Horizon Fitness Elliptical Reviews and Comparisons

Horizon Fitness Ellipticals

When you’re looking for the right elliptical for your home gym, you will stumble upon Horizon Fitness. Why? Because they manufacture some of the most budget-friendly workout equipment on the market. They don’t only have ellipticals, they also have treadmills, rowers, and exercise bikes, all designed for home use.

They’re known for their innovative and durable exercise equipment, which are available at highly affordable prices. Horizon ellipticals are amazing and they’re worth your consideration, which is why today we’ll be learning all about them. 

Horizon cross trainer reviews are outstanding, so you should definitely consider Horizon cross trainers if that’s what you’re looking for. Today we’ll be focusing on Horizon Fitness ellipticals because that’s what you’re looking for, but we’ll also mention other Horizon products that we believe are worth your while.

Horizon elliptical machines are available in different models and you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. Horizon exercise equipment is available at different price ranges, most of them super affordable, and they provide different features to fulfill different needs. Users are extremely happy with Horizon Fitness overall, so let’s learn more about them!

Horizon Fitness Background

Horizon Fitness’ story began in 1975, in Taiwan, where they continue to be headquartered. Their parent company is Johnson Health Tech, one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers. However, the company has very humble beginnings. Peter Lo is the founder of Johnson Metals and he earned his first client by sending hand-written letters to hundreds of different companies.

The company quickly evolved from an equipment and original design manufacturer into a fitness powerhouse with all stages of production, distribution, and sales. Horizon Fitness was established in 1998 and they redefined the experience of exercising at home forever. Today, they continue to be innovative and they continue to evolve.

Their focus is on providing the best home exercise equipment money can buy and they do that by paying attention to performance, comfort, and value. The designs of the Horizon Fitness machines are thoughtful and they allow users to move naturally. Their machines also offer many programs and features that transform your exercise experience to help you achieve your goals.

Everything Horizon builds is made with high-quality, durable materials, and they’re manufactured to the highest standards of quality as well. They want you to be able to rely on their products and never be disappointed. They have complete control over the quality of their products and they have some of the most sophisticated facilities in the industry.

Horizon Fitness is responsible about what they put on the market. Whenever they don’t make the components themselves, they thoroughly audit the people who do so they’re certain every part of the machines work flawlessly. It’s this attention to detail and to user experience that makes them one of the leading companies around the world. They have a foot in each hemisphere, so even though they’re based in Taiwan, their products are truly universal because they’re created that way.

Horizon Fitness is a great company and their designs have been celebrated and recognized all over the world for being user-friendly, smart, and high-quality. Not to mention inexpensive for the most part! Overall, Horizon ellipticals are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for long-lasting machines that won’t break the bank and are still super effective.

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Comparison Table of Horizon Ellipticals

Horizon EX 59275 LBS14.3 poundsCheck on Amazon4.5'' Yellow-Green LCD18''10 Programs10 levelsN/A
Horizon Evolve 3300 LBS18 poundsCheck on Amazon5.5'' Blue Backlit LCD20''32 Programs20 levelsN/A
Horizon Evolve 5300 LBS23 poundsCheck on Amazon6.25″ Blue Backlit LCD20''37 Programs20 levelsN/A
Horizon 7.0 AE325 LBS23 poundsCheck on Amazon7'' LCD Backlit20''15 Programs15 levels20°
Horizon Elite E7325 LBS23 poundsCheck on Amazon8.5" Blue LCD20"42 Programs20 levels10°
Horizon Elite E9350 LBS30 poundsCheck on Amazon7" Full-color touchscreen20"44 Programs20 levels10°

Overview of Horizon’s Elliptical Series

Table of Contents

Horizon Fitness has two elliptical series and they both offer amazing elliptical choices for people who want to reach their fitness goals right at home. We’ll be taking a look at each of the ellipticals individually to see what they have to offer, and we’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the series. This will give you a better idea of which elliptical is right for you and your budget. So, let’s get into it!

Elite Series Ellipticals

Elite E7 Elliptical

The Horizon Elite E7 elliptical offers efficient and comfortable workouts thanks to a variety of different programs and features. You will be able to enjoy your fitness journey with this incredible machine because it doesn’t only allow you burn calories extra-fast and tone your muscles as well.

This beauty offers 20 resistance levels, a 23-pound flywheel, 42 programs, an LCD display, automated incline, a wireless heart rate monitor, and more. The Elite E7 is light and inexpensive, and it’s perfect for beginners and people who have mid-level skills on the elliptical. The 23-pound flywheel, 10% maximum incline, and 20-inch ergonomic stride will help you train efficiently. Plus, there are 42 different workout programs which means you have a ton of variety to choose from.

The E7 is also compatible with iPod, it can be connected wirelessly to the ViaFit app, and it also has a rack for your tablet and a water bottle holder. It’s also Passport Ready so you can use Virtual Active workout videos. The videos are sold separately and they will allow you to exercise while enjoying amazing scenery.

The Horizon Elite E7 is well-built, it has a heavy flywheel, and the built-in programs are built by professionals. You have access to standard workouts and high-definition video workouts as well so you can choose the ones that adapt best to your pace! The LCD display will provide all the information you need, such as calories, distance, time, speed, heart rate, resistance, RPM, laps, incline, watts, and more. You can also export the data for sharing and more advanced fitness tracking.

The warranty for the E7 is also great. You have a lifetime-warranty for the frame, a 5-year warranty for parts, a 1-year warranty for labor, and your money back in the first 30 days if you receive a faulty machine.

Overall, the Horizon Elite E7 offers users great benefits and it’s super affordable, especially considering the quality. Mid-level users and beginners with serious goals will thoroughly enjoy this machine. The only major drawback is that it’s not foldable, so if you’re looking for something you can store quickly and easily, this is not the right option for that.

Elite E9 Elliptical

The last one on the Elite series is the E9 elliptical and it’s designed for users of all levels of fitness who want to achieve their goals effectively. It’s the most advanced Horizon elliptical and it stands out thanks to its full-color touchscreen display and 30-pound drive. It also offers a power incline, iPod compatibility, a tablet computer rack, Virtual Active training videos, and many other amazing features.

If you’re looking for a top elliptical, this might be the one for you. The 30-pound flywheel offers a smooth performance, and other outstanding features are the 10% incline and ergonomic 20-inch stride. The machine is also challenging so you’ll be able to push your limits further and further to achieve your fitness goals. This makes the E9 perfect for beginners and more advanced people alike.

The 7-inch touchscreen provides access to a workout calendar, 44 standard workout programs you can use, and two Virtual Active workout videos, which will allow you exercise while enjoying scenic views, HD sights and high-quality sounds. It’s also iPod compatible, and it can be wirelessly connected to the ViaFit app.

The Elite E9 elliptical also features a wireless hear rate monitor, a grip pulse monitor, moving arm bars, optimal handlebar spacing, ergonomic pedal spacing, a workout fan, a water bottle holder, and a rack for your tablet so you can enjoy your entertainment while you exercise.

The E9 also has a great warranty. You get a lifetime-warranty for the frame, a 5-year warranty for parts, a 2-year warranty for labor, and you have a 30-day trial period, if anything’s wrong with your machine you can send it back.

Overall, the Horizon Elite E9 elliptical is an outstanding machine and it packs the full force of what Horizon has to offer. It’s made for users on all fitness levels and it will allow you to stay motivated and entertained while you’re working towards your goals. It doesn’t only have amazing features that support your fitness journey, it also keeps you entertained and energized. It’s more expensive than the E7, but it has a ton more value to offer.

Advantages of the Elite Series

Both Horizon ellipticals on the Elite series are high-quality machines made with the highest standards and the best materials. They’re sturdy, thoughtfully designed, and they will help you reach your fitness goals effectively.

While the E7 is more aimed at users who are only beginning to train with ellipticals, the E9 caters to all kinds of users, making it a bit more universal. However, both machines have a wide array of features that make them not only effective, but also challenging enough to push you towards your goals.

The E7 is a bit more budget-friendly, while the E9 is more expensive, but they both offer a lot of value to users who want to commit to their fitness goals right at home. They offer a ton of variety and you will truly enjoy these machines. Plus, they offer a great warranty!

Disadvantages of the Elite Series

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Elite series ellipticals is that they’re not foldable, so they’re not easy to store. However, they’re still a great addition to your home gym no matter what level of fitness you’re on.

Evolve Series Ellipticals

Evolve 3 Elliptical

The Horizon Evolve 3 is a great elliptical and it has a lot to offer. For starters, it’s foldable, which makes it super easy to store. This is particularly important for people that don’t have much space at home and want to be able to move their equipment in and out of storage when they need. It has an 18-pound flywheel, a 20-inch footpath, it’s ergonomically smart from the handlebars to the pedals, and it has many features that allow you to make the most of the machine.

The Evolve 3 is definitely an entry-level elliptical, but it will help you train like a professional. It offers 32 built-in workout programs that will prove challenging and an 18-pound flywheel that makes the performance smooth and comfortable. You will be able to use Virtual Active workout videos, which you’ll need to purchase separately.

This Horizon elliptical is is also compatible with iPod, and it features a tablet holder and a water bottle holder as well for your comfort. The Evolve 3 is designed to with narrow pedal spacing, smooth momentum, natural footpath, and optimal arm bar spacing, so you can be safe and comfortable during your workouts. Plus, the design allows you to stay upright and it has a 20-inch stride, which is ideal for most adults.

The Evolve 3 doesn’t have an incline and it doesn’t feature wireless heart rate monitoring. However, it’s a great way for users to get started on ellipticals. This mid-level elliptical is available at an affordable price and the design is super user-friendly. It also provides a great warranty, with a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 3-year warranty for the parts, and a one-year warranty for labor, plus a 30-day money back guarantee.

Overall, the Horizon Evolve 3 is an affordable, user-friendly, yet challenging elliptical that will help users reach their goals at an affordable price. It’s full of great features and it’s perfect for people who are not elliptical professionals but want to unlock its potential.

Evolve 5 Elliptical

Last on the Evolve series, we have the Horizon Evolve 5 elliptical, which is one of the top ellipticals Horizon has to offer. This is the top option on the list and it features a 23-pound flywheel and 37 different workout programs you can use to challenge yourself and reach your goals.

The Evolve 5 also works with Passport Virtual Active workout videos, just like the rest of the ellipticals we’ve seen so far. It’s compatible with iPod, supports wireless connection so you can export your data, a water bottle holder, and a rack for your tablet so you can enjoy your entertainment during your workouts.

The assembly process is super easy, it features cushioned grips, optimal handlebar spacing, moving arm bars, a 20-inch stride, narrow pedal spacing for comfort, grip pulse readers, wireless fitness tracking with the ViaFit app, and more. The Evolve 5 doesn’t have incline and it features no wireless heart rate monitoring.

This mid-level elliptical is definitely a step up from the Evolve 3 and it’s still affordable, especially when you consider all the features available. This Horizon elliptical will provide intermediate-level workouts and it has many different workout programs you can choose from. The LCD display provides all the information you need, including heart rate, speed, distance, calories, and more.

The Evolve 5 also offers great warranty. You have a lifetime-warranty for the frame, a 3-year warranty for the parts, and a one-year labor warrant, plus a 30-day money back guarantee. The bottom line is that the Evolve 5 is the top option of this series and it’s not that much more expensive than the Evolve 3. Overall, a great option!

Advantages of the Evolve Series

One of the best things about the Evolve Series is that it offers both entry-level and intermediate-level machines. Both of them are affordable, packed with great features, sturdy, and will help you reach your fitness goals beautifully.

While the Evolve 3 is for beginners, the Evolve 5 is meant for more intermediate-level users who are a bit deeper into their fitness journey. However, both machines are easy to use and they provide many resistance levels, a ton of pre-programmed workout options, and many great features for entertainment, fitness tracking, and more.

As opposed to the Elite series, both ellipticals on the Evolve series are foldable, which means you’ll be able to store them easily and whenever you see fit. They’re also super easy to assemble. Not to mention the warranty has you covered!

Disadvantages of the Evolve Series

The only “bad” thing we can say about the Evolve Series is that it’s mostly marketed and designed towards entry-level and intermediate-level users. This means more advanced, professional users won’t be too impressed. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing ellipticals you should consider if you’re at that level.

Standalone Horizon Ellipticals

EX-59 Elliptical

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly Horizon elliptical, this is the one. The EX-59 is the cheapest elliptical they have, but it still features the 6 key design elements that comfortably support a natural gait. You have the 18-inch stride, a 14.3 pound flywheel, and 10 resistance levels as well as 10 built-in workouts.

There’s no incline, though. However, this is the perfect entry-level elliptical and it’s super affordable. The warranty is quite decent, it’s compatible with iPod, a water bottle holder, a rack for your tablet, ergonomic pedal spacing, optimal arm bar spacing, and moving arm bars. Unlike other super inexpensive ellipticals on the market, this one offers a comfortable design, smooth performance, and it helps you reach your goals effectively.

This is a very basic, yet valuable elliptical that will carry less weight and have shorter strides. The 2-year warranty is much appreciated and it’s impressive considering how inexpensive the machine is. It’s not as long-lasting as other ellipticals, but it’s a great choice to get started.

7.0 AE Elliptical

This durable mid-range Horizon elliptical is almost for everyone. The 7.0 AE elliptical is compact, which is great if you’re working with limited space at home. The 23-pound flywheel makes for smooth and quiet workouts. It also features a 20-inch stride length, which means users of a wide range of heights will be able to enjoy it. The 20 levels of power inclines along with the 20 levels of resistance will allow you to create challenging combinations, making this machine great for beginners and more advanced users alike.

Heart rate monitoring is super easy thanks to the grip pulse, you can also connect your devices via Bluetooth to enhance your entertainment with the in-built speakers so you’re entertained and motivated during your workouts.

The elliptical is also compatible with Android and iOS apps so you can sync your fitness apps and keep track of everything. Though the LCD screen is a bit small, the rest of the features make up for it! Plus, the warranty is amazing.

Horizon Fitness Advantages

Now that we’ve taken a look at all the Horizon Fitness ellipticals, let’s discuss the advantages of this brand. For one, they build sturdy and reliable frames because they use SixStar Certified frames. Even the foldable ellipticals we discussed in the Evolve Series are made to be sturdy and reliable.

Another great thing about Horizon ellipticals is that they’re very affordable and they still offer high-quality construction. What’s more, each elliptical is different when it comes to resistance levels, workout programs, and console design. That means Horizon provides enough variety to allow users to find exactly the elliptical they require for their fitness goals and needs.

What’s more, most Horizon elliptical models offer ViaFit connectivity, which makes it easy for you to set and keep track of your fitness goals. With wireless connectivity, which is also featured in most of these ellipticals, you’ll be able to connect your devices and exchange data between fitness apps.

The warranty on all these models is outstanding, particularly for the price of each one. The warranty Horizon offers is more than adequate, which provides users with peace of mind. Another great benefit of Horizon ellipticals is that they’re Passport ready and you can enjoy interactive training with a Passport media player with Virtual Active.

Horizon truly provides outstanding equipment that’s made to last. They make sure their ellipticals are perfect for your home gym and are packed with all the features you need to reach your fitness goals. They understand what their users need at every step and they provide exactly that.

Horizon Fitness Disadvantages

When it comes to disadvantages, it’s important to note that the front drive design has proven to be uncomfortable for some users and it doesn’t provide as natural a feel. Another drawback is that not all elliptical models are foldable, which means if you’re looking for something portable and compact, you will have less options to choose from.

Also, none of the Horizon ellipticals feature a touchscreen display (except for one model); they’re all LCD and that can be a turn off for many users. However, these are not disadvantages that pose too big of a problem if you choose the right elliptical for you and your needs.

And even more importantly, none of Horizon Fitness ellipticals offer adjustable stride to comfortably accommodate every member of one’s family. So, if you’d like to check out other ellipticals, we recommend Bowflex ellipticals, Body Solid ellipticals, and Norditrack ellipticals just to mention a few other elliptical brands that also make amazing ellipticals. We’ve discussed their products in detail as well, so don’t hesitate to check them out!

The Final Verdict

The bottom line here is that Horizon Fitness is a great brand that has made many users happy and allowed them to reach their fitness goals effectively. They offer a wide range of ellipticals that are easy to use and that support not only different workouts, but also entertainment features that will keep you motivated and ready to go! Horizon ellipticals are known for their durable frames, quiet incline, amazing break system, and the overall value they offer. So, if you’re looking for equipment that’s affordable, effective, easy to use, and durable, Horizon is the way to go.

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