Bowflex Elliptical Reviews and Comparisons

Bowflex ellipticals review

When it comes to ellipticals and exercise equipment, Bowflex is a well-known brand you should seriously consider. Bowflex ellipticals are our particular focus today, so we’ll be learning all about what they have to offer and what makes them such a good option for anyone’s looking to add one of these machines to their home.

We’ll also learn a bit about Bowflex as a brand and what sets them apart from others. But our main goal today is to help you find the right elliptical. We know how important fitness is and Bowflex elliptical machines will allow you to maintain or increase your fitness level to help you reach your goals. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Bowflex Background

Bowflex was born in 1986 and they’ve been innovating right out of the gate. While most of the industry focused on producing expensive and conventional weight machines for gyms, Bowflex focused on bringing that gym-quality product into everyone’s home in an innovative way. And people really loved what they came up with!

First of all, people didn’t have to pay a gym membership, not to mention you’re in the comfort of your own home. That means you don’t have to wait for other people to be done with the equipment and there’s no judgment. There’s only you, your goals, and the convenient Bowflex exercise equipment to help you reach them.

However, Bowflex’s innovation doesn’t stop at simply making your life easier. They didn’t follow the trends. Instead, they focused on developing breakthrough solutions in the form of innovative strength and cardio products to cover the user’s needs. They’ve been dedicated to innovation for over 30 years, always designing faster, smarter, and more effective ways to help you get results in your home.

Bowflex has become the golden standard over the years, and the Bowflex cross trainer reviews are proof of that. Not to mention users love Bowflex ellipticals and all the other Bowflex exercise equipment available. Behind Bowflex, there are ex-athletes, fitness professionals and beginners, joggers, hikers, bikers, moms, dads, boomers, and millennials. They practice what they preach and they understand you more than you know. This is why they’re able to design products that will cover your needs and help you get where you want to go!

Editor's Choice From Bowflex!

Bowflex max total

Compare Bowflex Ellipticals

Bowflex BXE326 EllipticalBowflex BXE326 Elliptical reviewGood Value Under $1500Check on Amazon400 LBs77" L x 31" W x 70" H25 Electromagnetic Levels11 Workouts22" FixedYes
Bowflex BXE226 EllipticalBowflex BXE226 Elliptical reviewGood Value Under $1500Check on Amazon375 LBs77" L x 31" W x 70" H25 Electromagnetic Levels9 Workouts22" FixedYes
Bowflex LateralX LX5Bowflex LateralX LX5 reviewGood Value Under $2000Check on Amazon300 LBs63" L x 53" W x 46" H10 Electromagnetic Levels10 WorkoutsLateral AdjustableYes
Bowflex LateralX LX3Bowflex LateralX LX3 reviewGood Value Under $1500Check on Amazon300 LBs63" L x 53" W x 46" H8 Electromagnetic Levels7 WorkoutsLateral AdjustableYes
Bowflex Max Trainer M3Bowflex Max Trainer 3 reviewGood Value Under $1000Check on Amazon300 LBs46" L x 25" W x 63" H8 Electromagnetic Levels and Fan Resistance2 Workouts4" Fore/Aft | 8" VerticalNo
Bowflex Max Trainer M5Bowflex Max Trainer 5 reviewGood Value Under $1500Check on Amazon300 LBs46" L x 25" W x 63" H16 Electromagnetic Levels and Fan Resistance9 Workouts4" Fore/Aft | 8" VerticalYes
Bowflex Max Trainer M7Bowflex Max Trainer 7 reviewGood Value Under $2000Check on Amazon300 LBs46" L x 30" W x 65" H20 Electromagnetic Levels and Fan Resistance11 Workouts4" Fore/Aft | 8" VerticalYes
Bowflex Max Trainer M8Bowflex Max Trainer 8 reviewGood Value Under $2500Check on Amazon300 LBs49" L x 30" W x 65" H20 Electromagnetic Levels and Fan Resistance7 Workouts4" Fore/Aft | 8" VerticalYes
Bowflex Max Trainer TotalBowflex Max Trainer Total reviewGood Value Under $3000Check on Amazon300 LBs57" L x 34" W x 65" H16 Electromagnetic and Fan Resistance8 Workouts4" Fore/Aft | 8" VerticalYes

Overview of Bowflex Max and Elliptical Series

Table of Contents

When it comes to choosing the right elliptical for your purposes, it’s important you take your time with the decision. After all, there are many different options available and you want to make sure you’re making a good investment. Your fitness goals deserve to be taken seriously and you need a machine that will help you reach them. Bowflex ellipticals are a great option, so let’s take a look at what they each have to offer.

Bowflex only has one elliptical series at the moment with two good elliptical options for everyone who’s looking for a sturdy piece of equipment. The Results Series of Ellipticals provides exactly that: results! And you’ll be happy you found it. Within the Results Series of Bowflex ellipticals, you’ll find the Bowflex BXE326 Elliptical and the Bowflex E226/E116 Elliptical. They both have great reviews and we’ll break down what each of them has to offer in great detail below, so keep reading!

Bowflex BXE326 Elliptical (Results Series)

Bowflex BXE326 Elliptical Overview

The Bowflex BXE216 offers top of the line performance and it’s built to deliver results and exceed your expectations. The 15.9 kg (35 pounds) flywheel system is incredible, it features Bowflex’s Burn Rate console, the Switch Select Cushioning System, 25 resistance levels, and Bluetooth. In other words, it features everything you need!

You’ll be able to challenge yourself greatly and enjoy free entertainment and connectivity options so you can make the most of your exercise. With the real-time custom workout creation feature, you will be able to go harder, faster, and for longer, which means you’ll burn more calories than ever.

There are 11 different pre-programmed workouts you can enjoy, a 55.9 cm stride length, the pedals are completely adjustable for your comfort, there’s Bluetooth 4.0, and you’ll also be able to sync your machine to the Results Series app, available on Android and iOS. This is a powerful machine and it’s one of the best in the market because it provides the hardcore fitness results many people are looking for.

The 15.9 kg (35 pounds) flywheel provides an incredibly smooth performance and it makes the elliptical feel natural and comfortable. The 55.9 cm stride also provides a satisfying experience. Overall, this elliptical offers a smooth experience when you’re using it.

It’s also designed to make sure users can maximize their comfort and have easy access to everything. The LCD display provides all the information you need, including distance, speed, calories, burned, time, and more. The display also makes it easy for you to navigate through all the settings. It also features a remote heart rate monitor and a chest strap. You’ll also be able to take advantage of 11 different pre-programmed workout options so you can reach your goals more effectively.

Beyond that, the 25 levels of resistance and Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to customize your workout programming as you go. You will be able to determine which level of intensity is best for you and you can enhance them once you’ve reached your goals. Features and functionality are truly great, which are what makes this elliptical so great to use.

The BXE326 elliptical is a perfection option for people who want to improve their cardiovascular fitness level and want to enjoy full body workout sessions. If you want a performance-oriented elliptical, this one will also be great for you thanks to all the customizable programming options. No matter if you’re a beginner or a more professional user, you will find this elliptical easy to use.

The Bowflex BXE326 elliptical is easy to assemble, all you need to do is follow the instructions well. You will need some help because this is a powerful machine and it’s built incredibly well with premium grade materials. So, get a couple of friends or family members to help you with it. You could also hire a professional to do this for you, bit it will cost you a bit of extra money.

It’s worth noting that the Bowflex BXE326 is not on the inexpensive side of the spectrum, but that’s because it’s designed to cater to a limited number of users and it’s made with the most high-quality materials, not to mention it provides many incredible features and settings that are well worth the money. This machine is incredibly sturdy, high-end, and it will get you the results you’re looking for. Overall, it is a good value elliptical under $2000.

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical (Results Series)

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Overview

If the Bowflex BXE116 elliptical is a little too expensive for you, the BXE226 provides premium quality for a very affordable price. This last installment in the Bowflex Results Series will help you burn more calories and stay motivated in your fitness journey. With a calorie-centric programming, Switch Select pedal suspension technology, in-reach controls, an LCD display and Bluetooth connectivity, the BXE226 provides a ton of value and a powerful performance that will help you reach your goals at a more affordable price.

The BXE226 is one of the best ellipticals you can find for home use thanks to the 30-pound drive wheel, which provides consistent results and a smooth performance. It’s one of the top-selling front drive ellipticals on the market and it provides a great variety of workout programs that will get you, you guessed it, results! 

This Bowflex elliptical is 77″ L x 31″ W x 70″ H, and it supports a maximum user weight of 375 pounds. The 30-pound flywheel provides 25 levels of resistance, which means you’ll be able to customize the difficulty of your workouts according to your goals. You will be able to enjoy long stride with up to 20 inches and adjustable cushioning in the pedals as well. There are 4 user profiles available and 9 workout programs so you can fully customize your workout however you see fit. The BXE226 also features an LCD console, heart rate monitor, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The handlebars on this BXE226 are multi-grip and they feature a media shelf where you can safely place your tablet or mobile devices so you can be entertained while you’re working out. This is highly recommended because it makes workouts more engaging. Overall, the BXE226 is a highly recommended that machines that provides everything users need to reach their fitness goals and actually enjoy the process.

The 25 levels of resistance that this elliptical provides, allows users to enjoy incredible results with cardio sessions of various intensity levels. You will be able to optimize your output with the long stride range of 18 to 22 inches which makes it incredibly effective for you to challenge your fitness levels with the different resistance levels available. In other words, you will be able to go from low levels of intensity, to higher ones as your fitness level increases.

The LCD display is another great feature to note. It’s 7.5 inches and it displays all your workout stats very precisely. On the LCD display you won’t only have access to important information about your workout, such as time, distance, calories, etc., you will also be able to access the 9 workout programs and customize them however you see fit.

The Results Series app will also allow you to track and monitor your workout from your mobile device. It’s available on Android and iOS, and the app gives you access to an “on the fly” program that allows you to save your workouts. You will also be able to share your stats with friends and family thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity.

The pedals on this elliptical are also worth mentioning because they’re large and they feature switch select technology that allows them to be flexible and adjustable. You will be able to pedal comfortably and no stress will be put on your feet during more intense workout sessions. You can also enjoy the pedal incline to 10% so you can make your workouts more encouraging.

The BXE226 is a perfect option for people who want to engage in full-body workout sessions and want to improve their cardiovascular health. This is also great for people who want to increase their strength and their endurance level. Also, it promote body flexibility as well. If you want to lose weight, this machine will also allow you to do that in a low-impact manner where your limbs are not affected.

It’s also worth noting the BXE226 is a sturdy and powerful machine, but it’s very easy to assemble. All you need to do is follow the instructions, which are super detailed and useful. You will need the help of a friend or a family member, so make sure you have someone there to help you, and follow the instructions to the letter so the assembly is done well. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can always turn to professional services, but that will be an additional expense.

Overall, the Bowflex BXE226 is a great option that’s super affordable and it’s a high-quality machine that offers all the features you could need. It will allow you to reach your goals effectively and you will enjoy real results. Users really love it and it’s a highly recommended elliptical machine that will help you reach your fitness goals right at home.

Bowflex Results Series Advantages

Both machines offered on the Results elliptical series provide many great advantages to people who want to improve or maintain their physical fitness and reach their goals. On the one hand, the BXE326 is for people who want full-body workouts and focus on their cardiovascular health. On the other hand, the BXE226 provides the same thing, but it’s also good for low-impact workouts as well as strength and endurance training.

The Bowflex Results series provides a great option for different users who want to enjoy different results. But whatever you choose, you can be certain the machine will not only be of the highest-quality, it will also provide all the features you need to reach your goals effectively.

This series provides users with amazing machines that are well-built and designed to make it easier for you to reach your fitness goals. They’re full of useful features that will help you customize the machine and the workouts so you can make the most of it in the comfort of your own home.

The people at Bowflex really understand how important warranty is to users, so they provide a 15-year warranty for the frame, and 5-year warranty for mechanical parts and electronics. There’s also a 2-year warranty for labor, which makes warranty for ellipticals very complete. You can also request a refund in the first 30 days if you’ve received a defective machine. It’s worth noting that equipment misuse or defects that are caused by improper use will not be Bowflex’s responsibility.

Bowflex machines are innovative, well-designed, provide a ton of value, they’re long-lasting, well-built, and easy to assemble. Users are happy with these machines, which is why they’re highly recommended options when it comes to finding the perfect elliptical for your purposes.

Bowflex Results Series Disadvantages

The only drawback that’s worth mentioning here is the price. The BXE326 is super expensive, but it does provide a ton of value in return. However, the BXE226 is more affordable and it provides a lot of value as well. Whichever you choose will depend on your budget, but this is an investment either way.

So, if you’re planning for the long-term and you want your elliptical to last you for a long time because you’ll be using it forever, the Bowflex ellipticals are worth the money. Bowflex’s Max Trainers deserve a little attention in today’s article as well because they’re amazing machines that will allow you to reach your goals just as easily. Plus, there are four different machines available, so let’s take a look at each one.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 (Max Series)

Bowflex Max Trainer 3 Overview

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is a super compact machine, which means it will be perfect for most settings. It’s easy on the joints while still providing maximum calorie burn and allowing you to have effective workouts. You will feel motivated during your workouts and even though it only provides 2 workout programs but they’re effective enough to provide results. There’s also 8 resistance levels, which will help you make progress and switch things up.

The M3 combines the functionality of ellipticals with stair steppers, they provide low-impact workouts, and feature a display that’s easy to read, a user-friendly control panel, tablet holder, and a chest strap heart rate monitor. Overall, the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is a compact yet powerful machine that will allow you to burn calories, enjoy impactful upper body workout, and reach your fitness goals while taking care of your joints. Plus, it’s super affordable!

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 (Max Series)

Bowflex Max Trainer 5 Overview

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 will allow you to choose between many fitness modes, such as calorie goal, fat burn, stairs, steady state, and much more. This means one single machine will help you reach many different fitness goals, which is as practical as it gets. You’ll also be able to enjoy Interval Training modes to help you burn as many calories as possible. It provides upper and lower body workouts, it’s great for building upper body strength in particular, it provides 16 resistance levels, there are 8 different workout programs, and it features wireless and contact heart rate monitoring.

You also have two user profiles, it’s compatible with smartphones, and it features a water bottle holder. Overall, the M5 is everything you want from your machine: it’s effective, durable, dynamic, and super challenging, which is what will lead you to reaching your goals. However, the assembly can be a ton of work, so paying a professional will be worth it, and the warranty is not super great, with only two years of coverage, which is common at this price range.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 (Max Series)

Bowflex Max Trainer 7 Overview

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is a lot more expensive than the previous ones, but it’s also packed with more and better features. All kinds of users can benefit from this machine, but especially those who prefer more low-impact workouts. Still, the machine is very challenging, which will help you reach your fitness goals! There are 20 levels of resistance, a variety of preset workouts, it will not impact your joints, it has a wireless heart monitor, and it includes an 8-week Daily burn subscription.

The M7 also features a water bottle holder, a media shelf, it syncs with your Bowflex Fitness App, provides 4 user profiles, it has a long warranty, it’s compact, and it’s overall a great option. Among the drawbacks we can say it’s expensive, assembly is not quick and you will need help, so hiring a professional could be worth it. The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is impressive, effective even though it’s low-impact, durable, and super high-quality.

Bowflex Max Trainer M8 (Max Series)

Bowflex Max Trainer 8 Overview

Another awesome cardio machine, the Bowflex Max Trainer M8, which is an incredible fitness machine. Again, this one is on the expensive side of the spectrum, but it provides more features and a ton of value! It has 20 resistance levels, which means it’s perfect for beginners and advanced users alike, the LCD/LED screens provide all the stats you need and they’re easy to read, you have 4 user profiles, and the size is very compact. The M8 combines the movements of an elliptical and stair stepper, and it provides low-impact workouts that are effective.

The Max Intelligence app is enabled as well, which adds more to the challenge. It will keep you motivated in an innovative and fun way, so you can reach your goals a lot more easily. The app, which features an AI platform, will assess your workouts and make suggestions on what you should do next. Overall, the M8 is the complete package even though the 3-year warranty for frame and parts can seem a bit low for some users.

Bowflex Max Trainer Total (Max Series)

Bowflex-Max Trainer Total Overview

Last but not least, we have the Max Trainer Total, the latest state of art cardio machine by Bowflex. Featuring an awesome touch screen HD display makes this the best model in the Max Series. This model is result of more than a decade of work.

The Max Total features multiple preset workout programs and user profiles where each user can save their daily workout progress on the machine without having to subscribe to an application. Additionally, it has wired and wireless heart rate reading capacity. It’s also compatible with two several fitness apps for workout tracking.

Bowflex Max Series Advantages

The Bowflex Max Trainer options available are amazing because they combine the movements of an elliptical with stair steppers to give users a lot more versatility in their workouts. Not to mention the challenge is taken up a notch as well! All the machines I introduced above are made of the highest-quality, they’re durable, challenging, effective, though some more than others, suitable for beginner and more advanced users, and full of features you can take advantage of to reach your fitness goals.

Another great thing about the Bowflex Max Trainers is that there are options for everyone. The M7 and M8 models are on the more expensive side, but they’re well-worth the price, and the M3 and M5 are inexpensive and a bit more modest, but still very powerful and effective.

Bowflex Max Series Disadvantages

However, not everything’s perfect. It’s worth noting that these machines can be difficult to assemble and some people may even have to turn to professional assistance, which will cost you a bit of extra money.

Also, the warranty is not very good on these Max Trainers, especially when compared to the Bowflex warranty on ellipticals. So that’s one thing to keep in mind!

Bowflex Advantages

Bowflex is one of the best producers of home gym machines. Their ellipticals are designed to provide a full body workout, which means they’ve found a way to provide everything you need in one machine, instead of making you purchase several machines to reach different goals.

One of the greatest things about Bowflex is the warranty, which is very good, especially for ellipticals. As I mentioned above, you get a 15-year warranty for the frame, a 5-year warranty for the mechanical parts and electronics, and a 2-year warranty for labor. That’s very complete. Plus, you have a money back guarantee in the first month if there’s something wrong with your machine and you want to return it.

Bowflex exercise machines don’t take a lot of room, which is one of the most important advantages for many users. If you only have a small area to work with, the Bowflex ellipticals could be the perfect option for you.

Bowflex ellipticals are also very complete machines that offer many different exercise programs you can take advantage of. The workout system they provide is customizable and it’s also varied, which is great to help you reach your goals and challenge yourself.

Overall, Bowflex ellipticals have a ton to offer. The people behind this brand really know what they’re doing and they’ve never done anything but innovate with the products they put out on the market. They take a lot of pride in being able to fulfill user’s needs because they understand those needs perfectly. They’re a team of professional with different sets of expertise, and among them we can find former athletes and fitness professionals, which is why the machines do provide results for their users.

Bowflex Disadvantages

However, not everything’s perfect! And that’s okay. One of the drawbacks of Bowflex exercise machines is that they don’t offer a lot of standard resistance. On average, gym models can support at least 400 pounds of standard resistance, while Bowflex machines only offer up to 210 pounds of standard resistance.

Another drawback to consider is that even though assembly is easy and they provide detailed instructions, it is time-consuming. The assembly manual is about 50 pages long, partly because they instructions are so detailed, and there are at least 100 parts to put together. So, you’ll definitely need help and time to really focus on doing it right.

Last but not least, Bowflex can be expensive, especially if you consider shipping charges as well. There are low-range models that are affordable and still super high-quality, but most of the machines are on the expensive side of the spectrum. However, they offer a ton of value and they’re sturdy machines that will definitely last you for a long time.

It’s an investment, but it’s a good investment, especially if you plan on using your elliptical for a long time. If you want to consider other brands, Bowflex’s biggest competitors seem to be LifeSpan, Fitness Factory, and Horizon Fitness.

The Final Verdict

All in all, Bowflex is an incredible company that has been manufacturing innovate and high-quality exercise machines for over 30 years. They’ve been very successful on the market, users love their products, and they’ve helped many people have their own home gym and reach their fitness goals very effectively. Bowflex ellipticals are wonderful. They’re complete machines, sturdy, powerful, and super high-quality. Both models available provide everything you need from an elliptical and more! They will help you make your fitness dreams come true and they guarantee results. So, if you’re looking for an elliptical that you’ll be using long-term, Bowflex is a very smart fitness investment to make. 

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