comfortable as powerbands.


Waistbands are a big factor to keep the shorts in place and to prevent skin irritation. Wider elastic waistbands tend to keep the short better in place and they don’t roll.


Best cycling shorts are designed with multiple panels to fit the rider perfectly and ergonomically. More panels mean better fitting and shifting while you move the pedals. 8-12 Panels shorts are considered the best among many pro cyclists.


It’s one of the most important features of good cycling shorts. As a matter of fact, short pads are one of the main factors that cyclists use shorts. The pads work like gel seats, except it’s more comfortable. You should always look for gender-specific, breathable, anti-microbial chamois.

They can eliminate moisture and friction which are the two causes of chafing bottom sore. The multi-level layer of high-density chamois that have open cell foam. The chamois used on the best men’s cycling shorts can come in varying shapes and sizes. We recommend you choose the one that fits your body type best.


Some cycling shorts are skin tight and some are loose. Depending on your preferences and the distance of exercise, you can choose between these two. Some users find loose pants more appropriate to get off the bike, go to a cafe, a store and put few miles on your bike, while many people don’t care about the tightness of cycling shorts and if they are revealing.


While the inseam is a matter of personal preference, most pro cyclists wear shorts that are a few inches above the knee. They tend to protect more of skin but if you want to avoid the tan line, you may want to consider shorts with shorter inseams.

How to improve your saddle comfort?


In additon to the padded cycling shorts, there are quite a few things that you can do to have a more comfortable experience during the exercise. Here is a list of the factors that can eliminate the discomforting saddle soreness. The following solution will help to prevent indoor cycling and outdoor cycling bike seat pain.

Bike Fitting

Before changing your exercise bike seat, you have to make sure that your bike fitting is done properly. Because if your spinning indoor cycle is not adjusted for your height, you won’t be comfortable even with the best exercise bike seats and spinning shorts padded. Watch this video to learn how to adjust the seat and handlebars of your exercise bike correctly.

Men’s Cycling Clothing

The second factor is what you wear during spinning. Propper men’s cycling clothes have a huge impact on your comfort. If your short has high-quality pads and breathable materials, you are going to feel much better during indoor cycling. The thicker padded shorts for spinning reduce the friction, moisture and offer a good cushioning to your bottom.

Chamois Cream

Parts of your lower body rub against each other and also they swipe against the seat on each upstroke and downstroke. Therefore, there might be a bit of friction around your lower-body vulnerable areas which usually doesn’t bother.

However, sometimes especially during an extensively intense spinning workout or long road cycling, it irritates and bothers your sensitive areas. And that’s when the Chamois cream comes handy. They help to reduce irritation on the skin and act as a form of barrier to protect your bottom.

Bike Seat

All spinning bikes, as well as outdoor cycles, come with a seat out of the box. However, not all of them are good quality cushioned standard seats. Most of the time what you receive with your bike is either a low-quality stock seat or it’s not gendered specific.

Therefore, you may not feel very comfortable. Here are your two solutions. You can either keep the saddle and get a seat gel which costs you less than $15 or change the saddle to something that is designed for your gender. There are specific outdoor and spinning bike seats for women and men.

They are built based on male and female anatomy. Usually, these saddles offer deep curves, ergonomic design and soft foam cushioning. There are wide and narrow saddles for indoor spinning. However, the narrow spin bike seats tend to offer more comfortable rides. Note: It’s always better to go with gender-specific seats and cycling clothes.

Last tip

Don’t wear anything between your indoor cycling clothes and skin. So, no underwear. Men’s cycling padded shorts have crotch liners and flat seams, and you should wear shorts without other clothing.

Wearing underwear will take away the moisture-wicking feature and add extra seams that can cause skin irritation.

Last Word on Spinning Short For Men

Spinning shorts are similar to summer and spring outdoor cycling shorts. What you can use for outdoor biking during hot seasons, you can also use for indoor cycling as long as they are breathable materials.  And if you already have your best road cycling clothes, you don’t necessarily need to buy spinning clothing.

You can wear your outdoor summer cycling shorts and shirts for indoor spinning exercise and yet avoid the heat stress. With that being said, we don’t recommend outdoor winter cycling clothing for indoor exercise because they can make you overheated and stressed. Unless it’s winter and your spinning bike is in the garage where the temperature is too cold to wear shorts.

Most of the reviewed men’s padded cycling shorts are only eligible for free shipping if you reach $35. So, you may want to consider two pairs of shorts to avoid paying the shipping fees and also have a spare short for when one of them needs laundry. Adding a pair of cycling shorts to your clothing will make your ride more comfortable and protect you from saddle sore, chafing and irritation.

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