About BEMH

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to to find out why we built the BEMH website and how we managed to grow so fast.





Our story

Having experienced the unpleasant side effects of purchasing the wrong exercise machine, we knew it was time to put an end to this misery. We thought about millions of people like you who genuinely need an expert yet friendly workout mentor and guide to help you traverse the fitness market while making the most of your fitness journey. And that was how BEMH came to be.

BEMH isn’t just another fitness website with a ton of reviews and articles; we are your trusted exercise companion, committed to making your fitness voyage easier and enjoyable. Our end goal is to support, encourage, guide and motivate your fitness decisions and activities so that you can mark healthy milestones and achieve your goals with relative ease.

Who are we?

We are an epic team of seasoned athletes comprising spin class instructors, Indoor rowing enthusiasts and elliptical exercise experts who are masters in their chosen fields. Our three distinct and proven fitness teams combine professionals from the US, UK, Canada, and Italy with solid experience years. BEMH’s Founders (Sayed and Angela) are also the founders of a trusted Rome-based fitness equipment brand (Rock Fitness Pro). We have explored, tried, and tested many fitness equipment from leading and not-so-popular brands worldwide. As a case in point, our founder and editor, Sayed, is a stellar and living example of a fitness equipment connoisseur, skilled at designing, selling, writing about and using exercise equipment, garnered from years upon years of experience.

Considering that it will be a shame to keep all this combined expertise to ourselves, we decided to extend this wealth of knowledge to fellow fitness devotees, focusing on exercisers who are new to the refreshing and rewarding world of fitness. We dish out practical and authentic fitness tips and advice from behind the screen, ensuring that everyone gets to live their “fitness” dreams.

In a bid to help you make quality decisions, we go the extra mile to scout, test and review fitness equipment, including elliptical machine reviews, spin bike reviews and comparisons and rowing machine reviews and comparisons. We do the hard work for you to get ideally- made- for- you equipment on a silver platter. You are sure to find exercise machines across budgets, price points, specifications, countries and specific needs.

Because you deserve nothing but the unvarnished truth, we do not sugar-coat or mask our honest opinions. We do not sell reviews nor recommend products for profit. As aforementioned, we have your best interest at heart, so we will never tout a paid positive review at your expense. Our pride and happiness lie in ultimate customer cum reader satisfaction, and we won’t trade this for anything in the world. For the record, if a fitness brand wants us to review their product, they are obliged to send us a sample to give our unfiltered opinion to our readers. Yes, our readers always come first.

We understand that a healthy lifestyle isn’t all about purchasing the right fitness equipment or following a strategic workout routine. It is also about self-care. By self-care, we mean healthy meal plans and sleeping pattern. We tailor our fitness tips and advice to include these all-important components of a wholesome and happy lifestyle alongside workout and equipment advice. So when we say we are your fitness buddy and companion, you bet we mean it.

Our Mission at BEMH

Our objective is to connect our readers with a rewarding and fulfilling fitness experience, from product reviews to practical health and wellness advice. While gyms used to be-all and end-all of exercise and healthy living, they are not cut out for everyone. With this in mind, we aim to help both gym-goers and home-exercisers maximize their sweat and money.

We provide a haven and a safety net for our readers from the fitness market’s harsh realities. Our readers won’t fall victim to the claws of substandard, money-devouring products with zero value with our expert-approved reviews. They will also escape the disaster that is “buying terrific equipment that does not mirror their custom needs”.

By merging authentic reviews with enlightenment, we provide the complete fitness package that borders on satisfaction and value. We have built a robust fitness community out of passion, experience, goodwill and integrity just for you and yours.

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Earning disclosure

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If you live out of the U.S.

If you are out of the U.S., please note that for some exercise machines we weren’t able to find some of the exact models on Amazon in your country, which is why we linked these items to similar workout machines. By the time you read this review there is a chance these fitness equipment became available in your country.

Want us to feature your product on our page? Then send a sample so we can assess the product and give honest feedback to our readers. Kindly note that this offer has no monetary value attached. It is strictly limited to product samples. Get in touch via our Contact Page.