Bowflex is a famous name in the fitness industry, especially home fitness equipment. The company started to rise in the mid-80s selling innovative home gyms. Their first machine Bowflex 2000X came out in 1986.
Ever since they have made a countless number of cardio trainers for users of all athletic levels. However, what gave them the ultimate fame were the Max Trainers and TreadClimbers. For many elliptical and treadmill users, the Max Trainers and Tread-Climbers became the alternative to the traditional ellipticals and treadmills.
These fitness machines proved to bring a faster result for users with less impact. At the same time, they offered what their alternatives (traditional elliptical and treadmill) couldn’t. Max Trainers and TreadClimbers machines are two in one (Stepper and elliptical/treadmill) and they are compact which is what makes them home friendly. They have really proven to help you burn more calories due to the HIIT they offer.

These machines allow you to faster weight loss, muscle toning, and the cardio benefits. Although the Max Trainers are not for everyone because they offer High-Intensity Training workouts. You can simulate running and stepper and also do a full upper body exercise using the handlebars. Max Trainers are popular because they can deliver remarkable results in less than 20 minutes (to be precise 15 minutes) exercise session per day.

The new machines for 2017 were from Nautilus brand Bowflex “Results Series”. This Series came out in the early spring with two treadmills and elliptical trainer. All four of these new machines are estimated for residential use, however, their qualities are equal to commercial models.

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