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by BEMH • Updated: January 30, 2019

Body Solid E300 elliptical review

Body Solid E300 is combined with commercial grade parts and frame. This mid-price elliptical comes with the unique durability that you can’t find on many other machines in this price range.

Here is the deal:
Unlike some fancy looking elliptical machines that you see on the market, the Body Solid E300 has a high grade durable balanced steel frame and heavy-duty parts that will last a generation if taken care of properly. However, it lacks in some useful functionalities and fancy frills and thrills such as incline, big LCD display and Bluetooth connection of other brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, and Sole. Although considering the price and the compact size, it’s understandable.

Body Solid E300 has 20 resistance levels, 21 inches fixed stride, large comfortable pedals, static and moving handlebars to provide a full body workout. However, what really sets Body Solid e300 apart is the quality vs the price.

We don’t think there is another machine with the features and durability of Body Solid E300 in the same price range. Although, Body Solid E300 is not for everyone and that’s why I suggest you read the paragraphs below to see if this compact elliptical suits your needs.

Body Solid E300 Elliptical Overview


You should go for the Body Solid E300 elliptical if:

  • You live in condo, apartment or in a small house. One of the beauties of Body Solid e300 is the compact design which is very thoughtful and space efficient. Unlike some other elliptical with front or rear drive, the Body Solid E300 comes with center drive design and occupies less than 7 square feet of your space. Note: The compact design doesn’t compromise the stability, in fact, it’s more stable than most bigger elliptical machines.
  • You are either novice or intermediate level athlete. Body Solid offers sufficient resistance and stability to do a proper cardio workout. Keep in mind that Body Solid e300 can provide cardio training for more than just one person. So, you don’t have to worry if there are multiple people in the house who want to use this center drive compact elliptical. The good news is that at least two trainees can save their data on the machine for weekly or monthly progress comparison.
  • You are 5.2″-6.4″ tall. Due to the fixed 21″ stride length taller trainees wouldn’t be able to stretch the legs and arms fully for a better cardio workout. Therefore, we recommend taller trainees to go for adjustable strides.
  • You are a regular runner but want to avoid the impact. Body Solid e300 offers a low-impact natural and smooth jogging, walking and running exercise.

You should NOT go for Body Solid E300 elliptical if:

  • You are an elite athlete. As we mentioned before Body Solid e300 isn’t designed to take much intense exerciser. Therefore, unless you are willing to use this Body Solid moderately, it’s better you go with Body Solid E5000 because it has more functionalities and durable frame.
  • You are a club owner. Body Solid e300 endurance elliptical trainer is nor durable neither had the functionalities your clients might expect from a gym cardio exercise equipment. What we would recommend you is something like the EFX 835.
  • You are taller than 6.4″ and shorter than 5.2″. Due to the lack of adjustable stride, you wouldn’t be able to get the most out of your cardio workout. With this being said, the length of stride can also be a matter of preferences and some trainees don’t care about stretching their arms and legs to the full extension.
  • You want tech integrated elliptical trainer. Body Solid doesn’t offer Bluetooth, ANT or ANT+ connections to connect and ride in the virtual environment or save your values on the web. However, the console has two user profiles to save your daily values and programs on the machine.
  • You want to do incline for better gluteus, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings training. Body Solid e300 doesn’t feature incline ramp to allow you mimic climbing stairs.

What is special about Body-Solid e300 elliptical

  • Compact center drive design with long and smooth elliptical motion. Most elliptical machines that offer a good elliptical motion are either front drive or rear drive and those with the center drive like ProForm HIIT offer more of a stepper exercise than long elliptical motion.
  • Heavy-duty frame and parts. You would barely find a Body Solid e300 owner or in that manner any Body Solid elliptical owner who is unhappy with the sturdiness of their purchase.
  • Durable and easy to grab handles for smooth portability located at the back of the machine.

Body Solid E300 Review


This machine offers 20 smooth levels of resistance.  It’s not mentioned if it’s magnetic or brake so we assume it’s brake resistance. The tension at the high level allows the riders to push himself beyond the limits. The resistance challenges users from all athletic levels. Most elliptical machines don’t offer enough resistance to challenge advanced athlete. You can also track the level of the resistance on the blue LED display.

Stride and Incline

The E300 compact elliptical offers 21 inches fixed stride to accommodate most size users. Obviously, it would have been better if the stride was adjustable but I guess that’s something you get in more expensive machines. If you are above 5 feet and below 6.4 feet, I believe you won’t have any problem using this machine. However, if you want an adjustable stride, we recommend you to take a look at the E400 compact elliptical by body solid. It has manually (not electronically) adjustable stride.

Unfortunately, Body Solid e300 compact elliptical machine doesn’t have an adjustable incline. The incline allows the user to challenge more and replicate the hill climbing. The incline feature is lacking on most Body Solid machines.

Body Solid E300 Console

The E300 compact elliptical has a big size back-lit blue display, so you can see all the necessary information at a glance even in a dark room. This machine doesn’t have Bluetooth and app connectivity so, you can’t connect to the web to save data. There are two displays on this machine, the message window and the square profile window.

The E300 compact elliptical machine has 7-Preset-programs to make the training more fun and challenging for the rider.  You can choose one of the following programs and start burning calories.

Body Solid E300 compact elliptical review
Body Solid E300 console
  • Quick Start
  • Interval speed training
  • Mountain
  • Random
  • Hill
  • Interval
  • Interval mountain

2-Custom user profile which allows multiple exercises to create an account on this machine and track their data. It’s something that many compact elliptical machines lack. However, its very important because serious riders want to compare their monthly progress. After creating your profile on this compact elliptical machine you can also customize your workout to your goals.

Info on the LCD
The console offers feedback such as time, distance, stride per minute, speed, calories, Heart Rate, Resistance level and calories per hour.

Heart Rate
E300 elliptical machine picks your heart rate from the sensors on the stationary handlebars. It’s not compatible with wireless HR chest strap, unlike the newer version, the E400 elliptical. However, you can always wear an ANT+ wireless chest strap and pair it with your device to track HR. Keep in mind that IOS devices need an extra dongle to connect with ANT devices while most Android devices have built-in ANT receiver.

Handlebars and pedals

E300 elliptical machine has two sets of handlebars. One set is stationary with heart rate sensors built into them. You can use them to workout your lower body or core. The moving handlebars are long to accommodate tall and shorter users. However, the moving doesn’t have the heart rate sensor built in on them. The handlebars lack in controls, so when you want to change the resistance, you need to reach out to the console. The moving handlebars allow you to do a full body training.

The E300 has over-sized commercial quality pedals covered with non-slip rubbers to ensure maximum comfort for long period of use. The distance between the two pedals are unique as well, they will eliminate the hip fatigue and joint pains. Most elliptical machines have wider pedals due to their design which causes joint pains.

Because while exercising you want to keep your feet aligned with your hips as much as possible. The step-up height is very comfortable and you won’t lose the balance even if you are not holding the machine. The center drive design makes it feel like stepping on a real step.

More information on Body Solid e300 elliptical machine

Customer Service★★★★☆Power Source:AC Adapter
Average Rating★★★½☆Compact:YES
Machine Weight:232 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:50"L X 31"W X 66"HSpeakerNo
Max user weight:300 LbsCooling FanNo
Incline Ramp:NOBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:21"Media Shelf:No

Flywheel and drive

The information about the drive mechanism isn’t disclosed. The type of the resistance Body Solid e300 uses isn’t clearly mentioned. The machine operation is near to silent which tells us it’s possibly magnetic. 

Body Solid e300  elliptical also needs to be plugged into the electricity which is not convenient for people who want an extra piece of cord in the house. There are also adjustable foot levelers at the back of the machine that allows you to adjust the trainer on uneven floors and stabilize the unit.

What’s included

  • A water bottle holder that gets mounted in front of the machine
  • Handles and wheels for easy transport
  • Plugin cord
  • Foot Levelers
  • Home use warranty:
  • Lifetime on frame
  • 5-Year on parts
  • 2-Year on electronics
  • 1-Year on labor
  • 6-Months on wear item

This Warranty applies only in the United States to Cardio products manufactured or distributed by Body-Solid under the Endurance by Body-Solid brand name.


  • mat to protect your floor from scratch and sweat
  • Lubricants to apply on the excels, bearings and bushings.
  • Wireless chest strap
  • Media shelf to mount on the console for reading or placing your computer on it to watch movies

Last Word on Body-Solid E300 Endurance Elliptical Trainer

The price, durability and the compact footprint is what makes Body Solid e300 one of our favorite machines and one of the best compact elliptical cross trainers in the center drive design category and this price range. The whisper quiet bio-mechanically engineered motion and space-saving compact size are unique for under $1500.

Some machines with way larger footprints don’t have the stability of E300 compact elliptical trainer. Although if you want a full commercial quality compact elliptical machine with more functionality, we (Best Elliptical Machine Hut) recommend you to go for the E5000 machine. It’s a top of the line commercial grade elliptical with better features and durability. E5000 is a self-generated machine, so you can also save on electricity bill in addition to the maintenance expenses.

What I also noticed was that on Amazon you pay around $700 less for the E300 compare to some other websites. Hopefully, by the time you read this review, the offer still exists.


  • Compact size
  • 21-Inch stride
  • Large back-lit console
  • Durable part and steel frame
  • Bio-mechanically engineered
  • Long warranty
  • 2-User profile


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity
  • There is no media rack on the console
  • It’s not compatible with chest strap
  • There are only 7-preset programs on the console
  • It’s not self-powered
  • It doesn’t have an incline
  • The stride is not adjustable

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