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Frequently Asked Questions About Ellipticals

What are the benefits of ellipticals?

The benefits of ellipticals are pretty much similar to any other form of cardio workout. They help to improve cardiovascular health, blood circulation, lung and heart function. Elliptical workout helps to burn calories and lose weight faster compared to some other forms of cardio training. Elliptical can also improve muscle endurance.

What muscles ellipticals target?

It depends on what features an elliptical has. A good elliptical offers adjustable incline to target your calves, quads, and hamstrings. Moving handlebars allows you to target your shoulders and arms. Adjustable stride length allows you to target different leg muscle groups and stretch your arms more for better upper body workout

Elliptical vs Treadmill?

Elliptical provides a lower-impact exercise and it’s easier on your joints compared to treadmill. Elliptical helps to burn more calorie than treadmills because you can use your whole body. Elliptical offers both endurance and cardio workout. Because it’s easier on the joints everyone in a family can use it. With an elliptical you can do target more muscles because it offers a whole body workout. Ellipticals can be quieter and more compact

Why should you have an Elliptical?

It offers low-impact workout. Elliptical machines improves Cardiovascular Health. They are easy to use so everyone in the family can benefit from them. They workout upper and lower body. Elliptical allows to burn more calories. Owning an ellipticals would help to save money compared to heavy gym subscriptions. A good elliptical machine can offer the exercise for treadmill, stepper, and elliptical. No matter your schedule, they are always available to use

Idea stride Length on Elliptical?

The stride length depends on your height and what exercise you want to do on your elliptical cross trainer. There are at least three elliptical workouts that you can do, (Walking, running and hill climbing). With this being said, the standard stride length can be anywhere from 18 inches to 21 inches. If you want to do jogging while exercising on elliptical, the 18″ stride would do it (depending on your height). If you want to mimic running on elliptical, your stride needs to be longer, especially if you are taller than 6.3′. You can find out more about how to choose an elliptical machine for your height and needs in our detailed guide.

Buy an elliptical or do gym subscription?

If you can financially afford them both and have the time for going to the gym to socialise, lift weight, build muscle strength and come home to improve your cardio fitness, then have them both. The way it works is that if you want to be physically fit, you need to have both the muscle strength and the cardiovascular fitness. So, we wouldn’t recommend you to chose one over the other unless you can’t do one of them. However, you need to keep in mind that not always you can go to gym. Sometimes The weather gets rough, you need to work extra hours at office, ran errands around house, wait for delivery to arrive or you might expect a guest and can’t leave the house.=

Frequently Asked Questions About Rowing Machines

What Are the Benefits of Rowing Machines?

An indoor rowing machine can offer a full body workout and targets 86% of the muscles in your body. Another most known benefit of using an indoor rowing machine is the fact that it offers a low impact workout and pretty much everyone can use it. The repetitive motions of indoor rowing machine exercises increases the strength of your respiratory system as it processes increased oxygen flow which also improving your heart strength. Indoor rowing machines are also more compact than treadmills and ellipticals.

Is it easy to use a Rowing Machine?

Short learning curve is one of the major advantages of using an indoor rower. Despite all the ways you can use an indoor rowing machine, none of the exercises are very complicated. Once you understand how you need to engage your muscles and in what order, you simply need to practice until your body knows how it’s supposed to feel and what it’s supposed to do. Once you have those motions down, there’s nothing to it, but to change your resistance and speed to accommodate your fitness goals.

How to use a rowing machine effectively?

Remember to breathe consistently, wear the right rowing clothing, and don’t forget that it’s a full body workout, not just arms. Keep your movements fluid and avoid jerky motions or bouncing in your seat. It’s also import to keep a proper power straight pose while rowing indoor. Another rowing exercise tip is to try to tuck in your elbows rather than letting them stick out. Lastly, don’t push too hard, remember that need time to see improvement.

Do I need Especial clothing for indoor Rowing?

Proper indoor rowing clothing can offer lots of comfort. You should try to wear a breathable shirt that has short sleeves or no sleeves at all. For bottom, it’s better to wear shorts, capris, or tights. Baggy pants can be annoying to work out in and can even get caught in the seat rail as you slide back and forth. Wear flat-sole rowing shoes with tread on the bottom so you can grip the foot rests as you row. Using a headband to keep the sweat away also helps.

Water rowing machine is better or magnetic?

There are pos and cons between magnetic and water rowers. But for someone who has tried dozens of different rowing machines including water, magnetic, and air rowers, I can honestly say that the water resistance is the best type of rower to use for a workout. Water rowing machines are smooth, have a natural sound of water and the pleasant feel of rowing but they make more noise than magnetic rowers. If the noise bother you and you prefer something more compact and lighter, then magnetic rower might be better for you.

What is the best rowing machine to buy?

When looking for a new indoor rowing machine, choosing between rowing machine resistance types is the most important choice that you will have to make. Based on our extensive research and experience, the Concept 2 Model E is the best air rower, the WaterRower Gronk M1 is the best water rower, and Hydrow Live is the best magnetic resistance rower. Note that Concept 2 is the loudest while Hydrow is the quiets rower to buy. If you don’t have much floor space, it’s really important to consider an home rower that folds away after use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spin Bikes

Spin bike is better or rowing machine?

I have always been a massive fan of spin bike and indoor cycling in general, but I have been using rowing machines in the last couple of years, and I’m enjoying it. Compared to exercise bikes, rowing machines use more muscles, they are easier to use, the seats are larger and more comfortable. Therefore, pretty much everyone in your home can use a rowing machine, even those recovering from light injuries. Spin bikes on the other hand are a bit less comfortable and require more balance and strength to use.

How to prepare for spin class?

When you first choose to join a spin class, I highly recommend making some inquiries about available classes. Then make sure to pick the right spinning class that is more suitable for your first time. If you are new pick a beginner class or an introduction to spinning class. Always remember to come early and introduce yourself to the instructor. When it comes to studio  cycling preparation, proper cycling clothing will help. Lastly, remember that most spinning studios require you to bring a towel.

What is the best spin bike to buy?

The Keiser M3i is the best spin bike to buy. It is made in the United States and comes with an outstanding quality and durability. It’s an indoor cycling exercise bike that works with pretty much all indoor cycling applications and has very little maintenance. NordicTrack S22i is also considered one of the best spin bikes to use, if you don’t mind paying the monthly iFit subscription-free.

How to get rid of spin bike saddle sore?

Wear padded cycling shorts and pay attention to proper indoor bike fitting. Keep in mind that some of the best spin bikes have less than ideal seats. That is why you will need to source and search the various bottom cushions in order to find out which seats are the best to replace those other cheap ones that might come with your spin bike by default. Additionally, adding a spin bike seat cover might help.

Outdoor Cycling vs Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is safer compared to outdoor cycling as roads are getting much busier. Cycling indoors is more time-efficient when it comes to getting ready. Get dressed and literally turn the TV on, jump on the bike, and you’re off. When it comes to riding outside, it’s an entirely different story. Get up, check the weather, prep the bike, grab food and water, plan a rough route, and off you go. Plus, training indoors is a better idea in bad weather. Also when it comes to repairs and maintenance, indoor cycles require a lot less than outdoor cycles. The main downsides to indoor cycling are the lack of adventure and socialising.

Magnetic spin bike is better or friction?

Magnetic resistance spin bikes are the best way to go. In recent years they now work on magnetic systems which are frictionless and are intelligent. Instead of using a brake pad to create pressure on the flywheel, they use magnets to create resistance on the flywheel. This means they don’t need to touch. They are super quiet and require minimal servicing. On the other hand, friction resistance exercise bikes are not as smooth, they are loud, and they require additional maintenance from time to time. I would strongly recommend against friction resistance spinning bikes.