Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness is part of the Johnson Health Tech based in Taiwan. JHT has been a global leader for decades in home and commercial fitness equipment manufacturer. They are also known as the world’s third-largest workout equipment manufacturer.

Horizon Fitness features six main categories of machines: Elliptical trainers, treadmills, Rowers, Stepper, exercise bikes, and Strength.

Horizon Fitness provides durable and innovative elliptical trainers for affordable prices. The SixStar certified frame for maximum comfort and performance and Magnetic brake resistance are only some of the features that helped Horizon Fitness to gain loyal customers around the globe. Many Horizon Fitness ellipticals offer Blue LCD displays, multiple programs, Bluetooth compatibility and more.

However, they are still not as popular as companies such as Precor and Life Fitness for the elliptical trainers. Because they don’t have as many elliptical trainers and most Horizon cross trainers are fit for residential use only. So if you are looking to equip your gym, you may also want to check other brands such as Life Fitness and Precor.

Horizon Fitness ellipticals

Horizon trainers come in different shapes, and features. Depending on the price they come with different functionalities as well. The more expensive Horizon cross trainers ($1500 above) come with a touchscreen display, built-in Virtual Active, iPod and Passport system compatible. Although, the cheaper ones come with Blue LCD displays and MP3 compatible.

Horizon Fitness has at least 5 elliptical Series and tens of elliptical machines. Trainers are made for all body types and user athletic levels.

  • Elite
  • Endurance
  • Evolve
  • Andes
  • Syros

Horizon Fitness Evolve Series

If you have small space and looking for something that doesn’t take up much floor and easy to store, I suggest you check out the Evolve Series.
This Horizon Fitness elliptical series features compact folding frame ellipticals. They are ideal for individuals living in apartments or condos or for the office workout.

For 2017 the Evolve 3 and the Evolve 5 are the two models in Evolve series come with the Patented front-drive folding frame. The Evolve 5 can be purchased for less than $1500 and for Holiday or Blackfriday they are usually even cheaper.

These folding trainers feature adjustable strides, blue backlit LCD display with at least 30-37 programs and ViaFit, Passport™ media player compatibility. They also have Heavy, 20+lb flywheel for advanced training and SixStar certified folding frames.

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