Best Elliptical Machines in the United Kingdom

For people in the UK looking to make a healthy change in their lives there are many different exercise equipment machines. One of the easier ways is to add some extra physical activity daily would be to invest in a home elliptical exercise machine in the UK. To make things a bit easier we came up with some information in order to help make buying an elliptical machine smoother.

While there are numerous brands and models of elliptical machines on the market, it would be a pretty daunting task to figure out best elliptical for home use in the UK. We decided to do all of the leg work and put together a very comprehensive guide in order to help our reader to be able to make an educated decision. We provided a lot of information regarding some of the more popular ellipticals in order for the reader to be able to do a comparison of best ellipticals in the UK.

Part of our research for our guide involved trying some of these ellipticals and looking through online elliptical reviews in the UK to see what other people thought about each of the top rated ellipticals. Along with a lot of useful information to help the reader make an informed decision on what is the best elliptical machine for their home gym. We also included a brief review of best elliptical machines in the UK.

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Top 10 Best Ellipticals in the UK:

NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Nordictrack Fitness is one of the top makers of home ellipticals in the United Kingdom. The Nordictrack 14.9 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a well-designed machine that brings a fitness center quality workout to your home. It can be run manually or by selecting one of the many pre-programmed exercise routines that are built-in.

The heavy-duty construction with high-strength tubular steel components makes it possible to support riders up to 161kg. It also features adjustable resistance settings and 45-48 cm stride length. The resistance can be either manually adjusted or automatically in conjunction with pre programmed workout routines.

The 14.9 trainer is one of the best quality ellipticals in the UK on our list and it can easily be fit into most home gym situations. Since it weighs roughly 100kg, you want to be sure that you find a good spot for it to remain. The backlit Bluetooth 14 inches touchscreen makes it really easy to keep track of your workout progress and displays several different metrix like speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

Additional Information

  • Folding – No
  • Warranty terms – 2 Years parts and 1 labour
  • Size – 180cm L x 68cm W x 180cm H
  • Weight – 100kg
  • Weight Capacity – Maximum user weight 170kg
  • Stride length: 20″ Not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment: 0-20 Degree power-adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – built-in Bluetooth and heart rate monitoring
  • Perfect for a family exercise machine since it supports riders up to 170kg
  • It is easy to keep track of your workout progress using the onboard computer console and display
  • Delivers both a cardio and upper body workout simultaneously
  • Definitely on the heavy side and huge footprint
  • Stride length can not be adjusted to fit the shorter users more comfortably

ProForm Cardio HIIT Track Cross Trainer

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ProForm is becoming known as one of the best mid-range elliptical machines brands in the UK. The ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer is one of the best of their offerings. It is a high-quality exercise machine that is packed with many useful features. It combines the benefits of 6 different machines into one compact elliptical machine.

As one of the best home elliptical in the United Kingdom, the ProForm Cardio HIIT delivers a quality workout for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Using the advanced built-in computer console with its full-color LCD display and the 32 pre programmed workout routines or connect to one of the many fitness apps on your phone via Bluetooth technology.

At the heart of this elliptical cross trainer is the v-belt drive system that connects the pedals to the 13kg flywheel. The drive system delivers a very smooth stride. The resistance is also highly adjustable via the magnetic resistance system. Using any of the pre programmed workouts the resistance can be raised or lower through 24 resistance levels. It features a built-in heart rate sensors mounted on the stationary handles and is displayed on the display screen along with the distance, calories burned and other valuable information.

Additional Information

  • Folding – Not folding
  • Warranty terms – 5-year part replacement guarantee
  • Size – 73cm W x 167cm H x 99cm L
  • Weight – 95kg
  • Weight capacity – 160kg
  • Stride length: Fixed
  • Incline adjustment: Not adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – Built-in Bluetooth technology works with external heart rate monitors
  • With compact size you can fit it into a smaller workout area
  • The large LCD display on the built-in computer is very handy for tracking your progress
  • It has a really smooth and quiet ride
  • There is no stride adjustment, it’s more of a stepper motion
  • The workout has more impact on the knees compared to traditional ellipticals

Sportstech LCX800 Indoor Cross Trainer

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The LCX800 is one of the top rated elliptical cross trainer in the UK and another great example of the high-quality exercise equipment from Sportstech. It would be a great fit for anyone looking for a combination cardio and resistance resistance training machine. It features many different highly beneficial features including an onboard computer console which works with many of the current most popular fitness apps.

The elliptical cross trainer centers around the massive 24kg flywheel and automatically adjustable stride pedal system. The resistance is also highly adjustable with 32-incremental resistance levels that are created using magnetic resistance applied directly to the flywheel that acts as a dynamic brake if necessary. It is constructed of high strength tubular steel in order for it to be able to hold up to all of the rigors of daily use.

The computer console is multifunctional and includes a high-definition 7” touch screen display. It is fully compatible with fitness apps like KINOMAP and other Android OS compatible apps. It has two built-in speakers and a headphone jack to plug in your favorite headphones or earbuds. There are numerous pre programmed workout routines and sceneries that can be displayed on the console as you are working out.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – Limited 2-year warranty
  • Size – 162.5cm x 45.5cm x 76cm
  • Weight – Approximately 82kg
  • Weight capacity – 120kg
  • Stride length: Stride length is adjustable (420mm, 460mm and 500mm)
  • Incline adjustment: Not adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – Compatible with the Pulse Heart Rate monitor
  • Built-in 7” Android-enabled computer console provides a multitude of functionality
  • The automated stride length adjustability delivers a wide range of workout routines
  • The built-in wheels makes it really easy to move it around despite its size
  • It requires a large amount of space for it to be used
  • There is no incline adjustment

JLL CT600 PRO Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The JLL CT600 Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer is the top buy elliptical in the UK with its low price and features that are available on it. It features heavy-duty construction while still being easily moved around the room. Its compact size means that you will be able to easily fit into a smaller space as compared to other brands and models on the market.

The CT600 machine features an all-tubular steel frame and support bars that provide an exceptional amount of support. It is also able to handle riders all the way up to 135kg in weight and with its amazing 50cm maximum stride length, it can also accommodate tall riders. The 5.5kg flywheel creates a smooth and quiet ride and it also features a highly adjustable magnetic resistance system and can easily be controlled through the touch screen on the computer console.

There is a built-in heart rate monitoring system that has the sensors built-into the stationary handlebars and it displays a real time reading of your heart rate so that you can alter your workout in order to raise or lower your heart rate. It has built-in Bluetooth connectivity so that you can take advantage of several of the fitness apps, KINOmap and iConsole+.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – 12-month limited warranty
  • Size – 155cm (L) X 72cm (W) X 178cm (H)
  • Weight – 83kg
  • Weight capacity – 135kg
  • Stride length: Features a good-length 19.5″ stride length, but not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment: Not adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – N/A
  • Compact and lightweight design means that it can be easily moved, but is still sturdy enough to withstand years on use
  • The built-in computer console features tracking and displaying of 9 different metrics of your workout session
  • The built-in wheels really come in handy when it is necessary to move it around the room
  • No incline adjustment to target specific lower body muscles
  • Fixed stride length and fixed incline adjustment

Sportstech CX640 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Sportstech is one of the most well-known makers of compact elliptical in the UK. The CX640 is a very capable elliptical that would be great for anyone looking for an affordable home trainer. It combines the best two different tt types of workouts (cardio and full body resistance) to deliver a high level exercise experience.

The CX640 is constructed out of high strength tubular steel which makes it very sturdy and still remains light enough to be easily moved around the room. It features a very heavy 24kg flywheel which helps to create a very smooth pedaling motion and the 42cm (non-adjustable) stride length is acceptable for most riders.

Smart Console technology allows you to control all of the functions of the machine using your smartphone. It also features live streaming so that you can view everything on a HDTV mounted on the wall of your exercise room. The computer console also tracks things like your heart rate, speed, calories burned, distance traveled. There is also a place for you to place your tablet if you don’t want to stream your data to a TV. There are 24 pre-programmed workout sessions and 5 HRC programs as well.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms –
  • Size – 157cm (L) X 66cm (W) X 167cm (H)
  • Weight – 60kg
  • Weight capacity – 120kg
  • Stride length: 16.5″ Not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment Not adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – it is compatible with Bluetooth enabled heart rate belts
  • Compatible with several fitness apps and has a TV streaming function
  • It is compact and fairly light so using the wheels it is easy to move it around the room
  • Bluetooth enabled so that you can use a Pulsar chest heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart rate
  • The computer console display is a little on the small side and is only blue lit (no color screen)
  • The stride and incline of this elliptical cross trainer in the UK are fixed (not adjustable)

Branx Fitness Magnetic ‘X-Fit’ Cross Trainer

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The Branx Fitness Magnetic ‘X-Fit’ Cross Trainer is the best rated elliptical on our list of the best cross trainer in the United Kingdom. The combination of cardio and total body resistance workout makes it a great choice for today’s home gym. It is constructed with heavy-duty materials so that it is sturdy enough to withstand the daily use.

At the heart of the X-Fit Cross Trainer is ultra sturdy all tubular steel frame and base. While it is compact in size, it is still strong enough to fully support a rider who weighs up to 135kg. The pedals feature a non-slip tread and an extra long, nearly 50cm stride that is perfect for those taller riders.

Another big feature of the X-Fit is the availability of the computer console coupled with the iConsole+ puts everything right in front of your face as you are working out. It is Bluetooth enabled so that you can use the included chest strap mounted heart rate monitor and have the results in real time. If you don’t feel comfortable with the chest strap mounted heart rate sensor you can use the sensors that are built into the stationary handlebars.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – 2 Years Parts & Labour, 5 Years Frame Warranty
  • Size – 166cm (L) x 66cm (W) x 158cm (H)
  • Weight – 60kg
  • Weight capacity – 135kg
  • Stride length: 19″ Not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment: Not adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatible – Yes and it includes a chest strap heart rate sensor
  • It comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor so that you don’t have keep switching to check it
  • PositiThe X-Fit Cross Trainer is very compact and will definitely fit into a small size space
  • It includes a water bottle holder to keep your water handy during your workout
  • The LCD display is a bit on the smaller side and it isn’t multi-colored (backlit)
  • Both, the stride and incline are fixed and can’t be adjusted

Sportstech CX625 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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With Bluetooth app compatible monitor and 22 preset-programs the Sportstech Fitness CX625 is one of the best elliptical trainers in the UK in 2021. It is highly rated and for very good reason, it delivers an amazing amount of high-quality performance for a really good price. It features a heavy-duty, all-steel construction that is capable of supporting a wide range of riders up to 110kg.

Everything is centered around the giant 22 kg flywheel and three piece crank that creates an amazingly smooth ride with a 42 cm stride length. It features an electronic controlled magnetic resistance system that allows you to control the amount of resistance through the touch screen on the 5.7- 3 backlit LCD console. The console display also keeps a live update of all of the metrics of your workout session like RPM, distance traveled, calories burned heart rate.

The benefits of an elliptical cross trainer is that you not only get the exceptional cardio workout, but you all get the upper and lower body workout at the same time. By adding the addition of the resistance, you are able to increase the amount of muscle tone in your upper and lower body as well.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – 2-year limited warranty
  • Size – (L x W x H): 150cm (L) x 65cm (W ) x 165cm (H)
  • Weight – 75kg
  • Weight capacity – 110kg
  • Stride length: 42 Centimetre, Stride length is not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment: Does not have adjustable incline
  • Wireless heart rate compatible – Yes, it is Bluetooth enabled and works with chest strap mounted heart rate sensors
  • It has a built-in receiver for use with a wireless chest strap mounted sensor
  • It has several useful pre-programmed workout routines that can be selected using the console
  • The pedaling action is very smooth and delivers a great cardio workout with putting a lot of stress on your joints
  • The console LCD display is kind of small and somewhat hard to see
  • This elliptical’s stride and incline are not adjustable

XS Sport CT700 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The XS Sport CT700 is one of the best home cross trainer UK. It is a budget piece of home workout equipment that is designed to support riders up to 6-feet tall and those who weigh up to 110kg. It features advanced smart technology used to help you track your performance. Using an exclusive pedal and stride configuration the calorie burning is raised to an acceptable level.

At the heart of the XS Sport CT700 is an all-steel tubular frame and support frame. The machine is sturdy enough to support a rider who weighs up 10kg in weight without causing additional damage. The 5.5 kg cast iron flywheel and magnetic resistance system produces an amazingly smooth ride even for those intensity workouts.

Another mention worthy piece feature for this budget elliptical machine in the United Kingdom is the tablet holder that allows you to keep your watch your favorite show while exercising. Although its computer console is not backlit, it does provide the very basic information of your ride. The console keeps track of a number of different metrics including speed, time, distance, calories and pulse so that you are able to track your progress in real-time.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – 12-month limited warranty
  • Size – 110 cm L x 60 cm W x 140 cm H
  • Weight – 35kg
  • Weight capacity – 110kg
  • Stride length: 35cm, Not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment – Not Adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – N/A
  • Affordable price
  • The compact size of this elliptical fits easily into even the smallest rooms
  • Despite its compact design it is still capable of supporting riders from 145 cm to 175 cm tall
  • Lightweight flywheel and low-durability
  • Short and fixed stride may not be as comfortable for taller users

JLL CT200 Crosstrainer Quick Elliptical Trainer

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Coming from a UK-based fitness equipment brand with US-based support, the JLL CT200 is one of the top low-price compact ellipticals in the UK. JLL Fitness one of best in the business at making budget, yet reliable home exercise equipment. Sourcing their products from Chinese companies that use relatively good quality materials, JLL brings the best cardio and full body workout all in a single machine for as little 200 GBP.

The key to ellipticals in the UK is to make them both strong enough to handle the rigors of a HIIT cardio workout, but still be compact and light enough to easily move around the room. The all-steel tubular frame and support base provides a really good basis for an amazing piece of exercise equipment. It would likely be a very close second best affordable elliptical cross trainer in the UK from our extensive list of machines.

Along with being affordable it can also provide an amazingly quiet ride. The stride length of 30cm, 5kg steel flywheel and three piece crank all combine to deliver a good ride for those between 140cm to 170cm.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – N/A
  • Size – Length: 110 cm X Width: 61 cm X Height: 144 cm
  • Weight – 35 kg
  • Weight capacity – 100 kg
  • Stride length: – 30 cm, Stride length is not adjustable
  • Incline adjustment: – There isn’t any incline adjustments available
  • Wireless heart rate compatible – It is not compatible with Bluetooth wireless chest strap heart rate monitors
  • It is ultra quiet and delivers a very smooth low impact cardio and full body workout
  • Affordable price tag
  • Does not precisely track your heart rate which is not acceptable for a cardio machine
  • No incline and stride adjustment makes it less comfortable for taller users

Reebok GX40 Budget Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The Reebok Cross Trainer is hands down the best budget elliptical machine in the United Kingdom on our list. While it has the lowest priced machine, it does not lack in features. It is a compact, yet very sturdy exercise machine. It was made only of the highest grade materials and designed to deliver an amazing workout at home.

The heart of the Reebok Cross Trainer is a heavy duty all-steel tubular frame and steel supports that make up the base. The smooth and ultra-quiet ride comes from the 7kg steel flywheel and oversized pedals attached to a three-piece crank. The foot plates are cushioned for a more comfortable ride and the adjustable stride length means that you can alter your workout from session to session.

It also comes with a built-in computer console with LCD display that shows you real time workout stats including calories burned, distance traveled, RPM, and heart rate. To make things really easy from a cardio workout standpoint there are heart rate sensors that are built-in to the stationary handlebars.

Additional Information

  • Folding – N/A
  • Warranty terms – 2-year warranty
  • Size – 152cm (L) x 62cm (W) x 171cm (H)
  • Weight – 46kg
  • Weight capacity – 110kg
  • Stride length: 15″ (not adjustable)
  • Incline adjustable: – Not adjustable
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – N/A
  • It delivers a high-quality, ultra-low impact cardio and full body workout at home
  • The LCD display on the built-in computer console is really easy to read while riding
  • It has built-in wheels so that it is easier to move it around the room
  • It doesn’t have support for an external heart rate monitor which usually connects via Bluetooth technology
  • No incline and stride adjustment which means taller riders may not be as comfortable

Things to Look for When Choosing an Ellipticals in the UK

Portability – One of the primary issues people have when it comes to setting up an in home gym is whether or not they have enough room. This is why it is very important for you to look for a portable elliptical machine. This way you can move it around and store it out of the way when you are not using it. Some manufacturers have designed a foldable cross trainer so that it can be easily moved around.

How much weight can it support – An elliptical workout as has been identified by fitness experts to be a very good way to get a total body workout along with a cardiovascular workout. Unfortunately, elliptical machines for home use can only support a rider that weighs a certain amount of weight so as not to place too much stress and strain on certain parts of the machine. So, in order to be sure that you don’t damage the new machine as soon as you ride it for the first time, you want to be sure that you do not exceed the weight limit on the elliptical.

Safety Features – Compact cross-trainers becoming very popular for home gym use. Unfortunately, since it is a machine with many moving parts the potential for injury is fairly high. For this reason, it is common for manufacturers to build in some very useful safety features into their elliptical machine. One of the more common to look out for is if they include stationary handles that allows you to rest your arms during a workout. Depending on the manufacturer they might also include heart rate sensors built-in to the handles.

Computer Console – A key to any good cardiovascular workout is to raise your heart rate above your normal resting rate. This is why an elliptical machine workout is a really good choice for this type of workout. To be able track your workout progress and display it for you to follow during your workout many equipment makers include a computer console. Along with displaying the valuable workout data, it also can have touch controls that allow you to change different aspects of the machines operation. Some models can also be used in conjunction with online training sessions that can be signed up for which gives you access to a wide range of pre-programmed workout routines.

Adjustability – The key to getting the best results from using an elliptical cross trainer in the UK is to be able to increase and decrease the amount of resistance to the motion of the machine. The normal or lower amount of resistance tends to produce a more cardiovascular friendly workout and the higher the resistance helps to promote the toning of the muscles in the legs and arms. Some models also include adjustable incline function that provides a simulated uphill climbing motion.

My Answers to Your Questions About Ellipticals in the UK

Are ellipticals foldable?

The answer to the question depends on the brand and model. There are some brands in the UK they offer a folding cross-trainer. The machine folds down to a more convenient size in order to be portable and able to be stored away in a closet.

Does elliptical have a built-in heart rate monitor?

In order to get the best results out of any workout such as a cardiovascular, it is important to raise your heart rate to a specific rate that is based on your weight. This can easily be monitored if the elliptical exercise machine in the UK that you are looking at has built-in heart rate sensors. They read your heart rate by gripping the sensors with the palms of your hand when gripping the handlebars.

Do cross trainers have Bluetooth connectivity?

Today’s technology makes it possible for you to be able to connect some pieces of exercise equipment. This connectability allows you to use one of the many fitness apps that allows you to keep track of your progress during each of your training sessions. Some of the apps even allow you to control the settings of the elliptical including the resistance settings.

What are the smart ellipticals machines?

When it comes to the best home cross trainers on the market, the ones that are categorized as “Smart Machines” are most often considered to be the best of the best. These smart machines are capable of changing the settings within the elliptical machine in order to simulate certain terrain (uphill and downhill) found in different locations around the world via applications. These automatic adjustments include resistance, stride, and incline.

How Effective Are Elliptical Machines


Elliptical machines are a huge part of the fitness realm. They populate the length and breadth of gyms and have become a staple in most homes. Fitness enthusiasts and experts have long touted its amazing benefits, urging everyone to use or buy one. But the question is; are they effective as they are said to be? Do they actually work? Well, we are about to find out! But first, let’s take a look at what ellipticals are.

The Elliptical Machine at a Glance

An elliptical trainer or machine is a stationary piece of exercise equipment that replicates stair-climbing, running, and walking motions without exerting excessive strain on the joints — thus minimizing the risk of impact-associated injuries. Because it is as low-impact as can be, avid exercisers can use the machine to stay fit even when injured or recovering from surgery.

Elliptical trainers were invented by Precor and were introduced to the market in the 1990s. They primarily offer impact-free cardiovascular workouts that vary between light, moderate and intense. The workout intensity on an elliptical is determined by the user’s speed and resistance settings. Typically, elliptical trainers are geared to work the upper and lower body by virtue of their integrated moving handles ( very few ellipticals lack mobile handles). In addition, elliptical-based workouts are considered a form of weight bearing exercise.

Elliptical machines are categorized into three based on the location of their “drive” or “motor”. The pioneer and oldest elliptical machine type are the rear-drive elliptical, followed by the second-generation elliptical, the front-drive elliptical, while the recently upgraded version is the center-drive elliptical. While most elliptical machines lack an adjustable ramp or incline, few include this feature. With such models, the incline takes the form of a sloping ramp beneath the pedal links. Exercises can manually or automatically (depending on the model) adjust this ramp to simulate various motions. These adjustments can alternate the stride length or vary hip actuation.

The Upsides of Using an Elliptical Machine

The biggest benefit of using an elliptical machine is the low-impact workout it provides. This means the chances of getting hurt or worsening existing injuries is slim, making it incredibly safe for use. But besides being safe, ellipticals have long been associated with many other benefits (both physically and mentally). For one, they are second only to treadmills in working the leg muscles and the heart. But what makes an elliptical machine truly one-of-a-kind is its ability to engage/work the whole body by offering upper and lower body workouts. It is for this reason that it is also called a cross-trainer.

When used right, the trainer can activate a wide range of muscles including the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, triceps, biceps, chest, and back. To get this full-body experience, it is important to evenly distribute the resistance between the upper and lower body — by occasionally letting go of the moving handlebars. As earlier mentioned, ellipticals provide weight-bearing workouts which serve to strengthen the leg and hinder the development of osteoporosis in elderly individuals. They are also versatile as they are engineered with various challenging workout programs including hill-climbing and interval training. Modern-day ellipticals also feature heart rate control integrations, allowing users to track their heart rate for optimum performance. You can also track other metrics like speed, cadence, distance, and time to make the most of your workout.

Elliptical-based workouts can lead to many health benefits especially with these elliptical exercise hacks. Working out on an elliptical can improve cardio and aerobic stamina for optimum heart health. High to moderate-intensity sessions on an elliptical cause the lungs and hearts to work harder than usual in pumping oxygen and blood to all parts of the body. Proper blood circulation helps boost immunity which in turn minimizes the development of chronic diseases and illnesses. Spending as little as 5 minutes on an elliptical machine can significantly reduce your blood pressure levels — because exercising stimulates the release of serotonin, a feel-good hormone that has anti-hypertensive effects. All in all, elliptical trainers can improve physical and mental health quality.

The Downsides of Using an Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines are not flawless; that is, they also have their drawbacks! While they have many perks, they are not free of imperfections. For starters, elliptical workouts have lower perceived exertion, meaning it gives a minimal challenge for professional exercisers looking for some “heat”. While this might be a pro for beginners, other skilled fitness fanatics may consider elliptical-based workouts boring and non-immersive. Another drawback is that it strengthens lesser bone and muscle mass as compared to running. This is because the feet are secured to ellipticals and will keep driving momentum even when you put in zero or minimal effort.

Also, the core is relegated to the background when you hold on to the handlebars as opposed to when they swing on your sides. As such, your abs gets little exercise than it should. Using the handles also lifts the weight from your legs to the handrails, giving little opportunity for leg work. However, you can counteract this downside by occasionally letting go of the handlebars when exercising.

The trainer also presents a bit of a learning curve. Though the elliptical motion is nothing short of innovative and fantastic, it can take some getting used to. Many people report feeling very awkward when using the elliptical in the beginning phases — the motion appears unnatural and tends to be disconcerting but with constant practice, it becomes as natural as can be. Lastly, elliptical machines are not size-inclusive. They are typically designed for exercisers of average height and may be uncomfortable for certain body types. As opposed to treadmills and stair climbers that sport a more flexible design, ellipticals require that the arms and feet stay put in particular locations. So if you are too tall, short, or wide, an elliptical trainer may be uncomfortable to use.

Do Ellipticals Provide High-quality Workouts?

Here comes the question of the century! To satisfy your curiosity, yes ellipticals make for high-quality workouts. For starters, their pros outweigh their cons, hence optimizing workout quality. Considering that joint issues are oh-so-common and the biggest obstacle to reaching fitness goals, elliptical machines are a dream come true for many.

No questions asked ellipticals are one of the very rare exercise machines that provide low-impact workouts. As a result, everyone has a chance at taking their fitness game to the next level, regardless of health status. You can get as good an exercise as any on an elliptical machine, not minding its low-impact design.

Secondly, ellipticals have a proven track record of burning calories. You can burn up to 450 calories in 30 minutes when using the trainer ( these specifics apply to moderate-intensity exercises done by an average-weight person). So if your goal is to lose some pounds, then the elliptical can be your knight in shining armor.

How Long For Elliptical Workouts to Produce Results?

No exercise or exercise equipment guarantees result within a short time frame. However, some trainers do exhibit a noticeable impact quicker than others. But here is the thing, an elliptical trainer won’t provide lightning-quick results as exhibited by more intensive exercises.

Truth be told, It takes consistency and commitment to gain noticeable results when using an elliptical trainer to perform workouts. Generally, cardiovascular health improvements usually take one to three weeks of consistent workouts. But changes that have to do with physique tend to take a longer time to appear. On the whole, you should expect to see significant results in six to eight weeks or thereabout.

For exercisers looking to improve their physique within a short period, other cardio workouts can get the job done. For instance, treadmills are much quicker at burning calories than an elliptical. Magnetic spin bikes also make high-intensive exercises that target physique modification. And guess what? A simple jump rope can get you your dream body in record time.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Elliptical Workouts

To make the most out of your elliptical workouts, leverage the moving handlebars — pushing and pulling the handles will activate your upper body muscles for increased calorie burn. However, do not abuse this recommendation, as doing so will leave your leg muscles at a disadvantage. Secondly, ensure to amp your resistance levels so your heart rate can reach its target zone. And if you are lucky to have or use an elliptical with an incline, maximize this to the tee! (and watch your leg muscles thank you). Finally, use the elliptical religiously for best results!

Elliptical trainers have advantages and disadvantages and are as effective as the effort you put into them. While they’ve been developed to facilitate high-quality workouts with minimal injury risk, a user will only record noticeable results if they use the equipment properly and consistently. Admittedly, they may not show significant results as fast as some other cardio workouts, but they deserve some credit. If not anything, they give all fitness enthusiasts a chance at working out with or without joint issues or injuries!

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

Hi, my name is Sayed Hamed Hosseiny. I am a professional health and fitness trainer with nearly 20 years of experience using ellipticals, rowing machines, and spin bikes. I also have my own EU-based Rock Fitness Pro fitness brand where I design, import and sell exercise equipment such as rowing machines and spin bikes. I and writers on my team also often receive fitness equipment to review and evaluate their functionalities and performance from tens of different exercise machines manufacturers. Fitness equipment tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on this website are my opinion (and opinions of my fitness expert colleagues) based on tens of criteria. I never accept payment to write reviews of products or say positive things about fitness equipment products. If brands are interested to have me review their rowers, ellipticals, or spin bikes, they can get in touch with me via email provided on the contact page and send a sample of their product.