Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical Review

While the Elevation Series might be the highlight of Life Fitness’ elliptical run, there is another series that deserves some attention. The Life Fitness Integrity Series most certainly can fulfill some of the functions that people are looking for when they want a commercial-grade elliptical for personal use.

One thing that we should note before we start is that there are two different models of the Integrity Series: the Deluxe version and the Simple version. They aren’t so massively different as to deserve two separate reviews, but there are a couple of differences worth noting. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop right into our review of the Life Fitness Integrity Series Ellipticals!

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Machine Review:

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Specifications:

The first aspect that we’re going to cover about the Life Fitness Integrity Series is the technical aspect. These are the elements that make up the size and weight of the machines. There are extraordinarily minor differences between the Simple and Deluxe versions here, but they still exist. The dimensions of the Simple version measure out to be 86 inches (218 cm) long, 29 inches (78 cm) wide and 63.5 inches (223.8 cm) tall. Then you have the Deluxe version, which measures to be 86 inches (218 cm) long, 29 inches (78 cm) wide and 64 inches (163 cm) tall. As you can see, extremely minor differences.

The weight capacity of both Integrity elliptical machines is the same. They both can carry an impressive 400 lbs (181.4 kg). The difference between them comes in the weight of the ellipticals themselves. The Simple version weighs 298 lbs (135 kg) and the Deluxe version weighs 301 lbs (137 kg). Again, not a huge difference, but one that should be noted.

Finally, there are the colour options available for each. The Simple version the Integrity elliptical only has “Arctic Silver” highlights available. The Deluxe version has both Arctic Silver and “Titanium Storm” available to be picked. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between them. It’s mostly what shade of gray you want highlighted on the majority black machine.

Life Fitness Integrity Series Cross Trainer Monitor:

Up next are the plentiful monitors that you get to choose from when looking at the Integrity Series of ellipticals. The monitors that Life Fitness often puts onto their ellipticals and treadmills can end up being the best part. The consoles available with these Integrity ellipticals are: the Discover SE3 HD Console, the Discover ST Console, the Integrity X Console and the Integrity C Console.

The Discover SE3 HD Console and the Discover ST Console are both the higher-tier consoles in this list. Particularly the SE3 HD has a variety of instructor-led workouts, Smartwatch connections, streaming from sites like Hulu and Netflix, and many many more features. It is by far the best console, but will also drive up the price by thousands. The Discover ST Console still has interactive terrain courses, and some other more simple touchscreen features. This comes with the downside of being less cool than the SE3 HD, but the upside of being significantly cheaper.

The Integrity X Console is a 7 inch touchscreen that has 17 different workouts to choose from. It will display statistics like speed, incline, heart rate, calories, distance and so on. You can attach it to your TV and more, making this a very solid choice for its relatively cheaper price. The Integrity C Console is by far the simplest monitor, only having 4 workouts installed. You get to track stats like speed, time, distance, calories and resistance, but nothing more advanced.

On a budget, the Integrity X is probably the best choice, as it offers workouts, Bluetooth connection and fairly advanced tech for not a whole lot more than the Integrity C. If you want the absolute best of the best (for an extremely large price increase) you’ll want to be looking at the Discover SE3 HD Console. Regardless of which you pick, the console will provide.

Life Fitness Integrity Series’ Drivetrain and Resistance:

Now we’re going to cover what makes the Life Fitness Integrity Series actually challenge whoever is onboard. The resistance type is magnetic on both the Deluxe and Simple versions, making the experience rather quiet regardless of what resistance setting you choose. Speaking of those settings, you get a choice of 25 on both. This should be a good range for most people, as it allows them to fine-tune their preferred resistance on any particular day.

As for what the drivetrains of the Life Fitness Integrity series of ellipticals are, we can’t actually tell you that. It doesn’t appear to be listed in any place that we could find in our digging. Thanks to the quietness of the workouts, we would assume that it’s a belt, but we can’t actually confirm that. But overall, the resistance is quiet and customizable for any users at all.

Handlebars, Stride Length and Pedals:

Up next, we’re going to cover the handlebars, stride length and pedals of the Integrity Series’ elliptical. These can be some of the most crucial elements, because if they don’t work well, you’re never going to get on the elliptical past the first excursion with it.

The handlebars on the Simple elliptical are just that; simple. You get a moving pair and a stationary pair. Nothing special about either of them except the sensors on the inner pair that will give you some heart rate sensors. The Deluxe Integrity Elliptical, on the other hand, has moving handlebars w multi-grip and remote resistance controls. These are the clear winners in this contest. They’re just much better.

Both versions of the elliptical have the same fixed stride length. You get 20 inches (51 cm) and that is it. While this isn’t a bad stride length outright, it would be nice to have some variation in case that length isn’t comfortable for certain people. Whether this could be done with ramp angles (of which there are none) or otherwise, it doesn’t particularly matter. It would just be a nice feature.

As for the pedals of these two ellipticals, they are generally the same. They both measure out to be oversized at 15 inches. The step-up height measures out to be 9.5 inches on both. Similarly, the Q-Factor of both sits right at 3 inches. For those who are unaware, the Q-Factor is the distance between the two pedals on each side. If it is too wide the workout can become uncomfortable, whereas if it is too narrow, the same can occur with even a small risk of injury. The Q-Factors on these Integrity Ellipticals offer decent enough space that you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Life Fitness Integrity Series Prices and Warranties:

At last, we come to the part that many are waiting for. The pricing and the warranties that come with the Integrity Series. You’ll certainly find that these cost less than the ellipticals that you’d find in the Elevation series, which cost anywhere from $6000 to $8500. You’ll find that the costs of these machines generally depends on what sort of console you want with it. For example, one of these Integrity ellipticals with the basic C Console costs around $2700. On the other hand, if you pick the SE3 HD Console, that will tag on around $2000 to the price. However, in general you can expect a basic cost of around $4000 for these models. If we were to try and go through and find all the prices for all the different models and console combinations, we’d be here all day (not to mention that it can change due to this being an older line).

As for the warranties that come with these Integrity ellipticals, you get the same sort of package for each. It is a lifetime warranty on the frame, which is definitely a positive. For the electrical components on both, you get a 2 year limited warranty. For the mechanical components on both, you once again, get a 2 year limited warranty. For the labour on both, you’ve got 1 year and that is it. Generally, it isn’t too bad of a package, particularly for the price. If it did cost as much Elevation series’ machines, then we’d criticize the warranties for not being better. However, at this price it is generally more reasonable. These Life Fitness ellipticals are pretty fair in both pricing and warranty, with them only starting to get crazy expensive if you desire the top of the line monitors. Otherwise, there aren’t too many complaints.

Life Fitness Integrity Assembly and Shipping:

The assembly process shouldn’t be too complicated, even for those who are not particularly handy. This is almost entirely down to the assembly instructions, which give a good path from having a bunch of parts to having a finished machine. It still might take you a while, since both Integrity ellipticals are rather large pieces of equipment, but you won’t be left wondering what to do. Of course, this is if you decide to assemble it yourself, as there are options to have it installed upon arrival.

As for the shipping, it shouldn’t take more than a week or two, depending on where you are located. Life Fitness is based out of the United States and it ships from there. Of course, you might have to account for slowdowns in the shipping depending on the time or year or external circumstances (cough COVID cough), but otherwise it shouldn’t be too long of a wait. The package of both the Simple and Deluxe ellipticals measure to be 91.5 inches (232.4 cm) long, 35 inches (89 cm) wide and 51.5 inches (130.8 cm) tall.

Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical Machine Pros:

Quality Monitor Choices:

The fact that you can pick from 4 different monitors depending on your budget and feature wishlist is most certainly a positive. This gives you the option of either having a console that does nothing more than tell you how long you’ve been going to one that will show you Netflix and connect to your Smartwatch. Again, we’d probably recommend the Integrity X Console, as it offers a good amount of features for a much smaller cost than either of the Discovery consoles. However, those Discovery Consoles are also extremely slick and useful. You just have to be aware of the effect it will have on the price.

Quiet and Smooth Resistance:

The 25 levels of resistance that you get on both versions of the Life Fitness Integrity perform their duties admirably. Almost anyone should be able to find a setting that will fit their comfort zone. They’ll also find that switching between these levels is extremely easy, and can lead to a much wider range of workouts being undertaken. The fact that the magnetic resistance also means that you don’t have to do frequent maintenance checks and the entire process is quieter is also nice.


You don’t have to worry about frequent battery changes or plugs with these ellipticals, which is always nice. You get a self-powered machine and no longer have to worry about it once it turns on.

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Machine Cons:

These Are Large Machines:

You’ll want to make sure that you have the space for one of these ellipticals. While it isn’t quite as heavy or large as the Elevation Series, they are still commercial-grade machines that will take up a large area. No foldability means that the space they take up will remain taken.

Non-Adjustable Features:

No incline ramp and a fixed stride means that some people might find themselves a bit uncomfortable while they exercise. While it won’t be the majority, just having an ability to slightly modify the stride length would be nice.

Costs A Decent Amount:

While, again, these don’t cost as much as the Elevation series, they still do cost a decent amount of money. You’ll want to be sure to plan out your setup and finances before investing in one of these ellipticals.

Our Final Verdict

It’s hard to pick out that many true weaknesses with the Integrity Series Cross-Trainers. Both the Simple and Deluxe versions work well, have plenty of customization in regards to the resistance, can be outfitted with as advanced or simple a monitor that you could want, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. These are pretty good ellipticals and we’d fully recommend them. They aren’t perfect, but they fulfill so many itches that those who like ellipticals and need some personal ones that those weaknesses are rendered almost void.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
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