The Most Complete Home Gym Machines in 2024

With The Best Home Gyms that We Tested and Reviewed, Shape up, Save Money and Time, Control Your Workout Environment and Privacy Without Leaving the House.

With more and more people looking to live much healthier lives being active is one of the most popular ways to help accomplish this. According to many of the fitness experts having a home gym setup is one of the better ways to add the necessary exercise. When it comes to the best home gyms, there are so many different examples to choose from.

Being able to find which of the home gym workout machines that will be the best one for your situation will take a bit of research on your part. In order to help out, we have put together a comprehensive guide that will cover a wide range of topics. We cover a range of different weight machines and workout equipment in order to help make your decision a bit easier.

Whether you are looking at multiple machines to cover all of your workout bases or a single piece of home gym equipment all in one, you will likely find an example inside this guide that will satisfy your home gym needs.

Our guide includes some Q&A and things to be considered when you are looking for a home gym set. The guide also includes a Top 9 list of the Best Home Gyms on the market. We wanted to add some additional information on each so we included some home gym reviews.

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Best All in One Home Gym Machines Comparison

Best Home Gyms Comparison Table
Body-Solid G10B-LP Bi-Angular Gym with Leg and Calf Press2 X 210 Lbs
1084 Lbs84” L X 135” W X 83.5” H2 UsersUnlimited
Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym2 X 210 Lbs522 Lbs91” L X 73” W X 83” H3 UsersUnlimited
Bowflex Home Gym Set Series PR30001 X 210 Lbs (upgradable)172 Lbs64” L X 41” W X 83” H1 User300 Lbs
Body-Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym1 X 160 Lbs315 Lbs49” L X 36” W X 83”1 User400 Lbs
Marcy Smith Cage Total Body Training Home Gym SystemOnly Free Weight (sold separately)434 Lbs70” L X 79” W X 84”1 User350 Lbs
ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith CageOnly Free Weight (sold separately)326 Lbs110” W X 83” L X 84”1 User300 Lbs
Bowflex Home Gym Series PR1000200 Pounds of Power Rod Resistance144 Lbs84” L X 38” W x 81” X H1 User210 Lbs
Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System1 X 112 Lbs300 Lbs78.6” L X 37.6” W X 63.63” H1 User300 Lbs
BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym Workout PackageResistance Bands (Total 60 Lbs) 16-Lbs45” W X 18.5” D X 4” T1 UserUnlimited

Best Overall Home Gym


When it comes to choosing the best overall complete home gym machine, the Body-Solid G9S stands out. The G9S offers a multitude of features and benefits that set it apart from other home gym machines on the market.

First and foremost, the G9S is known for its durability and high quality. Unlike cheaper options, the Body-Solid G9S is built to last. The machine surpassed our expectations in terms of sturdiness and overall quality. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and investing in a high-quality machine like the G9S is worth it in the long run.

The setup process for the G9S may take several hours, but with good tools and following the provided directions, it becomes a easier. The step-by-step instructions are clear and comprehensive. We praise the detailed directions, as each step is clearly labeled and the hardware is neatly packaged and labeled for each corresponding step. This organization and attention to detail make the setup process smoother and more manageable.

During setup, we have noted that there may be additional small pieces left over. However, these pieces are mostly cosmetic and do not affect the functionality of the machine. We have also reported to the company that a few end-caps did not fit securely, but this was purely cosmetic and did not impact the overall performance.

In terms of the quality of the machine itself, we have compared the G9S to other home gyms we have owned reviewed in the past and have found it to be superior in terms of sturdiness, balance, and overall construction.

During setup, there are a couple of tricky parts that we have encountered. For instance, tightening two small allen screws on top of the machine may require a step ladder for visibility.

Additionally, getting the cables to reach the weight stack after looping them through the pulleys may be a challenge. However, the instructions provide guidance on how to make necessary adjustments and ensure the proper functioning of the machine.

Once the setup is complete, we have found that each station of the G9S works beautifully and provides ample motivation for their workouts. The variety of exercises that can be performed with the G9S surpasses other home gym machines.

This versatility allows you to target various muscle groups and create a well-rounded workout routine. This G9S home gym comes equipped with two 210-pound weight stacks made with vinyl-coated plates. This allows for a wide range of resistance options for different fitness levels from beginners to professional body builders.

The adjustable seat, chest press, and leg extension station provide versatility and the ability to target different muscle groups effectively. The inclusion of a lat bar and weight stack shroud further enhances the safety and security of your workouts.

Another notable feature of the G9S is its dual-function press arms. These arms allow you to perform both chest presses and shoulder presses, adding variety and targeting different upper body muscles. This versatility is crucial for a complete and well-rounded workout routine and home gym.

Furthermore, the G9S offers a comprehensive range of exercises that target various muscle groups. From abs to arms, back, chest, core, and legs, this machine allows you to perform a full-body workout without the need for additional equipment.

Overall we recommend the Body-Solid G9S as the best overall complete home gym machine due to its durability, high-quality construction, and versatile exercise options. While the setup process may take time and require some additional tools, the long-term rewards and superior workout experience make the investment in the G9S worthwhile. Ultimately, choosing a high-quality machine like the G9S ensures a reliable and enjoyable fitness journey.

Quick Overview of Best Home Gym Workout Machines:

#1 Body-Solid G9S Two Stack Gym with Leg and Calf Press

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The Body-Solid G9S Gym is a massive all in one home gym machine. It is constructed from all heavy-duty materials and components that make it one heck of a great home gym option. It is a true multi-station home gym and with its two 210-pound weight stacks allow two people to work out simultaneously.

The framing and support structure are all made from all tubular steel secure welds that are all covered with a durable powder coat finish. The elaborate pulley and cable system uses leverage and creates a unique 2 to 1 weight ratio that actually turns the 210-pound weight stack into more like 420-pounds of resistance.

The G9S Home Gym Machine features 7 individual workout stations that combine to deliver up to 50 different exercises on one single machine. The unique configuration of the cables provides an extra 25% muscle interaction. The seven unique workout stations mean that you can target all of the major muscle groups using the same machine.

All three of the seating areas feature thick, sturdy padding in the seat and backrest (including lumbar support). The leg curling station also includes several fully padded heavy-duty roller pads that add additional comfort.

Additional Information!

It’s oversized dimensions 84” L X 135” W X 83.5” H means that you will need an extremely large room in order to set it up. It weighs in at a hefty 661 pounds which means it will be difficult to place it anywhere other than the main floor. The whole system is covered by a complete, lifetime in-home and commercial uses warranty. All in all, it is the best home workout machine based on several criteria.


  • Two people can work out simultaneously
  • 7 complete workout stations
  • 2x 210-pound weight stacks
  • Bi-angular cable configuration


  • Extremely expensive
  • Takes up a whole lot of room

#2 Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym

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The Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym is an amazing home gym machine that is designed to allow up to three individual users to workout simultaneously. The heavy-duty construction and an all-steel frame provide all of the strength needed to support this massive piece of exercise equipment. It also features an ultra-durable white powder coat finish for long-lasting good looks.

This massive system is like having seven fitness machines all in one piece of equipment. The unique configuration of the machine with its dual stacks of 210-pound weight plates the seven different stations can be used by up to three different people at the exact same time. These are seven different workout stations: Multi-press station, Leg press, Pec station, Lat pulldown, Ab crunch, Leg extension, Low pulley station.

The whole machine is supported by the giant tubular steel frame and support structure. All seven of the unique exercise stations combine to provide the user with the ability to perform 50+ different exercises. Using multiple pulleys and cables that help to create an additional benefit of a 2 to 1 resistance ratio that essentially doubles the selected weight.

The inclusion of a leg press station is a huge bonus to those who are looking to go beyond the leg curl exercises that most other types of home gym equipment provide. This gives you the ability to do a total lower leg workout using the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym.

Additional Information!

The massive dimensions of this all in one home gym machine means that you need to have a room big enough to hand a machine that has an overall dimension that measures 91” L X 73” W X 83” H. Body-Solid offers an extremely generous limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers in the materials used to make it and for the workmanship producing it.


  • 7 different workout stations built into one machine
  • Dual 210-pound weight stacks
  • Up to 3 different users simultaneously can use the home gym set
  • Extremely comfortable seats with heavily cushioned seat and backrests


  • It is a bit on the expensive side

#3 Bowflex Home Gym Set Series PR3000

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Free shipping

The Bowflex Home Gym is a uniquely designed home gym machine that replaces old fashioned weight plates with state of the art resistance rods. This new technology makes the machine much lighter and more compact than a traditional fitness machine. The frame and support structure are still made out of high strength steel to deliver years of use.

The unique resistance rods provide you with a great workout with resistance settings between 5 pounds all the way up to 210 pounds. The system is designed to offer the ability to perform 50+ exercises without having to sacrifice a larger space in your home to put your home gym. There is also no need to make any cable changes when going between different exercises.

The frame and support structure are all constructed out of high strength tubular steel and features a durable powder-coated finish for years of use and good looks. The pulley’s and cables are all made from high-quality nylon and braided steel for extra long life. The extra-wide base helps to make it stable without having to add a whole lot of extra weight.

The seat and back support feature extra thick padding and are covered in a long wear, easy to wipe down fabric. The leg curl station has thick roller shaped pads for extra comfort. There are also extra accessories like handgrips and ankle cuffs for additional exercises. Bowflex even included a handy workout placard that puts useful information close at hand.

Additional Information!

The compact design of the Bowflex Home Gym Series PR3000 makes this type of home gym equipment much better for you if you are limited on space. It features an overall dimension 64” L X 41” W X 83” H and it weighs in at a mere 166-pounds. The machine is also covered by a pretty impressive 1-year warranty on the machine, 60-parts warranty and 7-years on the resistance rods.


  • Offers over 50 individual exercises in a compact home gym equipment
  • Comfortably padded seat and backrest
  • Resistance rod technology provides up to 210-pounds of resistance
  • All-steel construction


  • Does not have all of the additional workout stations of a larger in-home gym

#4 Body-Solid G1S Selectorized Stack Weight Machine

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The Body-Solid G1S Home Gym is an upgraded version of a previous model of a compact home gym from Body-Solid. It features heavy-duty construction, extra comfortable seating area and multiple workout stations. It features a single weight stack that provides all of the necessary resistance for all of the exercises.

The frame and all of the support members are constructed of heavy gauge tubular steel and covered in an extra durable gray powder coat. This helps to add many extra years of service and great looks. It has a built in seating and backrest area that is centrally located on the weight machine to provide better balance and stability.

All of the individual workstations share the single 160-pound weight stack that is offset to the left of center. Using a series of cables and pulleys to raise and lower the selected weight. It features an overhanging lat pulldown station and seated row/lower pulley station that is offset to the right of center.

It also includes an accessory pack that is filled with several very useful extras like; a lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab and triceps strap, They also included some additional options features like a DVD (Total Body Workout), water bottle, and a towel holder.

Additional Information!

The Body-Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym is an all in one home gym that will not require an extremely large area to be set aside. It features an overall dimension of 49” L X 36” W X 83” H and weighs in at 323-pounds. The exercise machine is fully covered by a full lifetime warranty.


  • Has a built-in rowing/ lower pulley station
  • Seat, Backrest and leg curl station has extra comfortable padding
  • Heavy-duty, all-steel construction


  • Only has a 160-pound weight stack

#5 Marcy Smith Cage Total Body Training Home Gym System

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Free shipping

The Smith Cage Workout Machine by Marcy is a high-end home gym machine that provides you an excellent way to workout without having to leave home. This home gym set with bench features a heavy-duty construction utilizing a Smith Cage design in order to provide a maximum amount of weight to be used. It also includes a multipurpose weight bench with an adjustable backrest.

The resistance that is provided by the machine is created using free weights. The cage features numerous pegs where the extra weight plates can be stored to keep them off the floor. The included bench also includes leg curling and preacher curling station with a peg for putting the free weight plates.

It also features a weight trolley that utilizes a pulley and cable system with an upper and lower connection. The trolley has two pegs to hold free weight plates to create the necessary amount of resistance (1 to 1 ratio). The upper connection is used for performing a number of pulldown exercises and the lower pulley system is used to perform a number of pull up exercises.

The included workout bench features a thickly padded seat and backrest (ergonomically shaped for extra support). Both are covered with an easily cleaned fabric that can be wiped down regularly. The backrest is highly adjustable to provide a number of different positions depending on the specific exercise you are performing. The bench also includes a curling attachment and a padded Preacher attachment to add access to the additional leg and arm exercises.

Additional Information!

The heavy-duty all-steel Smith Cage designed frame features an overall dimension of 70” L X 79” W X 84” H and weighs in at 430-pounds. The frame is covered by a full two-year warranty from date of purchase.


  • Includes the pictured weight bench w/leg and preacher curl station
  • Uses free weight plates for resistance (1 to 1 ratio)
  • Heavy-duty Smith Cage designed Workout Gym
  • Multi-station home gym machine


  • Does not include any of the pictured weights

#6 ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage

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The Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage Home Gym machine from Icon Fitness is one of the best home gym values on the market. Weider is one of the most recognizable names in the fitness industry. This home gym machine is a high-quality all in one system that delivers so multiple workout stations. It’s high-quality construction will help it last for many years of use.

The all-steel frame of the and support structure of this Smith Cage inspired home gym machine is well put together. The frame of the Pro 8500 is covered in an ultra-durable powder coat finish that makes it both good looking and will last for many years of use. The extra-wide design of the four-post cage helps to add additional stability.

The smith machine is free weight-based and also includes a weight trolley that works in conjunction with a pulley and cable system to add to pulldown stations (located at top of both front corners) of the machine. The weigh trolley has a peg on each side to hold a number of free weight plates. This provides the necessary resistance for all of the pulldown types of exercises.

The included weight bench has a free weight curling attachment that includes a leg curl station and Preacher Curl for arm workouts. The weight bench features a thickly padded seat and adjustable backrest. Both are covered in a durable fabric that is really easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Additional Information!

The included adjustable weight bench with curling attachment has a weight limit of 300 lb. The massive size of the Smith Cage-style home gym machine will take up a lot of room and needs to have a whole lot of space set aside for it. The overall dimensions of this home gym machine is 110” W X 83” L X 84” T and weighs in at 392 pounds. The all in one gym machine is covered by a 90-day parts and labor warranty.


  • The Smith Cage design of machine put multiple workout stations all in one spot
  • The heavy-duty, all-steel construction gives it an extra amount of strength and stability
  • It includes numerous pegs to hold the free weight plates when not in use


  • It is extremely large which requires a big enough space and very heavy

#7 Bowflex Home Gym Series PR1000

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The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is one of the more unique compact home gym machines that are part of our guide. It is one of the few exercisers that is able to add a cardio element to your workout. It is constructed of high strength steel frame and support structure and uses exclusive power rods to create the necessary resistance.

The 25-plus exercises that can be replicated by using the cable and pulley system connected directly to a combination of the power rods. Each of the rods are flexed which in turn creates a specific amount of resistance. The machine folds up into an upright position when not in use to save space.

The seat and backrest are thickly padded for extra comfort and are highly adjustable. The backrest is also removable leaving the seat portion to be used to replicate a roving machine and provide a high-quality cardio workout. The machine also includes leg curling attachment that works in conjunction with seat and seat back.

Additional Information!

The compact design of the Bowflex Home Gym PR1000 is perfect for the person who does not have a lot of space for a big home gym. The overall dimensions of the machine are 84” L X 38” W x 81” X H and it weighs in at 144-pounds. Warranty covers the machine for 1-year, parts for 60-days and resistance rods for 5-year.


  • It’s compact size and multiple exercises make it a top-notch home gym machine
  • Unique rods produce up to 210-pounds of resistance
  • Multiple pulleys and cable configurations make it easy to switch between different exercises
  • The backrest is removable to convert into a rowing machine seat


  • Does not precisely replicate all exercises

#8 Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System

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The Gold’s Gym XRS Home Gym System is a high-quality multi-station home gym machine created by one of the most recognizable brands in the fitness industry. This and other models bearing the Gold’s Gym brand are designed to bring many of the same functionality you will find on the machines in commercial fitness centers to a home gym. The XRS 50 is part of a line of compact home gym equipment.

The frame and support structure of the XRS 50 features all high strength heavy gauge tubular steel. The extra-wide lower support bar helps to keep the machine balanced and prevents it from being toppled over. It also features an attached thickly padded seat and backrest for extra comfort during work.

The resistance that is provided during all workout sessions are generated by the moving of a selected weight from the built-in 112 lb weight stack. While the actual weight of the plates that is built into the machine is 112 pounds. However, through the magic of pulley and wire cables, the weight effectively becomes 280 lb. The actual resistance will depend on which exercise you are doing and the resistance ratio.

By using all of the included workstations on the machine you should be able to realize a major change to your fitness level and overall muscle tone. There are many different types of equipment; Lat Pulldown (upper bank), Tricep Pulldown (upper part of the arm) Torso, (chest and abs)

Additional Information!

This compact piece of home fitness equipment does not require a large amount of with its fairly small footprint. Its overall dimensions are 78.6” L X 37.6” W X 63.63” H and it weighs in at 225-pounds. It is covered by limited 90-day parts and labor warranty.


  • Its compact size does not require a large amount of space
  • You get up to 280-pounds of resistance depending of the specific exercises
  • The seat and backrest are heavily padded and the cover is easy to clean


  • Limited amount of individual exercises that can be done on it

#9 BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

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The Body Boss 2.0 Portable Home Gym is the most unique of all the exercise equipment on our list of the Best Home Gym. It features elastic bands to generate the necessary resistance for your workout. The home gym system includes its own exercise mat that has a non-slip underside.

The extra thick rubberized mat features builtin anchors to secure the bands in order to use the elasticity of the bands during each of the more than 300 exercises. The gym system utilizes several different accessories that can be attached to the exercise bands. You can select from the extendable bar, ankle and wrist straps, and handgrip.

The Body Boss 2.0 can be used in a number of different configurations in order to be able to workout each of these muscle groups; shoulders and traps, upper body and chest, lats and lower back, quads and calves, abs and core, and arms. Each one of the aforementioned muscle groups has specific exercises that target them.

Additional Information!

The Body Boss 2.0 is the ultimate compact home gym with its overall dimensions 45” W X 18.5” D X 4” T (unfolded) and it weighs in at 16 lb. The portable home gym is covered by a full 1-year warranty.


  • It is portable so that it can be taken anywhere
  • Use it to perform over 300 separate exercises
  • Includes an extendable bar, handgrip, ankle, and wrist strap


  • The lowest amount of top-end resistance on our list

All-in-one home-gym set workout machines

Home Gym Machine FAQs

Any research that you do you always include getting answers to important questions that you might have. With that said we decided to include a brief question and answer session using some very common questions that we found during our online research for this guide. Below are just a small sample of types of questions that you can easily find the answers to online.

What are the two types of home gym equipment?

Answer: Generally speaking, home gym workout equipment comes in two different types; free weight and machine. Gym machines provide strict control over the movement of the weight and free weights do not provide the same protection. Another thing, free weights will allow some degree of cheating, while machines don’t normally give you that freedom.

Can I add additional weight to the machine?

Answer: Some of the weight machines on the market that employ stacked weights as a way of providing the resistance also include a way to add extra weight. These machines will come with holders that will accommodate any number of free weight plates to be added.

What kinds of exercises can you do on the home gym machine?

Answer: The kinds of strength exercises that you are able to perform will depend solely on the individual piece of home gym equipment that you end up with. Many of them include pushing, pulling and pressing actions to move the stack of weights or bands that create the needed resistance.

Do I need any kind of special flooring for a home gym?

Answer: The truth of the matter is that really the only type of flooring that you should absolutely avoid having in your home gym is carpeting. If you are lucky enough to have a concrete slab floor in the room or area you plan on using it would be ideal. However, you can purchase modular floor matting that can protect your flooring from any damage from the equipment.

What to consider when setting up your Home Gym

When it comes time to figure out what is the best way to set up your home gym there are several things that you really need to consider when you are looking to set up your home gym. As part of our best home gyms guide, we included some of the things we found important to remember when you are doing your research.

Stacked weights vs. Resistance Bands – The key to any home gym is the inclusion of a method to provide your body with the necessary resistance to build muscle mass. Today’s home gym equipment uses one of two types of resistance; elastic bands and stacked weights. In both methods, levers of some type are used in order to move the weights or stretch the bands. Most workout equipment provides a way to increase or reduce the amount of resistance that using it as part of your work.

Amount of space in your home – Depending on the amount of space you have set aside for your home gym will play a big part in your decision into what kind of home gym machines and other gym stuff that you can put in it. Many of the more popular multi-station home gym equipment available on the market will take up a lot of floor space, especially those with several gym benches. This may force you to consider compact gym equipment in order to be able to fit more in a tighter space.

Free weights vs. machine – Depending on who you ask the comparison between using strictly free weights versus weight machine really comes down to preference. Each one offers a wide range of benefits and downsides to using them solely as a workout method. However, if you are limited on space it would be an advantage to go with a home multi gym. These machines will use the same weight stack as its source of resistance and there are compact versions in case you are limited in space. We included a few of the best home multi gym machines to this article, scroll up and check them out. Free weights, on the other hand, require benches and storage racks to keep things organized and will to the space requirement.

Total gym vs. multiple pieces of equipment – One of the best home gym setups provides a way to accomplish multiple exercises within a home gym environment. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that you can go in order to accomplish this goal using home gym equipment; total gym or multiple pieces of gym accessories. However, each one will require a certain amount of floor space in order to be able to use them safely and effectively for your daily exercise routine. If space is no problem then a multiple piece setup would be beneficial.

After doing an extensive amount of online research covering home gym equipment we came up with a list of the Top 9 Home Gyms. We also included a review for each of the exercise machines for home in order to provide some valuable information in order to help the reader make an informed decision. Make sure to check what are the most common mistakes lifters make when bulking.


9.9Expert Score
Best Home Gyms For Personal Use

After trying, comparing, and reviewing the 9 best home gym machines on the market, including the Body-Solid G10B-LP, Body-Solid EXM3000LPS, Bowflex PR3000, Body-Solid G1S Selectorized Stack Weight Machine, Marcy Smith Cage Total Body Training Home Gym System, ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage, Bowflex Home Gym Series PR1000, Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System, and BodyBoss 2.0, we have determined that each machine has its own unique features and workout stations to cater to different fitness needs, budget, and floor space.

However, our favorite and the best overall home gym machine is the Body-Solid G9S. It surpasses the competition by offering a comprehensive range of exercises and exceptional durability. It’s constructed with heavy-duty steel and built to withstand intense workouts, making it an ideal choice for home gym basements or dedicated workout spaces.

We hope that our Best Home Gyms Guide has provided you with the information you were seeking. Our detailed reviews and FAQ section aimed to assist you in making an informed decision. By considering factors such as your floor space, machine durability, functionality, and versatility, you can select the home gym machine that best aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.


Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

Hi, my name is Sayed Hamed Hosseiny. I am a professional health and fitness trainer with nearly 20 years of experience using ellipticals, rowing machines, and spin bikes. I also have my own EU-based Rock Fitness Pro fitness brand where I design, import and sell exercise equipment such as rowing machines and spin bikes. I and writers on my team also often receive fitness equipment to review and evaluate their functionalities and performance from tens of different exercise machines manufacturers. Fitness equipment tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on this website are my opinion (and opinions of my fitness expert colleagues) based on tens of criteria. I never accept payment to write reviews of products or say positive things about fitness equipment products. If brands are interested to have me review their rowers, ellipticals, or spin bikes, they can get in touch with me via email provided on the contact page and send a sample of their product.