The Best Elliptical Machines in Canada in 2022

Elliptical trainers are favoured by many in Canada and probably one of the most versatile pieces of machinery around when it comes to exercise equipment. Anyone who has been to a gym would have noticed the popularity of elliptical trainers, for the majority of people they are the cardio machine of choice because of their versatility and effectiveness. For example, they enable you to have a good aerobic workout, strengthening not only your muscles but also you heart as well. This in turn boosts your stamina, endurance and optimizes your cardiac ability.

Of course, more and more of us are also working out at home. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and a practical way to incorporate a regular exercise routine in our hectic lives. Elliptical machines are also one of the most sought-after choices when it comes to exercise equipment. Of course, an elliptical machine is often a significant investment, so you want to be sure that you are purchasing a quality product. Financial cost aside, it’s also a matter of your physical and mental health, well-being and condition. It’s crucial that the elliptical trainer you choose in Canada will perform efficiently and effectively, be durable and sturdy, as well easy to set up and use.

With so much ellipticals available in Canada, it can be difficult to filter through the thousands of options laid out before you. This is why we have done the research for you. We’ve spent days and weeks analyzing and assessing each and every option when it comes to elliptical trainers, examining everything from their functionality, design, cost, features and quality. This guide is the result of our research. With this guide, alongside detailed reviews, of the best elliptical trainers in Canada, it’s never been easier to pick the perfect machine for your budget, requirements and taste. If you’re wondering where to find the best cross trainer in Canada, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Comparison Chart of the Best Elliptical Machines in Canada

Best Elliptical Machines in Canada Comparison Table
Sole Fitness E95S EllipticalOverpriced18"-24" Power Adjustable10Bluetooth16 Levels Electronic MagneticNot Adjustable
Sole Fitness E95 EllipticalBest Value Under 250020" Fixed10Bluetooth8 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-20 Degree Power Adjustable
Sole Fitness E35 EllipticalGreat Value Under C$ 200020" Fixed10Bluetooth26 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-20 Degree Power Adjustable
NordicTrack 9.9 EllipticalOverpriced17,5" to 18.5" Power Adjustable32 with touch monitorBluetooth24 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-20 Degree Power Adjustable
NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i EllipticalGreat Value Under C$ 200018" Fixed24Bluetooth22 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-10 Degree Power Adjustable
Nautilus E618 Elliptical MachineOverpriced22" Fixed29Bluetooth25 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-20 Degree Power Adjustable
NordicTrack Elite 10.9 EllipticalGood Value Under C$ 250019" to 21" Power Adjustable32 with touch monitorBluetooth24 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-20 Degree Power Adjustable
Nautilus E616 EllipticalGood Value Under C$ 150020" Fixed29Bluetooth25 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-10 Degree Power Adjustable
Schwinn 430 Elliptical Cross TrainerGood Value Under C$ 130020" Fixed22None20 Levels Electronic Magnetic0-10 Degree Manually Adjustable
Sunny Health Fitness SF-E3862Good Value Under C$ 70015.5" Fixed24None16 Levels Electronic MagneticNot Adjustable

Editor’s Top Choice in Canada

Expert members of our team have already picked the best home cross-trainers in Canada and listed them down below in this review. This part is where on a regular basis, I research the market to find the best elliptical for the money in Canada.

For 2022, my favorite elliptical machine for home in Canada is the Sole Fitness E95. It has a good backlit monitor, ergonomic design, and more importantly, it comes with an electronically adjustable incline, Bluetooth connectivity, and a reasonable price tag. Additionally, it has unique reliability that can’t be easily found in many other elliptical trainers reviewed in Canada.

You can add this best-rated elliptical in Canada to your home gym equipment and gain the full benefits of elliptical exercise in the comfort of your home without frequent maintenance. Click the link provided to see my favorite at-home elliptical in Canada for 2022 or scroll down to see our Canada-based expert team’s top 10 picks in 2022.

Our Top 10 Picks for Ellipticals in Canada:

Sole Fitness E95S Elliptical Machine

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2 new from C $3,999.00

We’re so excited about the Sole Fitness E95S Cross-Trainer that we had to place this at the top of our list of recommendations. This is one of the ultimate fitness machine that receives additional improvement every year that goes by. Priced at $3,636.92 Canadian Dollars, it’s an affordable option, and it is more than worth the investment in the long-term. The turnaround of this product is phenomenal, and will ensure that your workouts are as stress-free and seamless as possible. It has virtually everything you would want an elliptical trainer to have and more.

With a comfortable stride and adjustable settings, it’s practical choice for everyone regardless of their fitness level. Whether it’s someone just beginning their fitness journey, a home-workout enthusiast or a gym-goer who wants to set up a person gym for themselves at home, it’s the perfection option. It provides a complete total-body workout with a flawlessly synchronized upper and lower body movement. With this machine, you can target and build your glutes, hamstrings, quads, back, triceps as well as other core muscles.

Moreover, it supported by WhisperStride Technology, which employs self-aligning ball bearings in order to create a quiet, fluid motion that is perfect for the home environment. This means that even as you’re working out, you won’t be disturbing any neighbours or other household neighbours with any noise! The ErgoGrip stationary handlebar provides you with much-needed stability during lower-body workouts. Finally, a wireless and contact heart monitoring system is included. It’s quality, design and functionality is unparalleled. For the person who enjoys an active and energetic lifestyle, the Sole Fitness E95S Cross-Trainer will be a low-maintenance, durable and quality companion for years to come. By far, this is one of the best elliptical workout machines in Canada.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

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2 new from C $2,499.99

If you’re looking for an elliptical cross trainer in Canada but prefer to have incline adjustment rather than stride adjustment – then the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine is the ultimate piece of equipment for an intensive and muscle-building complete body workout. There is a slight difference between the E95 and the E95s models and I suggest you to read our Sole Fitness elliptical comparison to find out before making any decision. This versatile and functional cross-trainer is the perfect choice for home-use. As a low-impact machine, it has an extremely comfortable and low-intensity stride, allowing you to have a good workout without placing too much stress on your joints.

This elliptical trainer has 20 resistance levels, 10 workout programs, up to 2 user profiles, 2 handgrip positions as well as angle adjustable pedals. This model also includes a heart strap which means that you will be able to keep a track of your heart remotely. If you don’t want to use a chest strap, it does comes with integrated heart sensors so you can still track heart rate. For a good quality elliptical trainer from a reputable brands with customer support in Canada (not from China), it is relatively inexpensive, which alongside the multitude of features makes it a wonderful choice for any home gym environment.

What distinguishes this machine from its competitors is the power adjustable incline and the smooth motion that it provides. It has everything to provide a comfortable home elliptical exercise. For example, the pedals have been designed so that they can be moved in three different angles and allowing for a variety of different movements and user heights and body shape. It also comes with built-in controls on the handlebars so you can easily adjust the settings and focus on building your core muscles. For someone looking for an all-in-one elliptical machine, the E95 trainer delivers incredible results and truly dynamic workout experience.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

 in stock

When it comes to state-of-the-art and cutting-edge equipment for affordable price, then one perfect example of this is the Sole Fitness E35. It’s safe to say the E35 model is the most sold home use elliptical under C$2000 in North America. Has been mentioned in a dozen of elliptical machine reviews in Canada, it’s designed to provide intensive, calorie-burning and muscle-building workouts through regular cardio workout and High-Intensity Interval Training, optimised for keeping your heart rate up during workouts so that you can burn calories and boost strength and endurance. It also comes with an extensive library of workout programs made especially for this trainer, and these gradually progress from beginner level to gym-enthusiast standards.

One of the most exciting features about this elliptical trainer is the smooth 30-degree power adjustable incline path combined with powerful upper-body movements. This is meant to simulate the ‘stepping’ movements done while boxing, working your body up to a sweat and burning calories not only during your workout but afterwards as well. At 2000, it’s on the more affordable side when it comes to elliptical machines.

The technology behind this trainer is also incredibly impressive, with an advanced blue-screen console, 10 workout apps, EKG grip pulse with already implemented Bluetooth Smart chest strap, a 375 lb. weight capacity alongside a cool air workout fan and an integrated tablet holder. Not only that, but it also has 20 levels of magnetic resistance – making it adjustable for each exerciser’s individual capacity and requirements. With its joint-friendly motion and high levels of customizability, the Sole Fitness E35 builds strength and muscle, encourages aerobic capacity and basically provides you with a totally efficient full-body workout and one of the best cross trainers for home use in Canada.

NordicTrack Elite 9.9 Elliptical Trainer

 out of stock

Featured in tens of elliptical trainer reviews in Canada, the NordicTrack 9.9 machine is an excellent elliptical trainer designed especially for home-based exercising with gym-quality standards. It seamlessly combines and integrates its high-end and customizable resistance system with a wide variety of training programs for everyone’s individual ability levels. Aside from being packed with a range of amazing features, at $2,012.02 Canadian Dollars it is one of the cheapest options on this list, and we also noticed the convenience and ease of its assembly.

The trainer comes with a 9.9 inches HD smart touchscreen display, enabling immersive personal workouts from the comfort of your home. With 35 routines as well as unlimited unique workouts available from iFit Coach, it provides a personalized and tailored workout experience like no other. The NordicTrack also consists of 22 digital resistance levels, an auto-breeze workout fan, oversized cushioned pedals and a water bottle holder, allowing for a completely comfortable workout experience. It’s also been optimised for use home, with the smr silent magnetic resistance ensuring the trainer runs as smoothly and quietly as possible.

In terms of stride length, this trainer has a 17.5″ to 19″ power-adjustable stride, and has a user weight capacity of 350 pounds, meaning that whatever your weight, height or size you can adjust it accordingly. For its price range, the NordicTrack 9.9 is probably one of the best ellipticals in Canada presently available on the market. With its 20-degree incline adjustment and seamless movements, customizable resistance, as well as its multi-level training programs, its competitive price, and durable build make it the perfect option for any casual or serious business enthusiast.

NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical

 in stock

Another outstanding exercise machine designed by NordicTrack, a great elliptical brand in Canada, the NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainer is a compact, durable and high-quality elliptical trainer optimised for home use. It’s foldable which means that it is ideal for apartment living or if you need to make the most of your personal space. There are 22 levels of resistance which can be adjusted just by the touch of a button. With these convenient and simple to use controls, you can customize the intensity of your workouts according to your current fitness and endurance levels.

This trainer also comes with a smart chest strap as well as an in-built heart rate sensor, allowing you to monitor your heart rate and assess your progress and fitness goals. As with all the NordicTrack SpaceSaver trainers , the 9.9 comes with a variety of workout apps an auto-breeze workout fan alongside integrated Quick Touch Handle Controls.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the price for this elliptical trainer goes towards its foldability as well as the 5-inch LED screen it comes with, which means there are probably more affordable options which don’t necessarily afford. However, for those searching for a compact elliptical in Canada that can be easily stored and hidden away, this is the perfect choice for you – it’s really just a matter of lifestyle. For many people, it’s one of the best home elliptical machines in Canada because it folds away and takes less space when not being used.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine

 out of stock

The Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine is definitely one of the most affordable options in our list of recommendations, priced at just C$ 2596 Canadian Dollars. However, the convenient price doesn’t means there’s been any compromises in durability, quality or functionality. The is Pro-level elliptical trainer, making it ideal for experienced athletes and those who are just embarking on their fitness journey. Although it might look a simple machine, it has a huge 30-pound flywheel ensuring a smooth, weighted and seamless performance.

It also comes with an extremely useful power incline feature, optimising resistance whilst also incorporate all of your major muscle groups into your workout. At this price point, it also comes with an impressive blue dual-LCD display which tracks time, distance, calories, and resistance, an integrated sound system, over-sized foot pedals for balance and built in cooling fans. There is also a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

For seasoned and those who don’t have much experience with training machines and is looking to enhance their overall fitness, the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine is the perfect choice. It’s a full package elliptical machine that comes with comfort features such as padded large pedals and multi-grip handlebars with built-in controls. I highly encourage enthusiasts who are hoping to take their routines to a higher level of sophistication and efficiency to add this model to their shortlist.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical

 out of stock

NordicTrack continues to design out-class, versatile and functional elliptical trainers, and the NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical is no exception. It’s much more affordable option compared to the two NordicTrack trainers we have mentioned previously, at $1520.64 Canadian Dollars, but still comes with the major features which makes its elliptical trainers so desirable. Powered by iFit, it provides intensive, interactive and personalized training from home.

It comes with NordicTrack’s characteristic 7-inch HD Smart Touchscreen Display, enabling an immersive workout experience as well as providing stat tracking. There is also an option to have access to highly optimised and interactive trainer-led programs, although it’s worth pointing out that a separate paid membership is required in order to have this additional feature.

With a 20-degree adjustable power ramp and 19 inch adjustable stride, it caters to everyone regardless of their fitness levels of individual abilities, and it’s unlikely that anyone is going to hit fitness plateau with this elliptical trainer with the amount of choice in difficulty levels. With its SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, the NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical delivers a quiet workout so that you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone with the buzz of machinery.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Machine

 out of stock
2 new from C $1,499.00

More feature-rich than the Schwinn 430 and extremely affordable, the Nautilus E616 Elliptical is an amazing mid-level elliptical trainer, perfect for low-intensity, light and efficient workouts. Something we particularly appreciated about this particular machine and in general all the three Nautilus Endurance Elliptical Machines is that they are sent to you almost completely assembled, and easy to be stored away if conserving space is important to you. For someone who wants to maintain their fitness from the comfort of their home, then at C$2000 you can’t go wrong with this versatile and solid elliptical trainer.

With an 20 inch stride, it’s the ideal choice for people with average gaits who often struggle to keep up with the 18-inch stride length seen on most elliptical paths. However, keep in mind that if you’re on the taller side (like 6.3 foot and above), then an 20-inch stride could be on the smaller side and cause your knees to knock into the machine. So, you may opt for the Nautilus E618 instead.

Other than that, the E616 Elliptical comes with a range of handy features, such as soft-grips for upper-body workouts, oversized and adjustable cushion pedals and a 16 pound Effective Intertia-Enhanced flywheel ensuring a balanced and steady workout. With 25 resistance levels it also caters to everyone’s individual abilities and capacity. For a trainer on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, it comes with a surprising amount of features and customizability options, placing it amongst our favorites for the best elliptical machines for home use in Canada.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Cross Trainer

 in stock
4 new from C $1,248.98

Seen in several elliptical cross trainer reviews in Canada, the Schwinn 430 is another great entry-level elliptical. It’s a wonderful choice for beginner exercise enthusiasts who are hoping to upgrade their workout routines. Even though it’s been designed for beginners, it’s packed with a range if impressive features which aren’t typically seen in an entry-level affair. It has a strong and durable design, has an array of functional in-built computer programmes and is also adjustable and customizable depending on the individual abilities and capabilities of individual users.

With regards to the in-built computer software, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical comes with a pair of DualTrack LCD screen displays, heart rate monitoring, pre-programmed workouts as well as the ability to track, measure and plan your workouts so that you can ensure you are achieving your fitness goals. In terms of the programmes, there are 22 preset workout programmes, and it also can account for up to 9 user profiles, 8 heart rate controls, fitness analysis and quick start.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical is also incredibly adjustable, coming with 20 levels of resistance for an impressive range of intensity levels, manually adjustable ramps which provide 6 different incline positions, large cushioned pedals ensuring a low-impact workout ensuring that your joints aren’t put through any unnecessary stress. Schwinn is a reputable company that has been designing sports equipment for a long time, and the versatility and incredible functionality of the Schwinn 430 Elliptical reflects this. For a beginner enthusiast looking for an affordable elliptical trainer, this is the perfect entry-level option when looking for home ellipticals in Canada.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3862 Elliptical

 out of stock

By far the most affordable option in our top 10 choices for an elliptical trainer, the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Elliptical Machine is priced at a grand total of $791.88 Canadian dollars. It is an extremely viable option for an entry-level elliptical machine, especially because it once the price range dips below $1000 then it can become increasingly difficult finding a quality and durable product.

This elliptical machine comes with a convenient performance monitor, meaning that you can track variables such as time, distance, speed, your heart rate, calories burned, as well as rotations per minute. The display is back-lit in order to allow for easy viewing. There are also 7 adjustable workout modes, 24 preset exercise programmes and a useful BMI calcuator so that you can monitor your progress throughout your fitness journey. The in-built pulse monitor allows you to assess your heart rate by holding onto the pulse grips, which you can conveniently reach for during your workout in order to measure your performance.

There are also 16 levels of magnetic resistance with increasing levels of intensity and difficulty. What’s more, the preset programmes also automatically adjust the resistance level throughout the duration of your workouts. Moreover, you can also use this magnetic elliptical trainer on manual mode without electricity, striding with the magnetic resistance it was set to before the power was switched off. With a 16 inch stride, it’s perfect for people of average height, although if you’re on the taller side it might be a bit of squeeze. Overall, we thought this was a great entry-level trainer providing great elliptical workouts at a great price. It’s also one of my best picks for under $1000.

Some Useful Tips to Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Elliptical in Canada

Elliptical trainers are one of the best ways you can bring the complete gym experience into your home. Not all ellipticals in Canada are created equally, and different manufacturers design their ellipticals according to different specifications and purposes. Even the cheapest home ellipticals in Canada are a relatively considerable investment, so here are a few useful tips to keep in mind before you buy an elliptical in Canada:

Test out the Product – Cross trainer machines in Canada come in a variety of designs, and one which works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. It’s essential that you try out the model (even if you buy the best elliptical machine in Canada) before purchasing it, just to ensure that the feel and function of the trainer is right for you.

ErgonomicsTreadmills provide more free-form movement, whilst elliptical trainers restrict you to a certain range of movements. With an elliptical, you should be able to maintain an upright position and hold onto the moving handles without having to awkwardly bend your wrists. Basically, it should feel as comfortable as possible..

Intensity – Most elliptical machines come with varying levels of intensity and resistance. Ensure that the lowest resistance setting is manageable for you and that it becomes gradually more and more challenging so that you can work on your strength and increase your fitness.

Exercise Programmes – Many top-rated ellipticals in Canada come with in-built programs with instructor-led workouts or monitoring and regulating equipment. Whilst for some people they make their workouts more interesting and varied, for others it’s an unnecessary expense. If you’re going to pay more for these programs, make sure that you’re going to use them.

Size – Elliptical machines are approximately 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, but the range can vary significantly between models. Pedals can also extend outwards beyond the machine’s length, and depending on the incline can hover 15 to even 25 inches above the floor. Aside from this, if you’re tight on space and can’t afford to devote one room to your trainer than a foldable model might be a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ellipticals

Why is Stride Length so Important?

When it comes to purchasing an elliptical in Canada, one of the most important deciding factors will be its strength length. At the minimum, a good elliptical should have a stride of 18 inches, although the standard length is 20 inches. For a standard rule of thumb, taller individuals usually have a longer gait and so would need a longer stride length, and vice versa for people with a smaller stature.

Do Ellipticals Need Regular Maintenance?

For the most part, elliptical trainers require very little maintenance, and a high-quality model should last for years without any significant problems. The small levels of maintenance that are required would be included in the manufacturer’s manual, and usually includes occasionally checking the tightness of the bolts or cleaning the rails and the rollers.

How Long Should an Elliptical Workout Last?

Because they’re so intensive, and tend to engage core muscle groups throughout your body, workouts on elliptical trainers don’t have to be particularly long. This means that your can achieve positive results with workouts of up to 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time 5 times a week, depending on your lifestyle and routine.

Front Drive and Rear Drive Ellipticals – What’s the Difference?

Elliptical machines come in either front-drive or rear-drive, referring to the placement of the flywheel that powers the machine. Rear drive models allow for a longer stride, while front drive models have a shorter stride. Generally, rear drive ellipticals are usually the more comfortable and convenient option, and front-drive ellipticals are more affordable.

Which Resistance System is the Best? Silent elliptical machines are important, especially for home-use. The most advanced system is the eddy-current system powered by magnets, positioned near the flywheel of the machine. The resistance can be adjusted by moving the magnets away or towards the flywheel.

Can I Lose Weight With an Elliptical Machine? Working out regularly on an elliptical trainer will be an important aid for weight loss. However, losing weight is dependent on a number of different factors, and diet is often just as important as exercise. Alongside a healthy diet, an elliptical machine is a great way to lose additional calories and build muscle.

Final Verdict

When it comes to home workouts or creating home gyms, one piece of equipment which will always be in popular demand is the elliptical trainer. More than any other exercise machine, it enables you to have a complete aerobic and cardio-enhancing workout. Whether you are a beginner enthusiast or a hardcore athlete, elliptical trainers are perfect for enhancing endurance, strengthening your heart and lungs, and building core muscle groups. In this guide, we conducted in-depth and intensive research and have provided you with a list of the best elliptical machines in Canada available on the market. Our personal favourite is the Sole Fitness E95 Cross-Trainer – but each of our recommendations have been carefully selected to represent the widest possible range of budgets, levels, requirements and lifestyles.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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