Best Elliptical Machines Reviews and Comparison

Best elliptical machines from reputable brands for home use. Read below to find out which ellipticals make it to our top list of 2022. Enhance your home exercise equipment with one of these top of the line ellipticals.

If you like going to the gym to use cardio machines such as¬†ellipticals, you may want to think of buying one and save on your gym subscription. Here is why it’s better to invest in a good elliptical for home workout.

Finding the best elliptical machine also known as cross trainer is a time consuming task. With over 50 elliptical brands manufacturing these low-impact cardio workout machines, it’s difficult to find the best elliptical for home. Although, if you are reading our in-depth elliptical reviews, you don’t need to worry. Because we did the research and found the top ellipticals for home use.

These top of the line cross trainers are from multiple price categories. From the high-end ellipticals to mid-price and low budget ellipticals. So, it’s fairly easy for you to pick your ideal elliptical machine that suit your budget, floor space, and athletic level.

There are several benefits of exercising on your elliptical at home. Having your own cardio equipment will help you exercise everyday and any time. Elliptical at home are also more convenient to use rather than going to the gym. 

Especially when the weather is rough or when you are late from work. While you can hop on the machine and do your elliptical workout at home at any time, at the health clubs normally you need to wait for good elliptical cross trainers and other cardio exercise equipment, particularly around the rush hours.

In the other hand, you have more control over your surroundings. Elliptical exercise at home allows you to decide what to watch while losing the excessive weight and staying in shape. With some of the best elliptical machines in this review you wouldn’t even need the annoying headphones while sweating.¬†You can plug in your device and listen to your music through the built-in speaker on the elliptical. Not to mention elliptical machines at home are more hygiene compared to commercial ellipticals at the gyms.

Overall purchasing one of the best home ellipticals is a good investment. It helps to get to your ideal fitness level quicker, cheaper and safer because you don’t need to drive back and fourth to the gym.

Last but no least, elliptical handlebars feature cushioning cover that absorb the sweat to help you have a firm grip during exercise. And since multiple people use the machine daily, it’s not hygienic, specially because you can’t sterilize them always.

Editors' Top Elliptical Picks

On monthly bases, we update this elliptical review and make sure you that you get the best value, high-intensity low-impact ellipticals with cutting-edge technology such as touch-screen, App connectivity, whisperer quiet and ergonomic support features. 

For 2022 our favorite elliptical cross trainers are following machines. They are good value for the money, sold with fast free shipping and full refund policies. Here are the top three overall best elliptical machines for this month

Precor EFX 885 Elliptical Machine

Precor EFX 885 Review

If budget is not an issue and you are looking for a top-notch solid elliptical exercise machine that comes with all the good features one can except, this Precor elliptical is for you. I know it costs a lot, but there is no other elliptical that can beat the quality, and features of EFX 885 Cross trainer.

What sets this elliptical trainer apart from other cross trainers are the powerful resistance, incline, 22 preset programs, and built-in Bluetooth and Wifi wireless connectivity. The 720 watt resistance power provide a challenging yet smooth and quiet elliptical workout for all fitness levels. There is also 35-degree incline adjustment on this Precor elliptical trainer.

Therefore, you can workout on different muscles and add extra tension when you are looking for a more challenging workout. The oversized pedals are designed to prevent feet numbness and the two sets of cushioned stationary and moving handlebars allow you to do total body elliptical workout as well as core only.

Other great features of this machine are the top-notch P82 15″ touchscreen and the wireless chest strap, which is included. Sturdy parts and frame of this home elliptical can hold up to 340 pounds user weight. Lifetime frame and 3 years part in addition to 2-year labor warranty confirm the quality of Precor commercial quality elliptical.

The sturdy flywheel along with magnetic resistance create a super smooth home elliptical workout. So, you can workout without bothering the rest of the family with the noise. Last but not least, this awesome elliptical allows you to save your daily workout progress on the machine and through the compatible fitness apps. What we don’t like about the EFX 885 exercise machine is the price. But of course, with the price comes the quality.

Life Fitness 95X Elliptical Machine

Life Fitness Elevation Series Elliptical Review

Life Fitness ellipticals are divided in multiple elliptical production lines and the 95X is from their top-of-line Elevation series. Although the ellipticals in this series are built for gyms and convenient for commercial facilities, no one can stop your from bringing one of them into your home gym and use it for a lifetime.

So, if you are shopping an elliptical for home use and money is not a primary factor, we highly recommend you the Life Fitness Elevation Series elliptical machines. They are not cheap but they sure as hell are some of the world’s most durable and technologically advanced elliptical trainers that you can find. Particularly, the 95X trainer is from Elevation series is one of our most favorite ellipticals on the market.

This rear drive cross trainer features Life fitness’s commercial grade whisper-quite mechanical parts to offer a complete elliptical workout to help you reach your fitness goals faster without machine excessive noise. With 20″ stride, this Life Fitness elliptical trainer allows you to do a full lower body workout and tone your muscles while doing the cardio workout.

While the stride by itself is not adjustable, it does offer a standard length which means most users won’t have any issues.¬†The pedals move forward and backward to enhance your elliptical cardio exercise and work on different muscle groups.¬†

There are 26 magnetic resistance levels that provide up to 600 watts of power, which is quite challenging for any fitness levels. You have two console options when you buying this elliptical; Discover SD and Discover SE3HD. They are both touch and pretty advanced compared to most cross trainers. They come present programs and allow streaming on the web and entertainment options, so you will not feel bored.

You can track your time, total calories, distance, strides, resistance, Heart rate, and more with either of those monitors. Make sure to read our Life Fitness 95X review because it takes an in-depth look at some of these features as well as the technology behind this Life Fitness elliptical.

Sole E35 Elliptical Machine

Sole E35 Review

The Sole E35 Elliptical is mid-range, yet a high-quality elliptical under $2000. To start with, the Sole Fitness is one of the best elliptical brands that import fitness equipment to North America. The company is also known for providing a great variety of high-quality fitness equipment for hotel establishments, health clubs, and military bases around the world.

The consumer interest and the popularity of Sole commercial quality fitness machines was the reason that finally made the Sole Fitness to start manufacturing exercise equipment for home use.

Their home-based fitness exercise equipment has definitely added to their popularity.¬†And the Sole E35 home gym elliptical is one of their finest works. Featuring 7.5″ back-lit display, cooling fan, Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, MP3 port, 20 magnetic resistance levels, 0 to 20-degree incline adjustment, 25-lb flywheel, and 20-inch stride.

The Sole E35 is one of the Top 10 ellipticals for 2022. Allowing you to join online fitness Apps, change your incline electronically, sold with wireless chest strap and free shipping, the Sole E35 cross trainer is the best elliptical for the price.

Sole E35 elliptical trainer features transportation wheels and a solid transport handle in the back of the frame for easy portability. E35 elliptical machine by Sole Fitness also features resistance and ramp controls on the handlebars, cushioned adjustable foot pedals, angle adjustable console, and the generous warranty. Unlike most cheap ellipticals that give you numb feet during the workout, the Sole e35 home gym elliptical is engineered to prevent the numb feet.

What is an elliptical machine?

The elliptical trainer also known as the cross trainer, X-trainer, and elliptical machine was originally made in 1955. These stationary cardio exercise machines have been improved throughout the last 6 decades and became the essential part of all high-end gyms, military bases, rehab centers, and home gyms.

The major success behind the elliptical trainers has been the low-impact total body exercise they offer. Ellipticals simulate stair climbing, running and also walking but without the impact of these exercises. Therefore, individuals who can’t use steppers or treadmills due to the high-impact, can still exercise on elliptical machines and gain a full body workout.

Elliptical trainers are also very easy to figure out and use so, all fitness levels can benefit from the elliptical workouts. These cardiovascular machines include commercial quality ellipticals, home use ellipticals and light commercial cross trainers.

They feature three different main designs, the rear drive, which is the best of all but has a large footprint, the front drive, and the center drive compact cross trainers. They take very little space and designed for home use.

Why Own an Elliptical?

In the modern world, the nature of most jobs require less physical activities at the same time the food we consume today, contains more sugar, and artificial ingredients with loads of calories. Therefore, exercise needs to be an essential part of our daily life if we want to stay healthy and in shape.

While working out at the gym is good, it comes with loads of expenses. It’s also not as convenient as at home exercise, especially in rough weather. Therefore, adding the best elliptical cross trainer in your home gym can help you save money and time.

Elliptical workout at home is also more convenient since you don’t need to go all the way to the gym and then queue for a unit. Best affordable elliptical for home use allow you to have more control over your surroundings during the workout.

It’s more fun watching and listening to what you like in peace while working. Bottom line is that workout at home using a unit from reputable elliptical machine brands is a great investment that will bring quick results, especially if you follow these elliptical exercise tips.

Best elliptical features to look for:

Elliptical computer:

The computer, also known as the console is what allows you to stay on track and see your progress. There are four different cross trainer computers, the basic non-back-lit, the LED, the back-lit, and the touch-screen back-lit. Best ellipticals in 2022 are compatible with multiple consoles and the price of the unit varies based on what computer you pick for your home elliptical trainer.

There are few things to consider that create a more engaging cross trainer workout. Bluetooth, preset programs, speakers, cooler fan, wireless chest strap compatibility, and user profile to allow you save your daily progress. While electronic features are useful and fun, they are not deal breakers. Some of the highest quality home ellipticals have simple electronics but durable components and frame.


Elliptical stride length is one of the most important features of an elliptical. Adjustable stride allows you to change your exercise from walking to running. 20-Inch stride elliptical is considered standard and natural stride. However, ellipticals with long stride length are better because they allow the users to stretch their arms and legs fully.

While many best buy elliptical machines feature adjustable stride, some don’t. So, if you or your partner is tall, make sure to pick a long stride elliptical to get the full benefits of elliptical trainer workout.¬†The best ellipticals for home gyms have stride settings for users with different heights.


Adjustable incline elliptical is our favorite because it allows the exerciser to work on the lower body. Elliptical with incline allows you to workout on different muscle groups such as quads, calves, and hamstrings. Incline elliptical also lets you change your workout from walking/running to stair climbing.

Therefore, you don’t get bored doing the same workout for 50 and also you can gain full benefits of elliptical machine training. There are two types of elliptical incline, the power adjustable incline, and the manually adjustable incline.¬†The problem with the manual incline is that you need to stop the workout every time you want to change the steepness of your pedals, while with power adjustable all it takes is the push of the button


There are two types of elliptical resistance, the air resistance, and the magnetic resistance. And the best elliptical resistance is magnetic because it doesn’t wear out and it’s silent.¬†The resistance of elliptical allows you to challenge yourself. So, the more watts/power let you workout harder.¬†The best-rated home ellipticals offer wide ranges of resistance from minimum 30 watts to maximum 600 watts.


The elliptical flywheel is not a huge factor when the elliptical resistance is magnetic. However, in some cases, the heavier flywheels offer smoother rides, especially for heavyweight users.

Noise and operation:

Ellipticals with whisper stride technology and magnetic resistance provide a near to silent workout operation. You don’t want to keep everyone awake while exercising, especially if it’s early morning. Smooth pedal motion is another key factor that leads to a fun and enjoyable workout.

Maximum user weight:

More user weight indicates the durability and sturdiness of the frame and parts of ellipticals. Good quality home ellipticals can support 300 pounds and up user weight.


High-end ellipticals made by reputable brands such as Precor and Life Fitness use sealed bearing which is self-lubricating and requires low maintenance. Cheap ellipticals usually don’t have sealed bearings and require frequent maintenance to run smoothly.


Home fitness machines with a good variety of exercise programs make your workout more fun and less boring. They also help you reach your fitness goals faster. Cheap elliptical machines lack in a verity of programs and often don’t provide personalized workout programs.

Elliptical Handlebars:

Most home folding ellipticals have moving handlebars but some don’t. So, if you are interested to do total body elliptical workout at home, look for ellipticals with moving arm-bars. Best elliptical handlebars have an angle to comfortably accommodate people of different sizes and body shapes.¬†

Top home ellipticals made by best elliptical brands feature buttons/controls on the handlebars for easy resistance, stride and incline adjustment. On the other hand, the cheap cross trainers have straight bars with no shape and the movement doesn’t feel natural.¬†If you want to work on your booty/lower body only, you may want to go for a Precor home elliptical with stationary handlebars. They are specifically designed for lower body training.

Wireless Connection:

Elliptical trainers with Bluetooth or wife connection capability allow you connect to Elliptical Fitness Apps and join live online tours. Best home elliptical machines with Bluetooth let you compete, save and share your progress on the social media with friends. They also allow you have your email and social accounts open on one tab while tracking your stats on another tab.

Warranty and shipping:

One of the features of the best elliptical machine for the money is the long warranty. Top elliptical brands have a lot of confidence on the quality of their trainers and they usually add lifetime frame and 5+ years of parts warranty. Fast free shipping is another feature to consider when buying an elliptical. Both the gym quality cross trainers and the home quality cross trainers in this elliptical review feature free-shipping policy.

Chest strap and iPhone/iPod compatible:

Many home elliptical trainers provide your heart rate feedback on the console through pulse sensors on handlebars and also wireless chest straps. They also have exercise programs that keep you within a specific rage of heart rate. Although, this feature is not available on all budget ellipticals.

As far as the device compatibility goes, most home ellipticals have a port for your device or you can connect through Bluetooth. This feature is built in the some of the best ellipticals for 2022 and allows you to charge your phone and listen to your music through elliptical speakers.


Elliptical machine assembly is something to decide when ordering one of our top-rated ellipticals for home use. They all require some assembly and if you are not patient and not good with the tools, it’s better to have your machine assembled by a professional. Incorrect assembly leads to broken parts and the warranty doesn’t cover that type of damage.

Elliptical Workout Benefits:


Low impact exercise:

Using an elliptical machine is considered a low-impact workout because the user doesn’t lift their feet every time they mimic running/walking.

Due to the low-impact aerobic activity that elliptical machines provide, they can be a good alternative to stair climbing, running or jogging. Especially for seniors and individuals who have joint pain.

Total body workout:

Ellipticals are popular in the gyms because they offer low impact and full body workout. Pedaling on elliptical in reverse, you can target hamstrings while pedaling forward with incline will work on your calves and glutes.

Pushing the moving handlebars you can work on your chest, and pulling the handlebars will work your back. By using the stationary handlebars you can engage the muscles of your core.

Improves cardiovascular health:

While some exercise machines offer a cardio workout only, elliptical trainers offer cardio, endurance, and strength workout. Therefore, you can tone muscles while burning calories and losing fat.

Going up and down on resistance change your elliptical exercise from strength workout to cardio workout. You can also do a short interval to push your anaerobic threshold and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Who can use the elliptical trainers:

All fitness levels can benefits from elliptical machines without previous experience or training. Even if you don’t get it right in the beginning, you won’t hurt yourself, unlike cycling or weight lifting that requires flexibilities and knowledge.

Things to consider with elliptical machines:

Elliptical Mats:

Even the best quality elliptical might scratch your floor during the workout. Also, sweating can damage your surface. Therefore, we recommend you purchase a heavy-duty mat for your elliptical.

Elliptical Maintenance:

Working out on an elliptical cross trainer you will sweat and if it’s not cleaned properly, it’s not hygienic and can create maintenance issues on your elliptical.

Therefore, we suggest you use gym wipes and disinfectant sprays on a weekly bases and wipe off the sweat after each workout session with a piece of cloth. You may also consider buying a Super Lube 21030 Synthetic Grease because from time to time you need to clean the rails and apply a bit of lube.

Workout clothing:

Exercising on elliptical can cause chafing, especially for individuals with wider thighs. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, we suggest the tank tops, Yoga shorts and regular gym shoes for women.

Best elliptical workout clothing for men with wide thighs would be cool dry compression base-layer shorts or running leggings gym exercise Lycra elastic pants/shorts. Exercise clothing adds comfort and safety to your workout.

How to find elliptical workouts:

To find Elliptical workout tips, tricks, weight loss, and HIIT workout programs and get the most out of elliptical, we suggest you look up the phrase “elliptical workout” on Youtube. There are tons of videos you can watch to lose maximum calories in a shorter time and lose weight faster.

My Final Verdict

A fantastic cardiovascular exercise machine similar to the treadmill, the elliptical trainers are one of the best home workout machines. They are also one of the most popular machines in the health clubs around the world.

The movement of elliptical prevent injuries and protects your knee, hips and other lower body joints. They are also two in one design, meaning you can use them as a stair climber or treadmill. 

So, it’s no wonder they are a popular choice for home workout equipment. It’s not always easy to buy a home elliptical trainer because there are many options available. There are also many bells and whistles to consider while looking for a good home elliptical machine.

So, the search for the best home gym ellipticals that can meet your budget, workout space, and preferred features is time-consuming. However, if you do decide to add a cross trainer to your home gym, this in-depth elliptical review should make things easier for you.