Best Mountain Bike Shorts For Men in 2023

If you have been riding wit casual short but now thinking to invest in a pair of best mountain bike shorts to enjoy a comfortable ride, our best mountain biking shorts review is for you. Not only we picked the top ten baggy trail shorts for you but we also help you find out what to look for when buying mountain bike shorts or other cycling clothing.

First thing first: Many think mountain biking shorts are designed only for trail riding, but they are not. You can use baggy mountain biking shorts for road cycling, for the indoor spinning workout and also for leisure rides in the neighboorhood.

Since the mountain baggy shorts are loose and not revealing unlike fitting tight lycra shorts, it’s appropriate to wear them about anywhere. It’s also difficult to notice you are wearing padded short underneath them.

In the last few decades, mountain bike shorts, as well as other biking kits, have evolved and improved greatly. Now you can enjoy riding those bouncy trails with a pair of comfortable shorts designed for off the road biking trails without feeling the saddle sore or skin irritation.

These top men’s baggy cycling shorts with multiple built-in pockets keep your tools, snacks, phone, keys, and other essentials safe with you while pedaling on rough terrain. And since they have detachable underlayer, they allow you to wear your favorite lycra padded shorts or bib shorts underneath.

But since there are so many cycling clothing brands making mountain bike gears, it’s difficult and time-consuming to find the best value and the most comfortable baggy mountain biking shorts.

However, we took the research burden away from our readers and picked the best loose short for mountain biking on the market. Some of these men’s MTB shorts come with a gel-padded liner/inner short with a snug fit.

However, some of these mountain bike shorts are without the inner short/liner. And due to the bouncy nature of trails, we suggest you also purchase inner short for comfortable trail biking.

Best Overall MTB Short Pick

The PEARL iZUMI Men’s Canyon baggy shorts are undeniably the best overall choice for mountain biking enthusiasts. With our extensive research conducted on a weekly and monthly basis, we tirelessly explore the market for top-notch men’s mountain biking clothing. Therefore, when we came across these shorts, we were immediately impressed by their exceptional value and outstanding features. As a result, we proudly include them in our editor’s choice section for 2023.

What sets the PEARL iZUMI Men’s Canyon shorts apart from the competition is their remarkable design and functionality. Firstly, the shorts come with a detachable 3D liner, allowing riders to experience the benefits of mountain biking without the discomfort of saddle soreness. This thoughtful addition ensures maximum comfort throughout the ride, making it an excellent investment for avid cyclists. Moreover, the shorts boast a zipper cargo pocket, providing convenient storage space for essential items such as keys, snacks, or a small tool kit. This feature allows riders to keep their belongings secure while conquering challenging terrains.

In addition to its practicality, the PEARL iZUMI Men’s Canyon mountain bike shorts are constructed from durable fabric, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and reliability. The 100% polyester material not only withstands the rigors of mountain biking but also effectively manages moisture, thanks to the transfer fabric technology. This moisture management feature ensures that riders stay dry and comfortable even during intense rides or in hot weather conditions. Furthermore, the snap closure with a zip fly ensures a secure fit, while the snag-free internal waist adjustment offers personalized comfort. With one zippered cargo pocket and two hand pockets, these mountain biking shorts provide ample storage options without compromising style or functionality.

Our 10 Best Mountain Bike Short Picks

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1. Fox Head Men’s Ranger Shorts

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Taking the first place in the best mountain biking shorts review is a top of the line stylish and durable Fox baggy short. It’s available in three colors and designed for extreme mountain biking trails. Highly rated by consumers these Fox men biking shorts are packed with features and built to last.

These Fox mountain biking shorts feature double stud and interior adjustable waistband to keep the short in place while riding downhill bouncy and rough trails.

Fox men’s baggy mountain bike short feature back pockets, zipper hand pockets, and velcro cargo pockets. However, some consumers report that these Fox mountain biking shorts don’t feature zippered pockets.

But the velcro pockets are good enough to keep your belongings safe while riding. There are also detachable liners with Evo chamois included with these Fox men’s padded mountain bike shorts. The liner/inner shorts and the outer shorts are from breathable materials.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 6
  • Padded Liner: Detachable Chamois Included
  • Shell Inseam: 12″
  • Water Resistance: N/A
  • Wasit Adjusters: Interior, studs
  • Stretchable: 2-Way

2. Endura SingleTrack III Baggy Cycling Short with Liner

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One of the top brands that manufacture Mountain bikers shorts for men is the Endura. Their baggy shorts are affordable, durable and available in multiple designs and colors. The Endura SingleTrack III Baggy Cycling Short with Liner features several zippered pockets including a waist zipped security pocket to keep your belongings safe.

The Endura SingleTrack III feature tough Cordura Nylon fabric with DWR finish. The shell is resilient and water-repellent. The liner/inner short features 200 level chamois to offer optimal padding and comfort. Both, the baggy short and the liner are extremely breathable to keep you cool and fresh on your long rides.

There are side waist velcro adjusters, as well as a heavy-duty stud and belt loops to make sure the short stays in place. The stretch rear yoke panel beneath the waistband also helps to keep the shorts in place.

The back of the waist is designed to be taller and offer the right amount of coverage when you lean forward. Overall they are really MTB shorts made by one of the best mountain biking gear brands.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 7
  • Padded Liner: Detachable 200-Level Chamois, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 13″
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Studs, belt loops, and side waist
  • Stretchable: Yes, rear yoke panel

3. Pearl Izumi Men’s Canyon Shorts

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This men’s biking short featuring 100% polyester fabric is made by one of the most popular cycling clothing brands. It can handle your freeride, cross country, downhill, commuting and urban adventures. The Pearl Izumi mountain biking shorts men’s is available in several nice colors and designs.

While these MTB shorts are less than $35, they have a breathable and detachable 3D tour Chamois liner included. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to spend another $15-20 to buy a liner. The chamois soaks up rough terrain and easily detaches so you can wear the shell/baggy short without padding.

To keep the short tight in place, there is a stud and belt loops but doesn’t have the side waist or inner velcros. These baggy cycling shorts with liner feature one cargo zippered pocket and two hand pockets but no back pockets.

The inseam is 12″ which falls just at the knees for the right amount of coverage. Bottom line is that these baggy cycling shorts are comfy, stylish, breathable and good value for the price.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 3 (1 zippered cargo and 2 hand pockets)
  • Padded Liner: Detachable Chamois inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 12″
  • Water Resistance: N/A
  • Wasit Adjusters: Studs and belt loops
  • Stretchable: No

4. Canari Men’s Single Track Baggy Cycling Shorts

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With the highly breathable liner and outer shell, these mountain biking shorts with padding are one our favorites. The Canari baggy cycling shorts with padding are perfect for protecting your legs and bottom and can meet your demands of off-road riding.

The rear stretch yoke moves with you to enhance the pedaling efficiency and keeping the short in place while the detachable liner with chamois absorb the shock and provides comfort on the rough terrain.

There are 2 front mesh pockets and a  zip pocket to allow you keep your phone, keys etc safe with you throughout the ride. To keep the short in place during the ride, there are two buttons and belt loops, but there aren’t the inner or side waist velcros.

These baggy cycling shorts review ratings on Amazon indicates the quality of these products.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 3 (1 zippered and 2 hand pockets)
  • Padded Liner: Detachable Chamois inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 12″
  • Water Resistance: N/A
  • Wasit Adjusters: Buttons and belt loops
  • Stretchable: Yes, rear yoke panel

5. WOSAWE Men Cycling MTB Shorts w/ Padded Underwear

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Wosaw is a new name and they already managed to build a good reputation for the best-padded mountain bike shorts. And this men’s mountain biking short explains why the consumers like the Wosawe products. With a superlight, water-resistance and extremely breathable materials these MTB shorts sale ratings are high.

The black panels of this short are stretchable for better mobility, freedom of movement and to keep the short in place in rough terrains. Unlike the rest of baggy cycling shorts for men with button and velcro waist adjusters, the Wosawe shorts come with wide elastic and drawstring waist adjuster. They are comfortable, easy to put on and they also keep the short tight in place.

There is also a Multi-Level chamois included with Wosawe men mountain bike shorts to help soak up the bouncy trails.

These padded mountain biking shorts feature reflective line on two sides to make sure you are seen by others. There are four zipper pockets to allow you keep your essentials within easy reach and safe.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 4 (2 zipper cargo and 2 zipper hand pockets)
  • Padded Liner: Detachable Chamois inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 13″
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Elastic belt and adjustable rope
  • Stretchable: Yes, black parts of the short

6. ZOIC Men’s Black Market Essential Liner Cycling Shorts

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With a casual style and durable materials, the Zoic endurance cycling shorts will protect your legs and meet all your needs for trails riding and off-the-bike adventures. These mountain bike shorts padded come with a detachable gel liner. The skin-tight liner/inner short is highly breathable so you won’t feel stressed and overheated with the baggy short on top.

Featuring fashion inseam gusset, the Zoic baggy cycling shorts with chamois provides a superior range of movement and also prevents the seat hang-ups.

There are six pockets to make sure your tools and essentials are secured. Two front pockets, two zippered pockets, one small zippered pocket with MP3 cord holder and one small zippered nano pocket on the lower back with a headphone cord pass through.

The inseam is 11.5″ which is a bit shorter than the rest of the cycling shorts in this review. But for summer rides they are nice since they keep you cool. The Adjustable belt and the elastic around the waist let you determine the fit. To make sure it doesn’t pop open and keeps the shorts up well.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 6 (4 zippers and 2 hand pockets)
  • Padded Liner: Detachable Chamois inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 11.5″
  • Water Resistance: N/A
  • Wasit Adjusters: Elastic and belt included
  • Stretchable: Yes, 4-way

7. Endura Hummvee Baggy Cycling Shorts

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One of the best seller mountain bike shorts padded are the Endura Hummvee baggy shorts. They are made of 100% durable nylon materials featuring water repellency and ventilation. Endura mountain bike shorts men’s come with a highly breathable liner with integrated soft chamois paddings.

There are three little button loops on each side of the outer short that attach to the padded underwear and it’s easy to detach them. You can remove the underwear and wear it with other shorts or wear the outer baggy shell without gel liner. There is also an adjustable waistbelt included with the Endura best men’s bike shorts.

Elastic waist with belt and button let you adjust the fit and they keep the short in place in the rough bouncy trails. There is one adjustable leg gripper on each leg to make sure you get a better fit, which comes handy on the wet terrains.

The two rear tabbed large pockets, two front zipped pockets, cargo pocket and zipped mobile phone pocket make sure your wallets and accessories are safe. Overall it’s one of the most comfortable and best cycling shorts for men with plenty of pocket space.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 6
  • Padded Liner: Detachable Chamois inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 13″
  • Water Resistance: Water repellent
  • Wasit Adjusters: Elastic and belt included
  • Stretchable: N/A

8. ARSUXEO Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling Shorts Breathable

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With a slim fit design and super lightweight comfortable fabric that has breathable holes the Arsuxeo extra padded cycling shorts boast many happy customers. These MTB Shorts are made out of 92% polyester and 8% spandex fabric which make them stretchable and really soft.

It also has some level of water-resistant feature that can keep you dry for a bit in rain. There are four waterproof zipper pockets to ensure your wallets are dry and safe.

To keep the short in place during your mountain biking exercise there are two studs and two adjustable side waist velcros. The ensure the waist doesn’t pop open during the ride.

Another reason it is in our mountain bike shorts review is the fact that it has padded detachable liner. The liner/inner short provides a really comfortable ride and eliminate the saddle sore for at least 10-15 kilometers. Unlike the mountain bike shorts with the short inseam, Arsuxeo breathable baggy shorts come with long 14″ inseam.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 4 Water-resistant zipper pockets
  • Padded Liner: Detachable padded inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 14″
  • Water Resistance: Yes, to some level
  • Wasit Adjusters: Side waist velcros
  • Stretchable: Yes

9. Blike Men’s Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling Shorts

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With multiple pockets and a casual look, these are highly rated mountain biking shorts for men. They come with a detachable liner and compared to other 30 dollar chamois cycling shorts, the padding of the Blike shorts seems really good quality. You could commute around with some padding and look casual.

These baggy shorts feature highly durable materials that are built to last and offer vital protection. The fabric and the zip pockets are also waterproof to keep you and your essentials dry and secure.

There are 7 pockets that include 2 hand pockets, 4 waterproof zipper pocket and 1 zipper pocket on back for big storage. So, you have plenty of space to keep your tools with you.

The elastic waistband, button and the side waist adjuster the trail short will stay in place on rough terrains. The long inseam also helps to protect more of your body. Overall these loose fit shorts keep you cool, side waist adjusters give you a custom fit, and the several pockets hold your gear.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 7 (5 Water-resistant zipper pockets and 2 hand pockets)
  • Padded Liner: Detachable gel-padded inner short, Included
  • Shell Inseam: 13″
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Side waist velcros
  • Stretchable: N/A

10. Troy Lee Designs Skyline Mountain Bike Shorts

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Seen in many best mtb shorts, these Tory Lee Designs Skyline mtb baggy shorts are intended to protect you from wet weather at all costs. These good mtb shorts use C6 DWR, 95% Coolmax polyester and 5% lycra which makes which is significantly more durable than a lot of other fabrics.

Weighing around 225gm, the fabric of these top-rated mountain bike shorts are certified as Bluesign approved. While having an impact on weight and suppleness, does make for a reassuring barrier against the elements as well as being able to withstand scrapes and crashes better than most.

Despite the weight of the material, the tailoring and use of stretchy back paneling, means these cargo bike shorts are quick-dry, moisture-wicking and comfortable to ride for a long time in spring, fall and winter.

Another good feature of these best mtb protection shorts is their waist adjustment system. TLD shorts for mtb come with single low profile snap button and Velcro backing for a clean enclosure throughout.

The Slim TLD embossed Velcro waist adjusters are flexible on the hips and provide a snug fastener with quick access to make sizing adjustments on the fly. Additionally, these best men’s mountain bike shorts are built with 2 zipperd hand pockets with sleek zipper garages that allow the zipper pulls to stay tucked in.

Other features that put these TLD mtb shorts in every mountain bike shorts reviews are; silicone grip pattern placed in optimal areas, reflective TLD logo details and weft stretch (side to side) has a great look, breathability and stand off the skin. Overall, they are one of the best baggy mountain bike shorts on the market.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Padded Liner: Not included
  • Shell Inseam: N/A
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Exterior Velcros, snap button
  • Stretchable: 2-Way

11. Wespornow MTB Shorts For Men

 out of stock

The Wespornow mens mtb shorts is a comfortable product suited to mountain bike riding. The velcros on both sides of the waist can be adjusted and fitted to enhance your comfort.

The short has a robust construction that holds up well to harder riding. Using Cationic Yarn-Dyed Fabrics, Wesp mtb riding shorts give you the best durability and comfort of movement.

Another reason we listed the Wespornow MTB shorts are listed in many best trail shorts is their breathability. They wick away excess moisture and dry quickly to help you keep cool.

On top of the features mentioned above, another thing I like about these mtb bike shorts are the four YKK zipper pockets and reflective strips. These mountain bike shorts have 4 deep, spacious zipper pockets to help conveniently hold your belongings.

Wespornow is not one of the mountain bike shorts with chamois. So, if you decide to buy these loose bike shorts, you will also need to buy a liner separately.

Lastly, the Wespornow offers a full refund or replacement for their best mtb baggy shorts if you are not satisfied with their products or service. Don’t forget to refer to their size chart before buying one of Wespornow affordable top mtb shorts.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 4
  • Padded Liner: Not included
  • Shell Inseam: N/A
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Exterior Velcros, snap button
  • Stretchable: 4-Way

12. Cycorld MTB Shorts For Men

 out of stock

Have been reviewed on many best mtb bike shorts, the Cycorld baggy MTB shorts use cationic yarn-dyed fabrics which have improved durability and increased flexibility to be even more pedal-friendly.

The leg falls at about knee-length, with room for medium-duty pads. Overall fit is snug without feeling tight, and the waistband can be easily adjusted on-the-fly with one hand thanks to the exterior side velcros.

Four zipper pockets hold essentials and are deep enough to keep the contents secure. Being one of the best budget mtb shorts, the Cycrod is available in several colors and 100% customers’ satisfaction if there are any problems.

Another reason we added this mtb short in our best baggy mtb shorts review is its flexible/stretchy design which makes it ideal for most outdoor activities and sports. You can wear it for mtb sports, walking, camping, hiking, climbing, etc.

Other features of these best cheap mtb shorts are breathablity, comfort and reflective strips on both sides of the cycling shorts. Reflective design helps improve visibility and safety while breathablity of these best enduro mtb shorts will help keep you cool.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 4
  • Padded Liner: Not included
  • Shell Inseam: N/A
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Exterior Velcros, snap button
  • Stretchable: 4-Way

13. Hiauspor Mountain Bike Riding Shorts

 out of stock

If you have been searching for the best shorts for mountain biking, you have probably come across these Hiauspor best mtb enduro shorts. They are available in many colors and have received many 5-star ratings on Amazon from consumers.

If you’re planning to spend less than $40 on a mountain bike short, you need to check out Hiauspor MTb shorts because they are one of the best cheap mountain bike shorts on the market.

These all-mountain shorts give your legs effortless mobility on the bike, but they’re not baggy and don’t tend to get caught on the saddle and other parts either.

Featuring elastic waistband and the Velcro adjuster tabs on the side helps to provide a snug fit and stay in place. The polyester and spandex shell is 4-way stretchy but strong so they don’t wear after a couple tumbles onto the trail. The fabric is moisture-wicking and water repellency. They’ll keep you dry and cool during summer rides.

There are four pockets, and each of the zippered side pockets can accommodate an oversize smartphone which isn’t too bothersome to ride with since the shorts suspend the phone just below your hamstring.

Additionally, these best mtb cycling shorts have high visibility reflective strip on both sides of the biking pants to ensure safe ridings at night and early mornings. Reviewed on many best shorts for MTB reviews, the Hiauspor shorts are one of the best mountain bike apparel on the budget category.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 4
  • Padded Liner: Not included
  • Shell Inseam: N/A
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Exterior Velcros, snap button
  • Stretchable: 4-Way

14. Ally Mountain Bike Shorts With Padding

 out of stock

With no doubt, the best mountain bike shorts with chamois under $40 are these Alley mtb shorts padded design. They are one of our best seller mens mountain biking shorts with padding.

The Ally mountain biking padded shorts are the new winner of our Best Buy Award in the low-price category. This versatile and comfortable mtb short with padding comes with a chamois liner included at a very reasonable price.

Not only are the Ally mtb shorts with liner are a great deal, but these shorts have a casual and straightforward style both on and off the bike, with a comfortable loose, but not too baggy, fit.

They have seven functional pockets that all work well when pedaling, and an elastic waistband for comfortable pedaling while seated. The waist closure consists of an adjustable velcro hook and button system that pulls tension evenly around the waist for a comfortable and secure fit.

They also come with a chamois liner, it’s far from the best mountain bike padded short liner, but it’s way better than none at all, adding to this short’s list of features and impressive value.

The 2023 new version of these casual cycling shorts with padding is medium weight fabric and highly breathable. So, you can use them in the warmer days. Considering the price, liner, quality, and design, the Alley men’s mountain bike padded shorts are the best budget mountain bike shorts on the market.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 7
  • Padded Liner: Included
  • Shell Inseam: N/A
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Wasit Adjusters: Exterior Velcros, snap button
  • Stretchable: 4-Way

15. SILVINI Mountain Bike Men’s Breathable Shorts

 out of stock

Last but not least is one of the best ripstop baggy shorts by Silvini. Unlike the tight-fitting endurance cycling clothing, these baggy men’s cycling shorts are loose and look casual. Initially designed for mountain biking, commuting and leisure bike rides, the SILVINI baggy cycling shorts work great for an hour-long spin class also.

They are comfortable and less revealing compared to tight shorts. You can use them for lounging around the gym or getting a few reps of your favorite gym workout. With the 12.6-inch inseam, the will come to above the knee on most riders.

The breathable loose and lightweight fabrics provide optimum comfort, keep you cool while keeping the vapor and perspiration away from the body. These baggy-style short with pockets are perfect for mountain biking but also a good alternative for the indoor spinning workout as well as short road cyclings.

However, this particular model doesn’t have the padded liner included. Therefore, you will need to purchase the padding separately. It costs around $15-20 and helps to avoid bottom pain and injuries caused by the saddle. So, the ride is more comfortable and fun.

The elastic panel in the back and around the waistband combined with the belt keeps the short in place on the downhill and bouncy trails. Overall the Silvin men baggy cycling shorts are comfortable and good value for the money.

  • Specs:
  • Number of Pockets: 6 Zipper pockets
  • Padded Liner: Not Included
  • Shell Inseam: 12.6″
  • Water Resistance: N/A
  • Wasit Adjusters: Elastic and belt
  • Stretchable: Yes, rear yoke panel

Best Padded Mountain Biking Shorts Compared

Best Men's Mountain Biking Shorts Comparison Chart
Fox Head Men’s Ranger Biking ShortsIncluded13"62-Way
Endura SingleTrack Baggy Cycling Short with LinerIncluded13"7Rear Yoke
Pearl Izumi Men’s Biking ShortsIncluded12"3No
Canari Men’s Gel Baggy Cycling ShortsIncluded 12"3Rear Yoke
WOSAWE Men Cycling MTB Shorts & Padded UnderwearIncluded 13"4Black Parts
ZOIC Men’s Best Biking ShortsIncluded 11.5"64-Way
Endura Hummvee Baggy Cycling ShortsIncluded 13"6N/A
ARSUXEO MTB Cycling ShortsIncluded 14"44-Way
Blike Men’s Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling ShortsIncluded 13"7N/A
Troy Lee Designs Skyline Mountain Bike ShortsNoN/A22-Way
Wespornow MTB Shorts For MenNoN/A44-Way
Cycorld MTB Shorts For MenNoN/A44-Way
Hiauspor Mountain Bike Riding ShortsNoN/A44-Way
Ally Mountain Bike Shorts With PaddingIncludedN/A74-Way
SILVINI Mountain Bike Shorts for MenNo12.6"6Rear Yoke

Benefits of Mountain Bike Shorts

Anti Bacterial

Best mountain bike shorts feature Coolmax anti bacterial padding that will provide vital protection for your bottom. Men cycling MTB shorts with padded underwear can wick the moisture away and prevent the bacteria build-up. The side, rear, and inner thigh ventilation make biking more pleasant in hotter temperature.

Casual Style

Mountain bike shorts have a loose baggy design that makes them ideal for on and off the bike. Due to the non-revealing cut, the mountain cycling shorts look similar to regular baggy shorts.

The road bike shorts for men is great for cycling, running and other outdoor activities.

Separatable Liner

If you are going on a long mountain biking, you can attach the MTB liners. But if you want to do a short ride down the street or commuting ride in the neighboorhood, you can detach the inner shorts.

We recommend getting the liner cycling shorts that are breathable, fits well and moves with your body. So, you can use them even for short bike rides.

Prevents chafing

Baggy Cycling Shorts with chamois fit tight and move your body to prevent your skin from rubbing against the fabric. Therefore, there is no friction and bruises after the ride.

The inner short has seamless stitch lines that don’t dig into your skin so there is no irritation and painful marks after the ride. Men’s MTB short provide the perfect fit on the bike which leads to ultimate comfort and performance mountain biking.

Mountain bike shorts are comfortable

Featuring several panels provide more support and better fitting which leads to a better blood flow and freedom of movement. Breathable MTB shorts provide the compression that supports your muscles during the ride.

The baggy cycling shorts with liner absorb the trail bumps and protects your hip bones. The wide elastic waistband around these cycling pants hugs your waist comfortably keeping the short in place in the trails.

Several Pockets

Unlike tight road cycling shorts, the gel baggy cycling shorts have several pockets to help you carry your belongings with you. Always look for the mountain bike shorts that have at least 2 front pockets, 1 back pocket, and 4 leg zipper pockets. MTB shorts with waterproof zipper pockets can keep your cash, cards, phone, and money dry and safe during a trail biking.

Adds protection

The best men MTB cycling shorts have non-restrictive, loose-fitting ripstop fabric to protect your knees when doing mountain, downhill and road biking. With multiple seam stitching, the MTB cycling shorts offer top durability and comfort on every ride.

Types of mountain bike baggy shorts for men.

There are two main types of men’s padded MTB cycling short. The shorts with detachable pads/inner short and the shorts with built-in pads/inner short.

MTB shorts with built-in gel pads on them.

These shorts are easy to put on and off and they are perfect for short leisure rides. But the liner/inner short is not detachable, meaning you don’t have the option to ride the bike without the pads. It also means that if you don’t like the padding of inner short, you can’t change them.

MTB shorts with detachable liners/inner shorts

These Baggy cycling short are what pro mountain bikers use. They are sold in two pieces, the inner short and the baggy short. The two following factors make the detachable MTB shorts a better choice.

You have the option to wear the baggy short without any pads to walk to the store or do a short bike ride down the road. You can also decide to change the inner short to something that suits your ride.

If you don’t like the padding,  the leg grippers, waistband, or the overall materials of one inner short, you can simply buy another inner short without having to buy the baggy short.

How To Pick The Best Men’s Mountain Biking Shorts?

Waist adjustment

Bib and lycra shorts have elastic or silicone waistband so they hold tight to your body and they don’t need adjustment. But the mountain bike baggy shorts are more similar to your regular pants and they need adjustment.

Having velcro, studs and belt loops waist adjusters make sure your trail short stays in place and doesn’t open while going through rough trails. There are usually inner and outer velcros for waist adjusters in addition to stud fastenings.

The waistbands that feature velcro, as well as a double stud fastening, don’t pop open. And if your short has adjustable side panels with Velcro, it’s even better because they make sure your baggy cycling shorts stay high at the back to avoid gaping when you lean forward.


One of the reasons loose cycling shorts are popular is the pockets that allow you to keep your phone, keys, and tools with you. Some men’s cycling shorts baggy feature zippered pockets on the hips, back, and sides.


The softer and lightweight shorts are more comfortable and don’t feel bulky. And since you wear the liner beneath your baggy loose fit cycling shorts it better be breathable and easy to dry.

Some baggy trail cycling shorts are available with ripstop thick materials to prevent the gel padded cycling shorts from tearing and to protect your skin in case of accidents.

Length of the short

The best baggy cycling shorts should at least reach your knee so they offer better protection and don’t ride up. The baggy cycling shorts that feature short length also don’t look really good when riding.

Look for 12 to 14 inches inseam length. Also, keep in mind that if you wear kneepads, you want the short to be long enough to reach the pads without leaving a gap.

Inner short/Liner

Some top mountain bike shorts come with a padded liner. However, if it’s not included we highly recommend purchasing it separately. The padded shorts/liners are for underneath your baggy cycling short to help avoid saddle sore, chafing and discomfort.

For under neat your MTB cycling shorts, you can wear either a liner, cycling underwear with pads, lycra road cycling short or bib shorts. Keep in mind that they need to be breathable because you wear another short on top of it.

Regardless of what type of cycling padded short/chamois, you wear under neat your mountain biking short, they need to be able to draw moisture away from your body, let the airflow, and fit well.

According to pro mountain bikers, the men’s cycling bib shorts are the best choice because the bibs/straps keep the mountain bike padded liner shorts in place on the bouncy trails.

Bib shorts are also more comfortable compared to other cycling shorts because they don’t bunch up and you don’t have to worry to tug up the dropping waistbands. There are specific mountain bike bib shorts that can be worn alone or under your baggies.

Water resistance

For padded mountain biking shorts, this is an important factor since you never know when it starts raining, especially in wettish areas. So, look for some level of water resistance to be able to roar through winter plash and rain when buying the best mtb shorts with chamois.


Majority of men’s mountain bike shorts are not stretchable, unlike lycra shorts. Therefore, to make sure your mountain bike shorts fit you properly there are few things you need to check: See the waist, length, inseam, and thigh sizes.

Mountain Cycling clothing is loose and thicker compared to road cycling due to the nature of the terrain you ride. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear tight-fitting lycra short for mountain biking.

Although, you need to keep in mind that while the lycra shorts feature better aerodynamics, they are not as thick and protective as the mountain biking shorts.

Other Considerations For Best Mountain Bike Shorts:

Regular baggy short vs men’s MTB shorts

While they can both have the same durable materials, they feature a different design. The best mountain bike shorts made by top cycling clothing brands feature taller rear to make sure your back is covered when you lean forward.

Men’s mountain bike shorts also have extra waist adjusters to keep the short in place. Most baggy MTB shorts also have stretchable panels in the back to make sure your movement is not restricted on the saddle. There are usually inner buttons on MTB shorts to allow you to attach your liner/inner short.

MTB shorts vs road cycling shorts

Road cycling lycra shorts

Road cycling shorts are tight-fitting and perfect short, medium and long-distance cycling. They are more revealing compared to baggy shorts and they also don’t have pockets to let you keep your phone, keys, etc.

Baggy Mountain Biking shorts

MTB shorts come in two parts, the baggy short and the inner short. Depending on the padding quality they are good for 10-30 kilometer rides. The baggy short is loose fitting and feature several pockets.

Best Inner Shorts For Mountain Bike

The liner is another short which is also called the inner short. It’s skin tight and has the gel pads integrated into it. Inner shorts/liners are similar to the road cycling lycra shorts except they are shorter in length and they are more breathability.

Because the inner shorts go beneath the baggy shorts,  they need to be more breathable, thinner and shorter in length to keep you cool and allow unrestricted movement.

If you want to ride comfortably, you will definitely need the inner shorts to wear under neat your mountain biking baggy short. Here is the list of few top padded liners for that are perfect for mountain biking shorts.

Przewalski Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Underwear, Bike Liner. Click here to see the price.

Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded MTB Cycling Underwear Shorts, Biker Liner. Click here to see the price

9.7Expert Score
Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Shorts

Mountain biking shorts look casual but that’s not the only reason most mountain bikers wear baggy shorts. There are quite a few benefits to gain from biking shorts. Mountain biking shorts also are known as MTB shorts or Baggy shorts feature non-revealing design and gel padded liners that offer protection for your bottom for short and long rides. They can easily absorb the vibration, prevent chaffing and saddle sore.

When you are not riding, you can detach the inner short and use them as summer shorts. Featuring regular clothing design, mountain bike shorts provide vital protection. Buying men’s mountain bike shorts doesn’t cost much while offering a great deal of comfort. Many of the above reviewed baggy mountain bike shorts that have cycling shorts inside are eligible for free shipping.

After reviewing the top mountain bike shorts in the market, the PEARL iZUMI Men’s Canyon baggy shorts stand out as the ultimate choice for mountain biking enthusiasts. These shorts offer exceptional features such as a detachable liner and a convenient zipper cargo pocket, setting them apart from the rest.

While the PEARL iZUMI Men’s Canyon shorts take the top spot, it’s worth considering the other options as well. The Fox Head Men’s Ranger shorts, Endura SingleTrack III Baggy Cycling shorts with liner, and Pearl Izumi Men’s Canyon shorts also offer great features and protection. Additionally, the Canari Men’s Single Track baggy cycling shorts, WOSAWE Men Cycling MTB shorts with padded underwear, ZOIC Men’s Black Market Essential Liner cycling shorts, and Endura Hummvee baggy cycling shorts are notable choices for their comfort and durability.

For those looking for specific features at lower price range, the ARSUXEO, Blike, Troy Lee, Wespornow, Cycorld, Hiauspor, Ally, and SILVINI Mountain Bike shorts offer a variety of options to cater to different preferences. There are many other mountain biking shorts to choose from on the market. No matter which one you decide to buy, it’s important to consider factors such as comfort, durability, and functionality. The reviewed mountain cycling shorts offer a range of choices to suit every rider’s needs.


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