The 10 Best Compact Ellipticals Reviewed For 2021

Considering the exhausting work schedule that we all go through, stealing even an hour for a workout seems to be difficult. Fitness goals are turning out to be dreams that you wish to make a reality while keeping your work on check. Well, not anymore! Now you can easily achieve your fitness goals without having to worry about spending an hour at the gym.

Technological invasion in the space of health and fitness has brought about a revolutionary change. You have all the liberty to visit a gym and go for a thorough workout. But, does your schedule allow you to do that? Probably not. The sole reason why most of you are beginning to wonder about your health. Hence, technology comes to your rescue like in everything else!

As the world moves faster each day by becoming more digitally equipped, so should you. Fellows, it’s not just work from home for you anymore but workout at home as well. Technological developments in achieving fitness goals has already proved to be quite efficient and effective. You have modern treadmills, stable bikes with digital displays and a lot more. But here it goes another step ahead.

It takes the joy to present you with digitally equipped portable compact ellipticals that you can easily use at home. These space saving elliptical machines come in various sizes but are compact in nature and are considered to be the best compact elliptical for home use purposes. Which means that you can effectively schedule your time between work and fitness goals to lead a healthy life!

If you were not willing to own a compact cross trainer for use at home, these elliptical benefits would surely drive your will towards it. So, listed below are the best compact ellipticals that would suit your needs and serve you in the best possible way.

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Best Compact Ellipticals Comparison Tablet

Best Compact Elliptical Machines Comparison Table
Bowflex Max8 Elliptical Trainer Series
Bowflex Max8 Elliptical Trainer Series
5" Fixed7Bluetooth20 Levels Electromagnetic
Octane Fitness Q47 xi Elliptical Machine
Octane Fitness Q47 xi Elliptical Machine
18" to 26" AdjustableMultipleBluetooth and ANT+20 Levels Electromagnetic
Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner Elliptical
Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner Elliptical
Up to 58" AdjustableMultipleBluetoothManually Adjustable
ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer Pro
ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer Pro
5" Fixed34Bluetooth26 Levels Electromagnetic
Diamondback 1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical
Diamondback 1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical
18" to 23" Adjustable8N/A16 Levels Electromagnetic
Bowflex Max3 Compact Cross Trainer Series
Bowflex Max3 Compact Cross Trainer Series
5" Fixed2N/A8 Levels Electromagnetic
ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520E Elliptical
ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520E Elliptical
19" Fixed18Bluetooth18 Levels Electromagnetic
Sunny Health & Fitness Cardio Climber Elliptical
Sunny Health & Fitness Cardio Climber Elliptical
7" FixedN/AN/A8 Levels Manually Adjustable
ProForm 295 CSE Small Elliptical Cross Trainer
ProForm 295 CSE Small Elliptical Cross Trainer
14" FixedN/ABluetooth12 Levels Electromagnetic
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Compact Elliptical
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Compact Elliptical
11" FixedN/AN/A8 Levels Manually Adjustable

Editor’s Top Elliptical Pick For Small Homes!

My colleagues at BEMH have already picked the best compact ellipticals for small spaces and homes that can provide effective elliptical machine workouts. Their detailed comparison table, elliptical review and buying guide can be found in this article down below.

However, because new top value compact elliptical machines become available on a daily basis in the market, I created the Editor’s Choice. It’s where I regularly update and search the market to pick the best space-saving home cross trainer.

And if you are wondering what is the best small elliptical for this month, it is the Bowflex Max 8. This home-use elliptical has a large monitor, ergonomic design, and durable structure. Additionally, it has many fun built-in programs and 20 levels of smart electromagnetic resistance to satisfy every level of athlete.

BEMH Recommends: Here is the Best Compact Ellipticals

  1. Bowflex Max8 Elliptical Trainer Series
  2. Octane Fitness Q47 xi Elliptical Machine
  3. Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner Elliptical
  4. ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer Pro
  5. Diamondback 1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical
  6. Bowflex Max3 Compact Cross Trainer Series
  7. ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520E Elliptical
  8. Sunny Health & Fitness Cardio Climber Elliptical
  9. ProForm 295 CSE Small Elliptical Cross Trainer
  10. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Compact Elliptical

1. Bowflex Max8 Trainer Series

Bowflex Max8 Elliptical Trainer Series

The Bowflex Fitness M8 Max Trainer has stacked itself right at the top within the range of top compact elliptical machines under $5000. It’s an excellent elliptical for small spaces and all kinds of users – from beginners to advance. The machine is built with a combination of an elliptical and stair stepper that provides for efficient low impact work out. You’ll be able to wisely use your time with a short workout session yet have effective results of calorie burn and muscle toning.

The compact cross-trainer has 20 levels of resistance that indicates an extensive range of challenging workouts and has 4 workout profiles. The reason why this space saver elliptical machine suits all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. It also proves to be a one-time investment as it would serve for years on end with each increasing level of your fitness goal. Additionally, the Max Intelligence App with AI customization promises to provide you with a motivational and fun workout wherein, it’ll automatically assess your run while suggesting upgrades in your difficulty levels. You can also have an instructor led on-demand video lessons with a simple subscription. There are around 17 videos on the app that you can avail for free and 12 more with the paid version. The subscription cost though is not added to the product cost but you can purchase an annual subscription for $149 or a monthly subscription at $14.95.

The compact elliptical Max 8 trainer comes with multi-grip handles which allows you to perform a comfortable full-body workout. You can also observe the heart rate monitoring through the integrated contact grips. Moreover, you can read your stats and progress on the enhanced LCD/LED dual-mode screens.

  • 20 resistance levels: This portable elliptical trainer features a diverse range of difficulty suitable for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts
  • Max Intelligence App: Artificial Intelligence built app that automatically assess workout and suggest difficulty level upgrades
  • Multi Grip Handles: provides a comfortable workout functionality for whole body with Bluetooth integrated heart rate monitor
  • Dual mode screen LCD/LED: Max-8 compact cross trainer machine offers distraction-less workout with easy reading of stats and progress
  • Compact Size: It’s a lightweight elliptical trainer that would fit in any space of your house
  • Four profiles programmed: it has four workout profiles programmed for an individual user but is great to use for families as well
  • Media Rack: Comes with a built-in media rack to place your cell phones or tabs
  • Performance Pack: an upgrade with a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6” for your machine (comes with additional expenses though affordable)
  • Short Warranty: The only observed drawback is the short labor warranty period coverage for the product. The frame and parts warranty runs up to 3 years while 90 days coverage is provided for labor.

2. Octane Fitness Q47 xi Elliptical Machine

Octane Fitness Q47 xi Elliptical Machine

The Octane Fitness Q47 compact elliptical trainer presents converging handlebars that allows the user to undergo intense workout without compromising physical comfort. One of the best compact elliptical cross trainer for performing a powerful workout right at your home. The converging handlebars will contribute to boost your heart rate faster than working out on a machine with straight handlebars. And, it doesn’t affect your body adversely.

The machine is lightweight and is considered as one of the best elliptical for small apartments. It has the ability to adjust your stride length and match with your pace of workout for walking, jogging or extensive running. You can easily customize your stride length as well using the manual option for the same. The best part about the product is that you can easily perform any kind of workout without having to leave the pedals.

The ergonomics of the compact Octane Q47 are quite impressive which has resulted in its in-demand service for both gyms and home use purposes. The machine comes with a MMA feature that allows the user to experience martial arts training as well. It has around 74 workout programming features that allow the user to choose from a diverse range of programs. Make sure to take a look at some of the used ellipticals by this brand, they might surprise you!

  • Long stride of 26”: It provides a 26” stride when completely extended that results in better workout and is also adjustable between 18”-26” stride length.
  • Automatic stride adjustment: Automatically adjusts your stride length and matches to your pace of walking, jogging and running with the unique SmartStride feature and gives the most natural motion.
  • Design: The machine is technologically superior and has an ergonomic design and is a space saving elliptical.
  • Console: The compact elliptical machine has a large console that comes with Bluetooth as well as ANT+ connectivity.
  • Safety Measures: The elliptical has MOM safety measures.
  • Workout Profiles: The elliptical has over 70 workout profiles.
  • Additional Workout Programs: Includes MMA training programs.
  • Fan: It has a 3-speed fan.Excellent Warranty Period is available.
  • This compact elliptical trainer does not have speakers.
  • The elliptical cannot be folded.
  • The machine is somewhat expensive (although still affordable for many).

3. Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner

Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner Elliptical

Another best small elliptical trainer to own at home. Although a model older than the ZR8, the ZR7 Runner by Octane Fitness is extremely body friendly providing zero impact to joints. The compact elliptical trainer is considered to be the best alternative for treadmills. It suspends the whole body and obliterates any possibility of harsh impact to the body that is often observed when running on treadmills.

The elliptical machine works as a stair stepper as well. The key points that contribute to the high functionality of the machine are comfort, efficiency and versatility. The ergonomics of this portable elliptical stepper includes innovative pedal design where it supports a realistic running experience. You can easily stride, run, climb or glide in the ZR7 compact home elliptical.

The ZR7 is also loaded with cross circuit workouts for enhanced complete body training. It is a great machine to work on the calorie-burning goals that prompt you for strength and resistance training with your arms as well.

  • Multipurpose: The elliptical is also regarded as a hybrid trainer or fitness machine. It is able to serve as a treadmill alternative, elliptical and stair climber as well.
  • Zero Impact: The trainer involves zero joint compression and obliterates any possibility for adverse body impact while running on the machine, unlike a treadmill.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The elliptical trainer comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows easy and fast analysis of workout stats and progress. It also has the ability to access Smart Link workouts with video tutorials for hundreds of exercises.
  • Tablet Holder: The machine comes with two tab computer holders that are provided on different areas of the machine. The tablet computers can be used for assessing stats or entertainment or any other multi-tasking purposes.
  • Cardio Feedback: It has wireless and contact heart rate monitoring. Wireless chest wraps could be purchased separately which are highly recommended for greater accuracy and convenience.
  • Gait Analyzer: Suggests healthy postures for better workout and results.
  • Strength training: Free weights about 32 pounds and resistance bands for strength are also available on the Octane’s website.
  • Home-friendly: The ZR7 elliptical trainer is ideal for using at home. Its compact size is apt for small spaces and with its lower step-on height, it can easily fit in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Warranty: the elliptical trainer comes with a suitable warranty period of 5 years with a one year labor warranty.
  • The product cannot be folded.
  • The price range is moderately high (about $3000)

4. ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro

ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer Pro

Ranked 4th in our compact elliptical reviews, the Cardio HIIT Pro by ProForm is one of the best alternatives for ellipticals and stepping machines. This elliptical trainer has really been an effective choice for many. The complete body trainer elliptical for home use minimizes any possible risk for harsh impact and reduces strain.

It is considered to be one of the best “joint-friendly” elliptical trainer that one can own even within a compact space in their homes. The machine comes with a 10” touchscreen and offers several training advantages.

If you’re looking for a compact elliptical machine for home yet excellent, this may be just what you need for performing any kind of workout. Not on the U.S. but it’s also one of the best ellipticals in Canada.

  • Total body training: The HIIT Trainer Pro provides simultaneously trains both the upper body and the lower body. Quite an effective calorie blaster and efficiently tones the muscles of arms, legs and core.
  • Compact size: The body trainer takes up minimum space than a treadmill or even a rear drive elliptical. Its footprint dimensions are 39” L x 29.25” W x 66.7” H.
  • Resistance: The cross trainer comes with 26 resistance settings that allows the user to witness a wide range of ability levels.
  • Preset programs: Around 34 workouts are included to help users focus on cardiovascular endurance, weight loss and various other fitness goals.
  • iFit Enabled: The benefits of the iFit membership includes automated tracking of statistics, video workouts supported by celebrity personal trainers, interactive google map workouts and a lot more.
  • 10-inch Touchscreen: The compact stepper comes with an inbuilt full-color touchscreen that can access exercise programs and statistics of the workouts. The console of the trainer also has a ledge to support a tablet computer.
  • 30-Pound Drive: The cross trainer has a smooth performance due to its 30 pound flywheel which allows for the same.
  • Smartphone compatible: The compact HIIT cross trainer is equipped with a smartphone compatible port and speakers for audio motivation that enables smart and smooth training experience.
  • Intensity: The focus on the intensity of the workout is quite plausible for powerful short sessions for extensive whole body development and calorie burn. But it’s not a great option for undergoing a casual workout.
  • Machine Weight: The Cardio HIIT Trainer weighs up to about 200 pounds and could prove to be quite clumsy while assembling its parts.

5. Diamondback 1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer

Diamondback 1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical

Diamondback 1060 is considered to be one of the best elliptical in 2021 and comes within an impressive affordable range for at-home exercises.

The elliptical trainer is regarded as the best purchase for small apartments with moderate space and is perfect for use at home. You can choose between the stride lengths from 18” to 23” as per your preferences.

The machine is considered to be a good buy by the majority. Its whisper-quiet magnetic resistance allows you for a quiet workout and so you can go for a tiny exercise session at any point of time in a day. The moving handlebars give just the right comfort while you work on your upper body or lower body or focus on a complete body workout.

  • Adjustable Stride length: You can easily adjust the stride length from 18” to 23” based on your requirement. The maximum stride length would provide you scope for a better and effective workout.
  • Compact & Lightweight: The portable elliptical machine is precisely compact and doesn’t weigh much. One of the best space saving elliptical for small apartments. It is easily portable with wheels at the front and would fit in any given space of your house with its low step-up height.
  • Magnetic Resistance: The elliptical trainer has whisper quiet magnetic resistance.
  • Zero Impact: Working out on this elliptical trainer is quite comfortable as it saves you from any harsh impact to your body and joints from intensive workouts.
  • User capacity: The portable compact elliptical trainer has a user capacity of 300lbs.
  • Console: The console provides easy to read stats but is quite small in size and doesn’t allow to sync with other programs or apps.
  • Diamondback warranty and support are not great

6. Bowflex Max3 Compact Cross Trainer Series

Bowflex Max3 Compact Cross Trainer Series

Another good alternative for long ellipticals. The Bowflex Max 3 elliptical trainer allows you to perform effective lower body and upper body workout with its zero impact feature.

The lower body exercise is more of an elliptical training and stair-stepping while the upper body exercise includes the moving arms. You can easily go for a short 14 minutes workout which is 80% effective in burning calories and toning your muscles.

Its zero impact feature provides a natural motion in your workout. The trainer comes with 8 resistance levels that allow the user to access a diverse range of workouts. Just so we are on the same page, any compact elliptical machine beyond this model wouldn’t be my primary pick.

  • Zero Impact: One of the best elliptical trainers that give you a smooth, painless, zero impact workout while performing intensive workouts. Worth for calorie burning workout in a short time period. The zero impact feature drives you to perform intensive workouts.
  • Resistance: The compact elliptical trainer comes with eight resistance levels from which you can easily choose your levels as per your fitness goals and keep getting better by working out on various levels.
  • Indicators: The target zone and burn rate indicators will motivate you for better workouts. You can set your targets and achieve them.
  • Multi-grip ergonomic handlebars and lots of bells and whistles considering the low-price cost of this compact elliptical trainer
  • Workout Programs: The compact elliptical trainer comes with two workout programs while other series have higher workout programs that enables the user to choose from a diverse range.
  • Warranty: The compact elliptical has only a one year warranty period while other alternatives at its price range would come with better warranty coverage.
  • Comfortability: Although the elliptical trainer is compact and gives a smooth workout, it’s the very comfortable and it’s pretty loud.
  • Backlit: The display screen doesn’t have a backlit feature which makes it quite difficult to read the stats during an evening workout.

7. ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical

ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520E Elliptical

The iFit enabled elliptical is considered to be one of the best training machine for home use. Its combination of effective features with an impressive price range is what makes it worth and an in-demand elliptical training machine.

The ProForm 520 E elliptical trainer has a powerful stride length feature that is adjustable up to 19” and has an inclination feature that can be customized from 0-20 degrees on the basis of your requirement. Although the machine has a 15 lbs flywheel, it can boost your workout with its inclination feature. The incline helps you tone your muscles and gives you a scope for intensive workout.

The 520 E elliptical machine offers an iFit enabled console with a 5” backlit LCD display. The console has an adjustable tablet holder as well. It has 18 pre-programmed workout apps that enhance your workout and you can also adjust your pedal resistance for a comfortable exercise. Overall, this one by ProForm is one of the best ellipticals under $1000.

  • Incline: There are multiple incline settings on this elliptical machine from 0-20 that focus on different groups of your muscle and helps you to prepare effectively for outdoor treks.
  • Stride length: It comes with a 19” adjustable stride length that fits the requirement of most users.
  • Resistance: The compact elliptical has 18 resistance levels.Portable: Front wheels for easy transport as and when required.
  • Weight capacity: Provides a 300 pound weight capacity.It is iFit ready, and has an EKG heart rate monitor.
  • Compact: The compact elliptical comes with a 5 inch backlit display.
  • Warranty: Comes with a lifetime frame warranty and one year for parts and labor.
  • Flywheel: The compact elliptical comes with a 15 lbs. flywheel which doesn’t give a smooth resistance.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness Cardio Climber Elliptical SF – E3919

Sunny Health & Fitness Cardio Climber Elliptical

The elliptical stepper by Sunny Health and Fitness is not exactly the best elliptical machine but is useful for casual to moderate-intensity workouts. The elliptical training machine is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance of 8 workout levels with a durable, oversized set of pedals.

The pedals has inner guards that provides for extra foot stability. Also, the console has the feature of tracking all the required workout metrics for you. The stepper has a stride length of 7” and helps you tone your muscles to a certain extent. The elliptical stepper also has a pulse reading function.

It is considerably not the best compact elliptical but if you wish to go for a casual or moderate workout, it’s worth the choice and money.

  • Sturdy steel frame: The elliptical machine has a weight capacity of 260 lbs.
  • Compact: It has an aesthetic design and is compact. Considered as one of the best small elliptical for home use.
  • Portable: Transport is easy with front based wheels. The small elliptical machine has adjustable stabilizers at the rear base.
  • Pedals: The compact elliptical machine comes with durable, oversized pedals with inner guards for extra foot stability.
  • Console: The console has a multi-window LCD display, goal setting feature, tablet holder, and clock, date & temperature functions.
  • Assembling: The compact elliptical stepper is easy to assemble and works well with low maintenance.
  • Console: The console display is not backlit which makes it difficult to read stats during an evening workout.
  • Handlebars: Fixed handlebars which may be uncomfortable for many users.
  • Holder: The machine doesn’t have a bottle holder.
  • Connectivity: The elliptical doesn’t come with online connectivity.
  • Flywheel: It has a 14 lbs flywheel which may or may not give you a smooth resistance.
  • Stride length: It has a stride length of 7” which is quite less compared to other elliptical training machines.

9. ProForm 295 CSE Small Elliptical Cross Trainer

ProForm 295 CSE Small Elliptical Cross Trainer

The 295 CSE elliptical trainer is iFit enabled and allows you to stream additional workouts, and compete with personalized training applications. The compact elliptical has a rich library of weight loss training programs with 30 pre-programmed workouts and comes with 24 levels of resistance.

The elliptical cross trainer is best for use in small apartments or homes and fits within minimal space. Which makes it come across as a compact elliptical. The trainer is equipped with an inertia-enhanced flywheel of 20 lbs. It helps your workout to be more efficient and intense. It allows you to work simultaneously on your upper body and lower body without disturbing your workout motion.

The machine has an extra-large LCD display which allows you to punch your workout programs, export and import files via Bluetooth connectivity and preset your workouts as well. Note: This one is probably not the best compact elliptical home use but it is one of the most affordable ellipticals for under $500 on the market in 2021.

  • Inertia enhanced flywheel that provides a steady, smooth and natural stride motion.
  • Front mounted wheels for ease in transport.
  • Multi-position for upper body enhanced workouts and extra-large LCD display.
  • Electromagnetic resistance and EKG heart rate monitoring
  • Smartphone/ tablet holder, bottle holder, and audio auxiliary port
  • Low durability for high-intensity elliptical workouts
  • Assembling the parts of the machine after a purchase is quite time consuming.

10. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Compact Elliptical

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Compact Elliptical

The elliptical trainer is quite suitable for users of all ages and is another best choice for owning a budget compact elliptical machine at home. The trainer comes with a range of diverse features that one can easily workout with. It provides a seamless and noiseless workout.

The elliptical trainer has a dual handle which allows a range of diversified workout and comfort during intense exercise. The movable grip focuses on a whole body workout while the fixed grip can track the heart rate besides carrying out an aerobic sprint training. The compact elliptical trainer has an eight level resistance that conveniently allows the user to choose from a range of workout difficulty levels.

This elliptical for small apartment has a pulse grip sensor that monitors the user’s heart rate and is an effective tool to comprehend the stats of your workout. With all the features aside, the SF-E905 is not for intense elliptical exercise.

  • The product has transportation wheels which makes it an easy compact portable machine.
  • Equipped with pulse grip sensors that monitors your heart rate.
  • The pedal has a two way operation – both front ward and back ward.
  • Assembling the parts of the product can be quite tiresome. You might even want professional help.
  • It has a short 11” stride length.
  • Definitely not as durable as other options featured in our top compact cross trainer reviews.

home use compact cross trainers

FAQs When Buying a Compact Elliptical

What is an elliptical cross trainer?

An elliptical cross trainer provides both upper body and lower body workout simultaneously through various exercises.

Why should I buy compact ellipticals?

Compact ellipticals are space saving and provide low-impact workouts. It helps you to have a better workout and stay energized throughout the workout within the small space of your home or apartment.

Should I buy an elliptical with a heavy flywheel?

The smoothness of the pedaling motion is directly affected by the weight of the flywheel. The heavier it is, the better the inertia. Higher inertia keeps the drive system turning, hence, it’s a yes.

Why is the stride length important?

The stride length gives you the variations in workout such as a glide or a stair climbing effect. It can be fixed or adjustable. Buyers are always suggested to go for 18” stride length for rear drive ellipticals and 20” for front drive ellipticals.

Which elliptical should I buy – front drive or rear drive?

Rear drive ellipticals are great in a way that they provide a smoother feel to the pedals although they’re somewhat expensive. Front drive ellipticals give a little rougher experience but are readily affordable. Hence, it completely depends on the buyer’s preferences and budget.

Are ellipticals better than treadmills?

Ellipticals provide low impact or zero impact workout than treadmills. They’re easily accessible and you can perform different kinds of exercises in a single machine with no strain to your joints.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a proper workout machine at home, compact ellipticals are the best choice. These are space-saving, cost-effective, and meet low-maintenance criteria. Also, small elliptical for home are easy to assemble and are safe with kids or older people.

Most compact elliptical trainers can be used by almost all members of the family and of all ages with the variety of workout profiles programmed in them. These are digitally superior with advanced features to give you an effective workout within a short time span and are worth for long run purposes. They provide low or zero impact workouts besides a range of resistance levels to suit your comfort.

You can easily work out on your upper body and lower body simultaneously, effectively burn calories and lead a healthy life. Most ellipticals come within a warranty period of three years for their frame while many have a lifetime frame-warranty as well. The warranty for labor ranges from a 90-days period to 1-year or at times 3-years as well.

Final Verdict

It’s quite a serious decision to make when you’re planning to buy the best compact cross trainer for your gym at home. If you’re looking for one that comes within your budget and easily fits within the small space of your home or apartment, compact elliptical trainers are by far the best that would suit your purpose. They are compact although comes in varying sizes and are perfect for working out at home even for a short period of time. The best portable elliptical machines provide a range of workout profiles that are great for family workout sessions as well and are an all-in-one solution to achieving your fitness goals.

Most of these space-saving ellipticals come with an adjustable stride length for a better exercise session and a range of resistance levels. You can perform diverse workouts from walking to stair climbing with low or zero impact to your joints. An overall view of the ellipticals passes these training machines as worth buying for exercise purposes at home. These come with great warranty periods on frame, parts and labor, survives well on low maintenance and are great for people of any age to go for an intensive or casual workout at home. Now that you know the benefits and your elliptical options for this year, it’s your turn to read our compact elliptical trainer reviews and pick one that suits your needs. If you still need our support to help you buy the best elliptical for small spaces, leave a comment below or send us an email.